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Cquote1 As your subordinate, Colonel Reyes, I can only obey your command. Cquote2
Kris to Whirlwind, Clash of Mythics: Genesis

When in her presence, you'll probably want to show your best behavior. Kris Rodriguez isn't much of a fan of uncouth behavior, after all. She is a major character in the Clash of Mythics series, beginning with her debut appearance in Clash of Mythics: Genesis, where she accompanies Whirlwind and Shadow in their latest mission.


Kris is a Mobian lynx standing at five feet, three inches with a lean and moderately muscular physical build. Her body fur sports a slightly-pale yet strangely-glimmering shade of light blue, with a whitish shade of grey taking up the fur on her torso and stomach area, the tips and insides of her ears. She sports a head of arctic white hair that reaches past her shoulders and is pulled back by a dark blue bun, forming a ponytail, as well as a pair of eyes with light blue irises.

She is commonly seen in her GUN uniform, which contains a royal blue, buttoned-up coat with a pair of coattails the reach past her knees on the back, as well as golden piping and accents and two straps wrapped around each lower sleeve, a white blouse accompanied by a short red tie underneath the coat, and a pair of black slim-cut pants, the lower legs of which are tucked into a pair of blue military boots with golden accents and dark grey outsoles and heels.


Kris, to most people, can be commonly described as an “stuck-up, arrogant, and sharp-tongued first class queen bitch”, and the amount of people who would be likely inclined to disagree with those sentiments are few and far between.

For starters, Kris does indeed sport a tongue as cold and sharp as the ice she wields, as almost every word that comes out of her mouth is spoken with a firm tone, most notably when directed towards those of a lower class, status, or position than herself - such as lower-ranking GUN soldiers, among others. That’s not to say she doesn’t know when to hold it back, as she has been noted to sound more respectful towards her superiors, including Whirlwind and Shadow.

Meanwhile, what appears to be her arrogance is simply her manner of strict and formal conduct. When interacting with others, she prioritizes formalities and presenting proper behavior above all else, which may be a result of her upbringing as a child. That said, she does sport a great deal of pride in herself and her family name, as she does sport incredible swordsmanship and great prowess in fencing techniques, on top of being enlisted into GUN’s ranks on official recommendation.

In addition, both her upbringing as a child of a noble family and her days as a fencing professional has led her to find value in an honorable duel where both parties are equally-matched and experience no interference. Unfortunately, her own pride can and has blinded her to her own flaws and weaknesses on occasion.

History and Appearances

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Powers and Abilities

Most notable among her powerset is her ability to generate, control, and shape ice as she wills it, which she possesses an incredible level of control over thanks to her constant training during her childhood. Naturally, she makes good use of her power by bolstering her own fighting ability, making for a deadly force.

Notable techniques Kris sports include the Croc de Glace, which has her launch an elegantly-shaped projectile of ice forward, the Étoile Gelé, a quick, rising sword slash performed in a circular pattern, the Piqûre Arctique, where she performs a deadly thrust with her blade while dashing forward, and the Danse Blizzard, a multi-hitting attack done with her blade.

Her signature technique, Givre, has her encase her opponent within a structure of ice, allowing her to strike with zero resistance from the opponent, albeit only for a brief moment. Despite its limitations, such as the ice immediately shattering upon being struck or after a few moments, effective use of this technique makes Kris a powerful fighter.

Kris sports an impressive level of skill and precision with her rapier, all thanks to her fencing training - a part of her upbringing as a child, and was once a renowned fencing professional during her years prior to being enlisted in GUN's ranks.


  • Fierté Gelé - Kris’ specially-customized rapier, it was designed specifically to be capable of working in tandem with her cryokinetic abilities and is thus her weapon of choice.


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  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 6 - Kris’ physical strength is rather average, meaning her damage output isn’t exactly the most impressive.

Defense: 6 - Kris is also reasonably tough, given her respectable physical condition, and is more than capable of fighting defensively. However, it’s not exactly impossible to take her down either.

Speed: 7 - Her speed, in comparison, is more noteworthy by quite a bit, as she is able to cover distances quickly and keep up with the rest of the roster, as well as her strikes being quick. The fact that she wields a weapon designed for quick and precise swordplay certainly helps matters.

Magic: 7 - Years of training have made Kris quite adept in the usage of her cryokinetic abilities.

Evasion: 7 - Kris’ agility is a suitable complement to her overall speed, meaning she can easily dodge incoming blows that come her way.

Intelligence: 8 - You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t believe that Kris is quite well-versed in devising credible battle strategies, on top of sporting some respectable analytical and deductive skills.

Skills: 8 - Having been trained in fencing for much of her life has resulted in her becoming a highly-skilled and efficient fencer. Combined with her prowess in cryokinesis, she makes for a deadly fighter in the field.

Accuracy: 9 - Kris prioritizes high precision and proper execution in almost all of her attacks, especially when it comes to her sword strikes, so it's a given that her accuracy is almost always on point.

Stamina: 7 - Kris' training from her youth up until present day has allowed her to keep herself in action for quite a while.

Tolerance: 7 - Despite her otherwise-average physical capabilities, Kris can certainly take a solid beating without getting knocked down for the count.

Overall: 72%


For all her impressive skill and prowess, Kris does have her flaws and limitations. First and foremost, though she can certainly walk the walk as much as she talks the talk, Kris can sometimes become too proud or boastful for her own good and eventually become too overconfident, which may allow more level-headed opponents to get the drop on her and ultimately come out on top.

Meanwhile, losing control of her cryokinesis - however unlikely it may be - is a dangerous circumstance, both to herself and to those around her. This is because that letting her powers break loose may cause a large amount of her surroundings and, in some cases, herself to instantly freeze. In addition, the nature of her fencing prowess and her reliance on precision means that opponents who are able to overpower her with little difficulty can prove to be her undoing in a number of fights.

As mentioned earlier, her penchant for formalities and proper conduct can sometimes make her appear to be arrogant and snobbish, making any form of run-of-the-mill social interaction somewhat tricky for her.


  • Kris sports characteristics that are quite similar to the likes of Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3, Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist, and Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia.
    • Some might even believe that she’s basically a female Jin Kisaragi, only without any profound feelings towards a particular person, and they wouldn’t be wrong.
      • Kris, Jin, and Mitsuru all even have the power to control and/or generate ice at will in some manner.
    • She’s even voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard, the English voice actor of both Hawkeye and Yaoyorozu.
  • Kris was originally going to sport a dominantly-white outfit similar to Weiss Schnee - whom she also bears some similarities with - from RWBY, but Crimson ultimately decided against this as he felt it would’ve made for a bland character design.
  • In the event that some confusion needs to be cleared, Kris’ moves and techniques are named in French - likely of the gratuitous kind, mind you.
    • Speaking of which, the name of Kris’ rapier translates to “Frozen Pride”. Rather fitting, all things considered, no?
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