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Krysi Corazana
Chao Age

Chronological Age

Number of Rebirths
Sports, outdoor activities, flowers, bedtime stories.
Bullies (will gladly put them in their place), sitting in the sidelines of something exciting/important.
Swim: A

Fly: S

Run: C

Power: S

Stamina: A
Favorite Food
Round Fruit, Spaghetti.

Krysi is the chao soulmate of Crystal The Fox, her 'sister' and companion since she was a young girl. Krysi is an energetic and active chao who loves to play around. She is rarely seen away from Crystal's side. If she is, there's a good chance she's spending time with her sweetheart, Kitty The Cat Chao.
In contrast to Crystal's kind and gentle personality, Krysi is short-tempered and hot-blooded, and would be prone to getting into fights all the time if she weren't restrained by her big sister. Over the years, she's mellowed out into a bit more of a mature chao, being less impulsive and having an easier time holding her temper. She practices Chao Karate regularly, partially because it helps her to blow off steam when she's upset.

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Krysi Sprite 1

Krysi is a silver chao with yellow hands and feet, sky-blue wings and teal eyes. She has short hair reaching her shoulders, with three bangs of hair on the right side of her face, while a sky-blue, flower-shaped hair dec is placed on the left side.


Contrasting her 'sister', Crystal, Krysi is a hotblooded, competitive, and spunky chao with a fiesty attitude and a bit of a temper. While Crystal may avoid acts of violence, Krysi will not hesitate to smack some sense into someone should they cross her (or Crystal). She's very active, and likes to participate in Chao Karate and Racing. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her family, and is the first person to stand up whenever she feels that any one of them is threatened. She is incredibly brave for a chao, and is always more than willing to march off into dangers and adventures unknown if it means accomplishing whatever missions or goals are at hand. She cares little about how weak she may be in comparison to bigger and stronger mobians; if she has to fight one, she won't give it a second thought.

There's no telling what sorts of trouble she could potentially get herself into if Crystal weren't there to restrain her.

Krysi can be a nice girl, normally. She tends to poke fun and tease others, playfully messing with them with no harm intended. She has some mundane hobbies, such as drawing or collecting pretty rocks. She has a huge soft spot for Kitty, and suddenly becomes sweet and bashful toward and around him.

Strengths and Powers

Krysi is amazing in the air, compared to most chao. She can fly swifter, faster, and higher than Kitty ever could. She is also a great swimmer with an impressive amount of stamina. However, on the ground, she is simply mediocre.

In battle, she is definitely an air fighter. While it's generally not allowed to fly in Chao Karate, her flight stats help out immensely for her evasiveness. Karate aside, she will go all out in the air. She uses her speed to ram into enemies for maximum damage, and already packs a painful punch alone. She can tank a few more hits than Kitty can, but it still doesn't take many to knock her down for the count when facing bigger and stronger opponents.

When Crystal is involved, her first priority is to protect her. The second is to aide her in whatever she plans to do. If Crystal attacks, she will too. If Crystal stops to heal herself or someone else, Krysi will make sure she's protected. She is by far not afraid to risk her life for her. If she or Kitty is in danger, she will do whatever it takes to save them, no matter what happens to her.

If her daughter is threatened, however, she goes berserk.

General Info

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Krysi was born from a regular chao egg the day after Crystal's seventh birthday. Crystal's grandmother, Coral, found the egg during her travels, and gave it away to Crystal as a birthday gift. It is unknown who Krysi's true parents are, however, once she laid her eyes on Crystal and her family, she quickly grew attatched and happily accepted her adoption into the Corazana family.

Since birth, Krysi is almost always seen by Crystal's side. The two stick together more often than Gizmo and Kitty do, and have certainly lived together far longer as well. On regular days, their usual activities are usually drawing or reading. They'll sometimes be seen playing outside, taking walks together, or doing some grocery shopping. On occasion, they'll be at the chao races in Station Square.

In the uncommon instance that Krysi isn't with Crystal, she'll usually be looking after her and Kitty's daughter, Lilia. Sometimes she and Lilia will go to Gizmo's house or the Cat Chao Garden to spend time with Kitty.

Items Currently In Possession

Blue Flower - An accessory she wears in her hair. It isn't a real flower, so she doesn't have to worry about it wilting. It was given to her by Kitty years ago.


Krysi was made in conjunction with Crystal, and basically just started off as her 'pet chao that follows her around'. At first, Krysi's personality was a blank slate, as was her design. But pretty soon she gained an even better one than Crystal did. She served as her foil, being the harsh counterpart to Crystal's pure kindness. She shared many common traits with Jessie Garnet, (who just so happens to be one of their best friends.)

However, Krysi's character was rarely, if ever used. Whenever the duo appeared, Crystal was the only one that mattered. Krysi was only relevant in a set few episodes, which made her character very difficult to develop. Even now she still suffers from this.

I don't remember when exactly Krysi had fallen for Kitty, but by the time her first major role came around in Episode 21, she and Kitty were already near couple status.






Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame): Appears as a playable character alongside Crystal. (There may also be a segment where she is playable on her own.)

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Born in the Corazana household, Krysi has been living with Crystal's family for as long as she can remember. Not much is known about the origins of her egg, or any of her ancestors for that matter, but she doesn't particularly seem to care. She was raised as part of the family, rather than just a pet.

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