Krystally the Wolf
Krystally the Wolf
Species -
Trolls :P
Best friends
Bubblegum the cat and Klinx the weasel

Family== Krystally doesn't haves a Family,she builds her own house and just lives on it peacefully.

Back Story

Krystal was born by a big rock of ice and thunder,that rock came from the planet "Tundriz",the farthest planet away from the sun.The rock melted and turned into a Purple Wolf.Some people found her just laying in the ice like almost dead.They took care of her.The years passed and Krystally wanted to go live like normal people.she met 2 best friends named Klinx the Weasel and Bubblegum the Cat.Days later...She came back home but realized that the house was all destroyed,she looked inside and saw her "family" dead.She wants to get revenge and find out what happened...And the story guess...


PleaseFreeze shot

Thunder touch

Hyperixis Chateau -Healing

3 Gems blast

Freeze touch

Tundra arm

Ice storm wave



She haves like a emoish personallity.She likes to be with friends and on some occasions alone.She likes to do pranks on anybody even on the police.The prank she often does is switch a tooth paste with glue.Not a good swimmer but haves the ability to breath underwater.She runs fast and jumps high.She sometimes acts like nothing is going on and "ignores" like about EVERYTHING and she like never pays attention to stories


Switch toothpaste with glue

Banana Peel

Change other people's passwords

Marbles on the floor

Put a bucket of juice on the top of the door

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