Kukulkan the Seedrat is a powered trooper within the G.U.N. Fourth Army Division where he serves as a sniper among the armored teams. Very softly spoken even in comparison to the other members of the cyborg-focused unit; Kukulkan bears a cybernetic tail as well as a hidden cybernetic eye.

Kukulkan the Seedrat

Biographical Information
Age 32
Relatives pending
  • Snake-Eyes - callsign
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Seedrat
Gender Male
  • Fur: Slate gray, with tanned skin
  • Eyes: Grey left eye, right eye hidden by eyepatch or helmet
  • Cybernetic tail
  • Has an intricate tribal-pattern tattoo in green across his lower torso & legs
Casual Attire
  • Pastel eyepatch
  • Pastel button-down shirts
  • Black slacks
  • White trainers
  • Style: Soldier-type Battle Armor
  • Color: Iridescent snake-scale forest camouflage
  • Emblems: G.U.N. crest on chest, personal "snake-eyes" above visor on helmet
  • Rank Markers: So-called "Specialist" markers on arm plates
  • Customizations: Slotted to allow his cybernetic tail to protrude through
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations G.U.N. Fourth Army Division
Weaponry C-6 Sniper Weapon System
  • Native connection to Nature
  • Skilled in hand-to-hand combat
  • Certified marksman
Other Information
English V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s) Pending...
Appearances None so far
Original Creator Flashfire212


Kukulkan does not look like any rat most Mobians have ever heard of. Not only is he taller than many other Mobians, he is also unusually broad and muscular with a very thuggish general appearance; a menace only made worse by his cybernetics and the eye patch that he normally wears.

With slate gray fur detailed over much of his lower body with green forest-inspired tribal patterns; as well as a long cybernetic tail painted in an iridescent forest camouflage with faint snakeskin patterning, it is a sad fact that he is more likely to intimidate prospective friends and partners than he is to attract them. Beneath his eyepatch is a cybernetic with a snake's eye appearance, this lens is a natural zoom optic rather than some of the multi-function or standard vision eyepieces others bear.


In vast contrast to both his armor and his physical appearance, while off-duty Kukulkan often wears things many believe unfitting for such a hulking rat. In particular, he tends to wear rather modest cut plain clothes with a heavy draw towards pastel colors, including for his eyepatch. While not much can hide his rather impressive cybernetic tail; the rest of his outfit is his attempt to at least appear slightly less threatening.


Considering he is classed as a specialist within the Fourth Army Division; Kukulkan does not bear the standard digital camouflage upon his powered armor. For that matter, he has opted to simply continue to upgrade a simple Soldier-type Battle Armor suit designed and made for him rather than switch to a newer, more technically advanced armor.

As an exoskeletal powered armor, Kukulkan's armor assists to enhance his strength, speed and durability fairly extensively with the tailored body panelling, something the massive seedrat has grown to value. The faceplate of the helmet is a roughly half-half divide between visor and armor, with Kukulkan's preference having led to a faintly reflective visor roughly the same color as his fur, with a pair of bright orange reflective marks above the visor resembling snake's eyes. Indeed, much of his armor is painted in a faintly iridescent pattern identical to his tail; a forest camouflage design.

In addition to the custom paint; Kukulkan has tended towards a simple yet large modification - instead of uncomfortably attempting to fit his cybernetic tail into the armor itself; it is instead designed to allow it to run through; the metal coating over the flesh serving like permanently mounted armor itself. He also bears enhanced helmet vision functions to normal to assist his role as a sniper.



As a seedrat, the Nature-aligned subspecies of rat; Kukulkan has an innate connection to plant life and the natural world around him. To some degree, this provides him with a huge variety of potential weapons. In particular, as a backup weapon for short to mid range combat; Kukulkan has displayed the ability to rapid-fire large seeds like a stream of musket balls; each capable of denting the armor on Eggman's robots. He also employs this power in close-quarters combat, imbuing some of his strikes with natural energy to take advantage of elemental superiority. Indeed, when combined with his giant appearance and armored status, the sheer intimidation provided by his Nature-affinity means that many weaker-willed organic opponents simply surrender than fight the titan and risk getting struck by vines, leaves or those gigantic fists and tail imbued with wooden hardness.

However, there is arguably a much more important factor to Kukulkan's success that is drawn from his Nature-alignment, and that is the ability to sustain himself. Much like a snake, the gigantic rodent is not limited by his requirement for food; and similarly has no reliance on G.U.N. produced MREs or combat rations as he can go weeks or even months without food resupply simply by expending very little energy and spurring the growth of edible fruit from the natural environment around him from time to time. As such, he is often viewed as a non-negotiable addition to any Fourth Army Division that expects to be deployed into a forest or rainforest environment for an extended period of time.

Many tend to assume that the man is a sapper or demolitions trooper; primarily because of his sheer size. However, in truth he is an adept sniper with a preference for a Hammerforge Industries C-6 Sniper Weapon System; getting away without a sidearm with his nature affinity. With this long-ranged rifle; he can threaten targets a kilometer or further away. In addition, once more like a snake, he possesses immense patience and can wait for as long as required before picking off a hostile. His cybernetic eye is helpful here, as even without his helmet on he has the ability to get up to a 4x zoom without a scope, while his helmet is optimized to increase that up to a full 10x, with a number of visual filters possible. This has allowed the man to get away without mounting a sniper's scope to his rifle, saving both space and a typically fragile piece of equipment from the long hunt.

When forced into melee combat, Kukulkan has his armor to assist him, with the enhanced strength and speed both potent tools at his command. More importantly; he has his training. While he tends to prefer boxing as well as some degree of brawling by including armored headbutts into his style; it is again his tail that is a key facet of his combat style. If his opponent is not wary of his cybernetic tail; he is capable of whipping it around and binding an opponent in moments. In yet another snake-like aspect, should he get an opponent into a hold like this, he will proceed to constrict and tighten his tail to entrap his foe.

As a powered trooper and Nature-aligned cyborg; Kukulkan is especially weak against Fire and Electrical attacks, as well as opponents wielding Magnetism against his armor. In many cases; those two primary elements are his primary targets from long range simply because he wants them out of action as quick as possible.








  • Kukulkan's name is drawn from Mayan mythology, where it refers to the snake god. It approximately translates to "feathered serpent", which is where much of his snake imagery is drawn from.
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