Kris is a generally well-rounded and balanced character, sporting tools that allow her to deal with almost any situation. However, her playstyle is distinctively more reactive than proactive, relying heavily on capitalizing on any false moves made by the opponent. Her normals have a distinctly-longer ranger than most others, giving her a strong neutral game. An important tool in her arsenal is her Style Action, as it leaves her opponent immobilized for a brief moment on hit, creating an opportunity to attack.

Meanwhile, because of this stronger emphasis on defensive play, Kris is not a recommended pick for beginners. For starters, like Dustin, her overall damage output is not that great, apart from any of her supers. However, very much unlike the hyena, she doesn't have a rushdown-centric fighting style to help make up for it. Truly, the way to go with playing Kris is to take the time to study the opponent and shatter their weak points with grace and finesse.

Damage Defense Mobility Footsies Rushdown Zoning Difficulty


Givre - Exchange button

  • Kris' Style Action, where she encases her opponent within an icy prison, immobilizing them for a brief moment.

Croc de Glace - Arcade Modifier (Air) AS QCF + Exchange button

  • Kris launches forth an elegantly-shaped projectile of ice that covers distance quickly from her hand.

Danse Blizzard - AS QCF + Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Kris steps forward and performs a downward slash.
  • Attack medium Version - Kris dashes a fair distance forward and performs an upward slash.
  • Attack h Version - Kris covers a fair distance before slashing the opponent in an outward direction.

> Follow-up Attack 1 - Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Kris slashes her opponent in an inward direction.
  • Attack medium Version - Kris performs a quick flurry of sword thrusts
  • Attack h Version - Kris zips through her opponent with a lightning-quick sword thrust.

>> Follow-up Attack 2 - Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Kris thrusts the tip of her blade onto the opponent, knocking them away from her.
  • Attack mediumVersion - Kris homes in on her opponent with a sword thrust, pushing them towards the wall.
  • Attack hVersion - Kris homes in on her opponent and rapidly thrusts them while pushing them towards the wall.

Étoile Gelé - AS S + Attack light / Attack medium

  • Attack light Version - Kris leaps into the air with a rising slash done in a circular pattern.
  • Attack medium Version - Kris lifts herself high into the air with a circular-patterned rising slash.

Gelér L’éclat - AS S + Attack h

  • An EX Move where Kris performs a lightning-fast sword strike that can strike the opponent from a safe distance.

Piqûre Arctique - AS QCB + Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Kris performs a forward thrust that knocks the opponent away.
  • Attack medium Version - Kris dashes a short distance forward before knocking the opponent away with a powerful sword thrust.
  • Attack h Version - Kris assumes a stance for a moment before charging past her foe with a powerful sword thrust in the blink of an eye.

Casser de Froid - AS QCB + Exchange button

  • Kris assumes a defensive stance for a brief moment. If hit while the stance is active, she quickly retaliates with a burst of ice.

Croc de Diamant - Arcade Modifier (Air) AS QCF + Attack lightAttack medium

  • A Decisive Action where Kris launches a large ice projectile from the palm of her hand, dealing multiple hits that add up for big damage.

Givre Hypothermique - AS QCB + Attack hExchange button

  • A Decisive Action where Kris surrounds herself within a ring of razor-sharp shards of ice. While active, Kris cannot use any of her other attacks.

> Éclaté - Attack button

  • Kris shoots one of the ice shards at the opponent either straight forward, in a ricochet manner, or in an upward angle.

> Missiles Gelés - Exchange button

  • By sacrificing one bar of meter, Kris repositions all remaining shards just behind her before they quickly home in on the opponent.

> Règne Gelé - AS QCB + Attack hExchange button

  • At the cost of one additional bar of meter, Kris positions the shards around her opponent. They soon fire themselves off at a rapid rate.

Hymne Royal de L’étoile Polaire - AS QCF + Attack hExchange button

  • Kris's Decisive Climax, where she starts with a swift strike with her blade. She then unleashes a myriad of sword thrusts towards her opponent, dealing lightning-fast damage to them if it connects, before landing one last attack that knocks them back.

Berceuse de L'homme Mort - Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down + Attack hExchange button

  • Kris’ Shutdown finisher, where she assumes a defensive stance. Should an opponent attack, she promptly encases them within an icy prison then swiftly draws her blade before rushing past the opponent with a fatal strike that causes the ice to shatter with them in it, while she sheathes her weapon and scoffs.

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