Never upset a murdering b****

Krypta is a 21 year old Great Dane with a spunky personality.


Krypta is a large Great Dane who was born with brown and tan fur. Later dying it pure white in honor of her dead albino brother. She'll wear anything that has yellow, green or black coloring. But she normally wears a black and yellow catsuit with black over knee high boots with yellow thunderbolts. Her hair color is white, cut off on the right side with the half part of her hair on the left side covering her left eye. She sometimes wear two small gold hoop earrings on the right ear.


Heard the saying that Great Danes are gentle giants, well that's not her. She is known for a bad temper that can seriously harm someone. She's not afraid to stand up for her rights. Even though she is a cold hearted assassin, she does seem to be caring and show affectionate for a few people. Other than her cousins Kiko the Echidna and Kate Siberian. She's not afraid to help anyone rather they need money or just regular assistants.


She doesn't really like talking about her past much. She was raised in a abusive home where her father died in a car accident leaving her, her mom, and her brother, Krypto. Her mother would make her do things way out of line like, seeking her body so the mother could get some drugs. This happened more then a few times, but as years past Krypto was able to get her away from their brother. Some time fate that they needed some money, so Krypto decided to make a assassination team in which was called K. Diamond. They mostly collected their many foreign cousins to the team.


Being large she has superhuman strength in which she is able to pick up and punch through large and sturdy things. Another power is her electric manipulation. She doesn't really uses it though. She inherited this ability from her father who had weather manipulation.


She is well known for her martial arts style: Capoeira, Vale Tudo, and is now a trainee in Krav Maga. Another skill is she is able to manage a jet and have some computer skills. Being an assassin she is able to use swords, knives, and is very accurate with gun.

Special Abilities

Being a dog, she has a keen set of smell and hearing.


She is allergic to flowers. How can this be bad? Well sometimes there are secret passages where it's like a flower garden which means she would have to wait or not be able to access in.


Vector the Crocodile:

When they first met they had a mad rivalry. They first met at a park and with them both short tempered they got into a fight in which Vector lost. On the same day they had a team battle fight, but became a tie when Kiko and Espio both forfeited. Later on they met again when Team Chaotix lost their home. They made a deal that was if the Chaotix did a assassination job they would get the Monet or get their office back. During this time they started to be nicer to each other. In which Krypta developed a crush on him.

Rouge the Bat:

They were friends at first until Rogue sold her a fake diamond necklace for seventy grand.


In Fanfiction:

K. Diamond

Assassin for a Week

Theme Songs

Beautiful Dirty Rich by: Lady Gaga (when she's in a good mood)


Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday Lyrics HD


Beautiful Dirty Rich - Lyrics by Lady GaGa-0

Roman Holiday by: Nicki Mianj (when she's in a bad mood)

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