Kristine River is the leader of a group of defectors from the Silver Comet Battalion. While she was lucky enough to avoid being executed, others that defected with her were not so lucky. Due to this, the young shadow mouse is responsible for keeping the morale up for the small community she leads: The Shadow Walkers

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Small, thin and relatively unassuming are all words that come to mind to describe Kristine River. With fur of a rich chocolate-brown color, even with the long hairless tail and black markings common to her subspecies, she fits what many regard as the ideal or epitome of what a female shadow mouse would appear like. Even her pale blue eyes; one shade away from white, fit into that ideal.





As a shadow mouse; Kristine is naturally potent with umbrakinesis, the elemental manipulation of shadows. However, despite her natural strength and command, Kristine lacks any defined training in these powers. At one point, she was a member of a small religious order, however her focus was less on the order's elemental prowess and more on the ability to inspire others and help foster faith. In addition to these, Kristine also has the normal superior dark-vision and balance that others of her sub-species possess.

Needless to say, after luck saved her from being Legionized and allowed her to lead her defectors out to establish their community, Kristine found herself having to learn a variety of trades alongside her skill as a preacher and orator to help sustain her people. She has been learning how to perform basic maintenance on some of her legionized compatriots and studied both how to grow food and make her own clothing, skills she admittedly never thought she'd need.

As some of her fellow refugees have technical skills beyond her own, Kristine is often outfitted with heavily customized "grenade"-like weapons that have a variety of non-harmful effects as an option for self-defense. Many of her followers, including those who assigned themselves to her as bodyguards, have emphasized that in the event of an Eggman or Dark Legion attack, she should only use these spheres until the point in time where she has figured out how to actually utilize her powers properly.

The only actual damaging technique that people have observed Kristine using is a form of counterattack that relies on her being in a state of distress, be it pain or fear. In this situation, she utilizes what others have dubbed the Shadow's Gift. While in pain and in a position of danger, the young mouse creates a long cylindrical form out of purple-black shadows and launches it at whatever is attacking her, where it "detonates" with a blast wave of solid shadow. The more distress that Kristine is in, the more powerful this exploding construct does, though if she faints before the attack detonates, it fizzles and disappears without doing anything. None of the members of her community have been particularly willing to help teach her with the chance of receiving one of those hanging over their heads.








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