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Krinkinko the Hedgehog

Comments: this is the story of my first non adopted sonic fan character, Krinkinko. Since in the kink talk page  someone said kink does not have a back story................well I apologize  so here is his back story and his story so here we go! Also sorry when I use quotation marks it turns it into italics and now the italics won't always work!

The begining

Eggman Empire

Eggman's symbol

One day krinkinko woke up one day on his (uncomfortable) itchy fur bed not knowing that soon  he was going to meet  sonic then his life would start to change. Kink yawned he stepped outside and he felt something terrible was going to happen soon. Oh no he thought. He rushed to the village elder. What's going to happen to me!? he asked. The elder smiled Nothing my dear Krinkifollow. (the elder always stretches peoples names). But something will surely happen to all the other frogs in this village.................................I-I sense it. the elder said. Kink laughed. As krinkinko left a tear was visible from the elder's old face. You see krinkinko lived among the frogs he also believes he is one. Krinkinko read a note at his school door along with the other students at Frog smart multi grade academy the kids read: dear students don't fret he doors being closed because the village are having a food problem and most of the teachers are hunting for flies so have a great 3 week break.. By the time all the kids read the note every one including kink started to break dance and do moonwalks. As soon as Krinkinko headed home the elder was there waiting. krinkinko 'mah boy I want you to hunt for 2 flies, 3 butter flies, 8 wasps, 16 bees, 44 fire flies, 7 cinnamon stick bugs and 14 spiders plus some butter and maple syrup would be nice:). the elder shouted. Without further notice kink headed to the jungle ahead. Kink treaded through the jungle and he hoped on a rail. After about six min. A young frog 1 year younger than kink was on a rail next to him the frog's name was droget. 'Yo krinkkrink you seem down. Heading some where? droget asked. Huh?, I'm Looking for all these bugs. I already found the flies. Kink said waving the list in droget's face. Droget scratched his chin after 5 min. of thinking droget declared How about I  get the fire flies, the the bees, the wasps and the butter!:)  Krinkinko grinded away from his friend searching for the insects screaming   Thanks pal!. Smooth droget smooth droget said to himself. Krink said so all I have to do is get to the forest way.The forest way was just plain ruthless. But he kept on grinding and grinding soon he stopped and saw a room full of spiders. Hmph this is just so easy I wonder if...... just when he was talking a giant spider appeared. It started screaming in agony. settle down boy! Are you hurt? Kink asked. The spider soon grown 8 extra leg making 16 legs. soon town frogs started screaming AHHHHHHHH the monster king viindile has awoken we must stop him at once!! Krinkkinko stuttered-s-so...........................................this is the legendary king viidile. The spider roared with laughter and kink and the monster started their battle. Krink started to fight and the spider shot out toxic webs but kink dodged it. The spider held out it's arm to capture krink. Kinkkrinko grinded on the beast's arm and hit it's head. The spider hurried to kink but kink was already charging at the spider full speed. the spider started to let out a cry and 12 spiders came running at kink. Krinkinko started throwing the spiders at the king. The giant spider's hair started to shed and wings started to grow. Soon the spider started to chew on kink. Krinkinko started to scream Help somebody help!.... please..........please The please got fainter and fainter but no one cared except one girl that was dressed in some ancient robe. The girl screamed get out of here now kid! She threw him a bag of bugs then krinkinko nodded. When kink was out of the battle feild he opened the bag and it had every thing he needed except one spider. Who was that strange girl and did she know me I think I know her......................................somehow.Kink asked himself. As he grinded away further from the raging fight dusk greeted him and kink soon started searching for the last spider. Finding a spider was tougher than ever now that most of them rushed to aid the king of spiders. But krinkinko knew that at least one spider was in the nest helping the baby spiders. Kink did a very embarrasing thing for a hedgehog........ he got on all fours and started to act like a giant baby spider and soon a spider came and fell into kink's trap. To recap and count all the insects kink used the rest of his dusk to head to circle peak. Circle peak is at the south side of the jungle and is normally quiet and spooky so kink is to scared to come but kink did not care now. As he was counting a giant purple cat came from bushes the cat was screaming Froggie?, Froggie, Where are you?! ( It was big the cat but kink did not know) WHOA BIG A MONSTER! kink screamed in fright he ran to the bushes where big the cat came from...WRONG MOVE a spring with a face shaped like a egg man (looks like eggman is up to his old tricks again) let out white sleeping gas and kink was out cold. Meanwhile at the village big found his frog friend there but the whole place was burning in flames and flame thrower eggman robots helped the fire. Dang, wheres kink when you need him the most?... He might be still looking for bugs. Droget said while he was effortsly trying too get the elder too safety. While the village was burning kink was having a nightmare one that was a lot like what was happening right there at the village.

Next day


sonic the hedgehog


I'm sorry but me and sonic didn't come here for a bunch of bugs.

Kink woke up satisified with his eyes closed he stated Yep' looks like I'm the champ I can get any amount of bugs you name it. Gee thanks but me and sonic are not here for a bag of bugs. someone said. Krinkinko opened his eyes only to see a orange kid fox and a cool blue hedgehog. The hedgehog spoke Hey I'm sonic... sonic the hedgehog and this is my pal tails. What type of hedgehog are you? kink all of a sudden got enraged at sonic and screamed Hedgehog how the heck could you mistake me for a hedgehog!? Sonic shouted back Hey pal watch it! Don't try to trick me! Soon the two started to scowl at each other. Hey we're looking for the chaos emeralds. Please don't start a fight! tails shouted trying to steer into another tophic. Kink stormed off shouting at the 2 I'l never help the likes of you two! Kink smelled smoke and he followed the smoke. He treaded in a part of his jungle known as wild flower way. As he grinded on a long vine he saw the girl that saved him. She was now fighting what seemed to be pirates. As kink was passing kink gave her the coo-coo sign. When he got to the village it was burned and most of the village was gone. Some kids shouted No school! as he passed. When he found the elders cave the elder and droget hugged kink saying We thought you died! Well I was far away from the incident last night. kink said trying to cheer them up. It was silent for 30 min. until suddenly the elder confessed I have a confession to make krinkinko. You are not a frog... you are a hedgehog. The frogs only raised you. Can't you see the truth. I was only soupposed to tell you this when on your 90th birthday but I don't want to bottle it up that long. Ki listened in horror stammering No No why why this can't be. Your not telling the truth no! Droget fainted because he did not believe a word the elder said. Kink soon wished that he too had fainted. The elder went on You see your parents and you stumbled in this jungle they soon started to starve then a mischevio us black market echidna seller gave them a bag of bugs for free. Those are are frogs favorite snack and they thought your parents were stealing and they refused   to leave the jungle so they had to throw your parents in the pit of dispair... The pit of dispair was a pit that you where on a 8 day drop to the bottom. Only 8 people are known that have survived the pit. At the bottom of the pit their is zero sunlight. The elder went on   But you where so helpless we couldn't bare throwing you in their so we kept you and we raised you as a frog so you could never know what happened to your parents. But you can do away with us like we did to your parents kink... Kink was so scared of what the elder said as soon as droget revied from his faint kink started to sream bloody murder! Make him stop ! Make him stop! Droget comanded the elder. He's not hurting anybody so why should I stop him from doing what he wants? the elder asked. Oh yeah!? Droget said. He soon took one of his hands from the ear that he was holding and it reveald oozing red liquid (blood). The elder calmy stated Kink your sound is hurting our ears please stop. But elder all of this I can't  absorb at once it's too consuming and why would I do out with you if you and all the other frogs raised me? kink said/asked. Droget added y'know he's got a point.:) Soon the elder raised his chin, unstiffed his shoulders and declared Then I guess it's time I move out this burned town and move to a better frog city. But that's not important... what is important is that you and Droget now know the truth and you can't go shimmieng around here and you know the truth!! Droget asked Than what are you saying? The elder went on I'm saying  that it's about time that you and droget start your own journey.... not as a frog but as a hedgehog. But you Droget well ummmmm... you get the point. The two thanked the elder and kneeled to him than they said a farewell and we will see you soon. The elder sensed they would. But even so the 2 headed to kinks remains of his house and sat their queitly for three hours singing semtember, what a wonderful world and more. But soon they heard a plane aproaching but not just any plane a bi-plane! The bi-plane started to make a louder sound as it got closer to the fatefull two.

Krinkinko didn't know if the plane was his allies or rivals. He only heared the plane he didn't see it. He quickly grabbed Droget and got in a firm leaping stance. When the plane zoomed passed him he still didn't see the pilot but instead with expert timing leaped at the plane froom the rooftop in his plane. Droget commented while in mid leap saying

We beleive we can fly, we beleive we can touch the sky, We think about every night and day spread our wings and fly a way........ They both made it on the speedy plane but they almost lost their lives. After all that leap was a gigantic risk there.

The pilot turned around  to reveal a oarnge welcoming face. Tails the fox was about to speak but kink cut him off. Listen I'm sorry about earleir I had the enpression that I was a frog. Sonic I was stupid and a fool and I'm sorry. Krinkinko explained. Sonic smiled  FORGET ABOUT IT DUDE! sonic shouted. Droget spoke up  I just met you guys but I already like you guys :)!.

Sky act


...and I'll pilot the plane!

By now the 4 were far away from the jungle and far above the water that they travelled over. Then all of a sudden the plane clanked, sputtered and even failed for 7 sec., then the plane transformed a nother seat were kink would sit with droget in his lap. It had a shooter and a track ball like the 2 other seats.

Then tails turned on the radio that was on his seat and turned it from tails theme from sonic adventure DX.

They soon were on the plane for about an hour now and Droget grew inpateint then asked So were are we going anyway. We've been here for an hour. Tails explained that they were heading to a special place were they would all probaly find their answers. Sonic asked whats it called I forgot?. Sonic already knew the place he just said that sor the others would know.

Angel island super city is were we are going. Tails replied.

A giant battle ship arose from the water pursuing the bi-plane. The ship had a eggman sign on it.

Oh no he followed us! Tails exclaimed.

Krinkinko eyed the battle ship then he relized something....

That's the same freak who burned down our village! Kink and Droget exclaimed together. The starteed to growl and sneer at the ship.

Tails calmed them down reminding them we need to stay sane! Sonic and co. then devised a plan! There is a berreir of robots kink could bring em' down, Sonic you can break eggman's defense with some good ol' homing attacks, Droget you find away to destract eggman, and I'll pilot the plane. Tails comanded.

Without further adew everyone went straight to their assighned taskes.

Sonic started his homing attacks after 8 min. the sheilds wore down but sonic still had to break them.

Droget soon found a crack in the ship to slip in he destracted eggman (and his robots) with his killer jokes! DRoget started them off with knock jokes.

Tails's task was easy after all tails was an all-star pilot.

Krinkinko started to torcher the flying (sonic heroes green model) robots with homing attacks after awhile he got tired....So he grinded on their wings thus breaking the robot's wing and their cabibility to fly.

I can grind on anything! Kink shouted with glee.

 All the robots were gone so he could'nt get back to the ship he was in the sky falling down to the icy waters below. Time was almost up he was almost out for the count. Soon a tikal orb sorounded him giving him the wrist band radar!

The wrist band radar will locate string wind waves and make them visible. You can then turn them solid then grind on them. May the chaos emeralds watch over you, Krinkinko the hedgehog. :) The tikal orb said.

Sweet! kink said.

Without further delay he grinded on air then found the bi-plane. Everyone was worried sick except sonic who was still laughing from one of droget's jokes.

I-I guess I really can grind on anything. Kink stammered.

Act clear -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

At the city in the skies

Knuckles Sprite know what I won't start a fight with some kid.

Tails was grinning. Tails turned back and said This is were we stop. Krinkinko marveled at the mountains and the city below it he was still maveling when. Tails made another announcement Ummm we have a problem I forgot to install breaks and I forgot to install a landing system. Now everyone screamed in horror as the approached the ground of the floating island. The most awkward thing about the fall is when Droget screamed he sounded like some girl in a horor movie.

CRASH! Everyone rubbed their backs and slowly shook their heads.

Tails and sonic headed off for another emerald when Krinkinko and droget headed for a thrift shop.

They saw a middle aged donkey selling the items, the donkey's name was Ruster. Ruster was queit and shy but he showed Droget a joke book and he taught Krinkinko the flawless extremespeed techniqe. Krinkink asked  If Ruster wanted to help them find out their past bur Ruster said he had to work at the shop for 24 hours.

Sad the two left the store then they saw a vrey tall building and they ran to it to veiw what it held.

Soon the 2 would also meet knuckles.

WAIT! Ruster screamed. He followed the two he gave them both extreme gear boards for their kindness.

They found the tallest building Come train and meditate in the biggest building in the city! Also known as... THE SUPER ULTRA MEGA SLEGA SLAMA DRAMA giant building. Droget read panting. The place they saw was a super tall building that people com to meditate and fight in tornaments.

Droget pulled kink back This could cause trouble. Droget warned. Kink looked at him concerned. Kink then ran inside teasing him calling him scaredy cat and such. When they arrived they saw a red echidna with a bunch of dreadlocks. HEY!, That's the coward species that was part of my parent's misfourtune! Kink screamed. Droget tried to steer him away from trouble. Come on Drogy! I only want to play..............................................................ROUGH! Kink protested.

Krinkinko approached rad red. Hey punk ya' mangy echidna! kink screamed. That got knux's attention that also ticked knuckles off but just barely. What do you want kid? knux said. Oh depends do ya' want o kill more of my family!? kink replied. Knuckles was shocked he hadn't killed any one unless he counted that icecream he devoured yesterday.

You know kid.......... knuckles stopped him self before he started a riot. Well if ya' weren't a killer you might be able to finish ya' sentences! Krinkinko screamed. While Droget watched in horror whileknuckles was hurt of what kink said.

LISTEN KID STOP PLAYING YOUR GAMES! Knuckles demanded. OH?, So now killing people is a game!? Kink screamed. YOUR KIND.... echidna sickens me so. Kink said.

Knuckles started to turn more red then usual then screamed YOU KNOW WHAT........... you know what I won't start a fight with some kid.

Knuckles started to walk away then kink hit the back of his head with anger the knuckles screamed THAT"S IT! then the battle began!

The fight with knuckles

Knuckles aimed at krinkinko's head to hit him but missed.Krink ran toward the ticked echidna to attack him.

Krinkinko wasn't the best fighter but he still headed to Knuckles. Krinkinko something Ruster said earlier.

Ruster said that extremespeed was most effective at the beginning and the end of a battle. So kink used it with blinding speed kink used it.

Then knuckles flipped Kink on the floor bussing his head.

That's when Droget stepped up and punched knux in the nose.

Then Knuckles punched Droget until he fainted. Kink was so mad he tried to body slam knuckles but knuckles reversed it!

I thought you wanted to fight punk! Knuckles shouted.

While knuckles was saying this knuckles started to punch left to right.

He kept doing this then kink grinded on Knuckles's knuckles and it hurt knuckles. Kink had to dodge knuckles's glydings and varius attacks.

It was knuckles last hit and so was kink's so krinkinko onnced again used extremespeed and that seemingly finished Knuckles off.

After 12 min. of victory poses knuckles weakly stood up kink ran toward rad red knuckles ran toward kink they both gained speed. They then collided knuckles hitting kink in the head and kink hitting Knuckles in the stomache at the same time making both of them faint.


Unexpected Guest

'Ugh! My aching head! kink said

The same girl that saved him a while back stepped in the room this time she had roses in her hands.

Krinkinko do you remember me clearly yet? the girl asked.

Sorta' well..........................yeah. But I forgot your name it's something. Kink replied.

The girl smiled Promise not to laugh!.

Kink smiled as fast as he could.

The girl smiled thoughtfully at kink Falalala-stu. That's my name. she confessed.

She told kink to get some more rest then she put the roses on kink.

Into the inferno

A few hours later kink and Knuckles woke up rather dreadfully.

It was fresh nighttime.

Krinkinko woke up to remember his headache and to remember Falalala-stu. But he mended to the headache first he stretched his long tounge and bought migrane medicane.

Then all of a sudden a portal opened to the road of the past kink saw it on a billboard it would give people answers about their past if they made it past the unwindingroad of the eons.

Come on Droget let's go we need to find out our past more then ever. Oh and you can come too er..... Knuckles? kink said.

Well I'm not going with the likes of you! Knuckles screamed.

Well Ima gonnah go into the portal. Here we go! Kink teased. Then Droget and kink jumped in the portal.

Then knuckles ran into the portal with them.

In the inferno

They entered the road of the eon zone quite causully the first thing the saw was guns for the the revolutionary war from left to right the guns were firing. Knuckles said Come on guys climb on! . Krinkinko stammered U- r-really I can climb on? Sure who cares about earleier. knuckles calmly responded . So kink and droget got on knux' back while he glided. Next they saw a bunch of dinosaurs and they charged at them. Kink rushed at the dinosaurs but his extreme speed didn't work. What the...... my extreme speed didn't work!!!' krinkinko realized. Knuckles explained Kink or whatever your name is this takes place before you knew how to preform that move. Kink smirked then he grinded on the dinosaurs tail and homing attacked the head so the dinosaur magiclly disapeared and they proceeded to next stage. The next enviroment was lush with water and flies kink could swim and he gave knuckles some web feet so he could swim better, A bunch of dragon fliess attacked the trio and droget was only too happy to ablide so thhe gobbled up a bunch of flies and hoped on another flie to get to a higher alivation to find the next door the next door sucked everything up. The next phase was all black except a bulging white orb It's the time of the big bang... kink explained Huh droget aked Then kink explained to him about the big bang and how droget slept through that lesson. Something tells me we need to break it! knuckles said You no good echidna what do you know about tampering with time and space! Just then kink fainted and woke up and the voice that saved him and gave him roses said I'm a echidna for crying out loud how do you think I feel for you saying that! Just then kink woke up and sstarted to ram into the the orb but it didn't break then droget attacked the orb but he cracked his knuckles. Knuckles then tried but it only made a few tiny cracks they ramed on for hours but nothing happened Come on why isn't this working I'll never find out about my past! He sobbed but then he remebered what the merchant said about his board With this spped you could survive the bbig bang. if he could rival the bang in speed than surely he could trigger it so he got i on his board and ramed as hard as he could the ord than it shatterd than it split into two rooms knuckles went in one and kink went in the other door. Kink saw a image of his parents his mother said 'Ffipomin we have to make a cottage for our baby Huff marit why did we run away from our parafdise in the first place? Oh remember our marriage was forbidden but we ran away to seek hapiness! Oh yeah thanks for reminding me! The kink appeared back in front of the portal he entered to get to the path of the eons. Just than a eggman ship abducted knuckles, kink and droget.

Out of the inferno and into the ship

337px-ASR Eggman

This is were you get on your knees and beg for mercy you misreable green hedgehog!

Kink woke up in a pod he was stuck and couldn't get out then he heared someone say Froggy were are you...huh? He saw the giant purple catmonster he saw he aked big to help him them big busted him out and he found and broke drogets pod.


Kink dashd out of the room and homing attacked a few robots the screamed Knuckles! Knukles!? he saw a door open and ran inside the lights got dim and he saw a bunch of robots his kicking and punching proved usely since they kept coming. Wait! kink said. he charged up a spin dash and grabbed as much egg pawns as he could then he preformed the Spin Crush techniqe and it sent a shockwave to destroy incoming robots. he then grinded on the rails until he came across a round room the doors shut behind him and a siren came on. What the...look! droget comanded kink kink looked and he saw Dr. eggman 'This is were you get on your knees and beg for mercy you misreable green hedgehog!' eggman mocked. What!? oh yeah than say that to my face....FOREST BURNER! krinkinko said with rage. Oh hohohoho why don't you fight my robot first!? eggman replied. Just then a giant robot emerged from the ground. Knuckles punched at the robot and droget declared Okay let's do this together than!.

Giant boss fight

Kink started the battle with a  Rage Punch and it slightly dented the robots armor knuckles then wnet for the head and doing the same combos over and over again finnally tired down the robot down the robot then cammenced self destruct and the three each esacped on a cannon and as kink fell down down he marveled as the egg carrier gave out and exploded.

A weird kind of favor

Amy 15

So your telling me you hardly know what candy is?! You need to get out more!

Kink woke up in Station Square (deep area to be exact) his head hurting he turned around and wondered where droget was. He then looked for him he bumped into a a pink hedgehog. She heared him ponder on about eggman and she made a deal with him if he does two favors for here she'll tell him about eggman. The first favor was to find snic he did grinded on air currents to catch him sonic and tails looked irriataed when they were caught. Then amy needed help with her shopping so kink helped with speed shopping with his board and helped carry the bage. After he finished eating his twix he asked about eggman. All she told him is he likes to roboticize animals. He was irritated with the answer that he already knew of than he saw team dark he thought they were cool so he followed them he told Amy bye and almost called her his bff until he remembered about droget.

Following (stalking) team dark


Sensing exotic life form sensors never fail rouge some one is stalking us!


Shadow your going insane no one is following us!


Rouge did you hear something?

He raced to team dark on his board he wanted to follow them secretly so he jumbed in the air and got on very high buildings and grinded on him the shadow used chaos control to boost up team dark's speed then kink used Head-On Collision except with out crashing into them then they went into their base when kink crashed into a tree.

G.u.n. attempts taking kink's life

When team dark arived at there base in 6 minutes the intruder siren wailed and about twelve gun soldiers pointed there guns at Krinkinko. A gun soldeir pointed a knife at kink's neck. Kink somehow slipped from the soldeirs grasp kink then jumped a window screaming in terror. What a weird kid. rouge said.

Dark krinkinko

Dark krinkinko the hedgehog

Dark krinkinko the hedgehog

Kink was ticked off at gun so he headed for his jungle to check on the elder Droget came running to kink crying saying the jungle was ruined. Kink looked at the jungle and the plants and vines were all metal. In his head a voice tempted him to go on destroy everything. No one cares about you so go ahead make my day realease me it'll be fun! >:)Kink couldn't beleive his eyes he was so in rage he transformed into dark kink he took out his anger on the last thing that angered him he headed for the gun base.

Kink heads to the center of the jungle

Krinkinko burst in to the G.U.N. base and attacked gun soldeirs they soons holded him off and locked him up. Soon the people in the base stared talking about a jungle being ruined by eggman. Krinkinko burst out off his locked up cage and screamed about his jungle G.U.N. said it was their to job protect the united nation of mobius but he didn't listen. Gun rambled on about how dangerous it was but kink insisted on going he stormed off and headed to his jungle. With droget on the extreme gear board kink had Droget followed Kink to the heart of the jungle. The two were cut off by a egg man robot with giant claws, fangs, and was on all fours and resembled a wolf. The two fought the egg wolf only to be scratch and clawed until kink preformed Leaf Shield. He wa shocked because he never heard of this force before. But he wore down the robots defenses by using that sheild over and over combined with his attacking. When the wolf exploded so did various robo vines close to the center of the jungle. Kink proceeded to the hearts of the jungle when droget started to get a horrible headache kink went to him but then his head started to hurt they both collapsed.


When kink woke up he remebered who the girl was it was a visoter to his jungle when he was 7 the two and droget played together every day then she had to go one day. Droget then remembered she was a princess and wished for the carefree life kink had then they read a note about gun being greatful about the two saving some of the jungle it also said they were now gun members.

The road ahead

The next day the two wanted to talk to the elder to seek advice but they two scouted the entire jungle but their village was nowhere to be seen. The two then came across a tiny hole and with a rage punch the two squeesed in. They came across a shallow pond with a bunch of houses the two came across the biggest cave and found the elder the two asked what they should do next and he said whatever you wnat to do The winds of fate shall pushh you to your final destination. The two looked at eachother and lauged they then went out the new village and was called by G.U.N. to do a special mission They said he was a new member.

Saving the jungle bit by bit

Kink was called in by gun he was tasked to destroy the metal vines by finding the base of each vine making it explode. So how many do I blow?

Atleast 200.


Kink went with regret to desrtroy the vines with his new walkie talkie he was comanded to grind on each vine get to their under sides and destroy them by find a red button and punching it. Kink slowly did his task and he finished in 6 hours. Kink then kink fainted. The echidna visited him and she said in 7 days they will meet at the jungle he then fainted again and woke up and for the rest of the day he kept saying A week... a week,,,, a week....

Day one: mystic ruins chase

On the first day kink and droget visited station sqaure. Kinkkink........for your first of seven days why here? Droget asked Well I landed here after that eggman ship exploded where I met amy, saw sonic again,met team dark, then I joined gun, so then they set me on a mission, where Falalalala-su said 7 days. So here we are it seems like a good place to start. Kink explained. Droget gave in and said Yeah I-I guess so. . The two searched for amy but her door said Gone chasing with cream. Chasing for what? Droget asked. Sonic of course but I don't know who this cream is. Kink explained. The two headed to the station because they didn't know what else to do. They then headed to mystic ruins where they heard tails crying for help. What's wrong!? G.U.N. is on the case! Droget shouted waving his badge in Tails' face. Wow you guys are part of G.U.N. now? Tails gauked. Well we are always trying new jobs if I do say so my self! I) Droget bragged. 'Any who what's the matter? Kink asked.

Well I was working on my new bi-plane when some Eggman robot goons stole the parts to it. I would go but I need to stay behind to make sure they don't steal anything else. Tails explained. So kink went grind in mystic ruins trashing every eggman robot he came across he was having trouble finding all the peices but he couldn't turn down a friend. He saw the Egg Carrier so he went inside snuck into eggmans room got the remaining parts and got out he grinded down toward tails work shop but he got tired and he acidently fell down. When he woke up tails had baked him a cake for his boldness. He also got a card that only said Falalala-su.

Day two: Flick-a-Flicky!

The next day the two went to station sqaure and the note wasn't taped on the door. OH BOY SHE"S HOME I WONDER WHAT SHE"S GOT FOR ME TO DO THIS TIME!!!!"kink exclaimed to droget. He was so exited he used extrem speed to burst the door open. The house was full of Flickies. Whoah! Amy......why is this house full of flickies? asked kink. Oh sorry kink didn't notice you there. I saved these flickies from eggman's ship? do you think sonic likes a person who saves about 50 flickies? amy explained and asked. Hmmmm yeah I think he would. :) kink replied SWEET! Amy shouted Well Amy if it doesn't work out with sonic you can always move on to a frog named Drogget Figpop Curnius. Drogget suggested Kink then pulled droget by the ear and whispered If any ones getting amy if it doesn't go well with sonic it's me! >:) ooookaaaayyy? Amy said shocked. HUH? said Droget. Hi my name is Cream the rabbit how do you do? cream introduced My name is krinkinko the hedgehog do you have any bright ideas about these flickies? kink asked

Hmmmmm we could put them in the zoo but it's closed right now so we would have to sling shot them in! Cream suggested. Great idea let's do it! Droget screamed. The four slinged flickies in the zoo and even when it was open the four still preferred slinging them all day long.

Day three: There was an egg who had a name and Eggman was his Name-O

When kink woke up in the new village and was ordered to the G.U.N. base. Krinkinko was ordered to get eggman's new plans A.S.A.P. Krink hated not bringing droget along but the comander forbid it so no one would get caught. Krink headed to his jungle and as he expected some eggman robots were taking animals to a eggman tank kink petended he was un consious and as planned he was taken by the robots. What is 8he doing?!!! I've got to report this to the general fast! Rouge reported as she watched from the bushes. In eggman's ship kink witnessed eggman explaining a invasion of station sqaure as soon as eggman left the room kink used his extreme gear to get back to the gun base. GUYS GET DOWN! EVACUATE! RUN! SAVE THE VENDING MACHINES! Krinkinko overeacted. Calm down explain the whole thing to us. the comander said So kink explained the whole thing to the gun base. He was then paired up with Rouge to stop eggman. The two proceeded to the Egg carier with minimal effort which seemed odd to them since eggman's bases are ussally heavily armed. Onced the two got in sprinkeler's went off. It highly weakened Rouges flight power just then 4 giant egg pawns with spiked hammers appeared. Krinkinko battled two while rouge battled the other two. After she defeated one the other one kicked rouge and she caught a ledge with one hand (the other hand was injured by the fight) if she let go she would fall in steaming hot lava. As kink defeated his two robots he saw a button to self sestruct the ship and destroy a good amount of robots. But rouges hand was slipping and she was about to fall in. Kink didn't know if he wanted to finish of his worst enemy yet or save a new friend. He smiled and sighed then he rushed under the giant robot and saved rouge in the nick of time. He then used his extreme gear to get back to the gun base.

So why didn't you follow orders and stop eggman!?The comander barked Now look what you did mission failed......we failed the lives of thousands. Omega said. Hmph your risking lives here you saved one person and killed thousands! shadow explained. All kink did was stare at the ground and started to cry but soon he started to growl. Oh what are you gonna' do? Turn dark well I'm not scared! Shadow mocked. Just stop!All your doing is showing us how weak your hearts really are! Rouge screamed kink looked suprised Look I know what your thinking we've failed everyone. There is still a chance I just know it! Also kinked saved me which shows he cares more about friendship alot more than his hatred towards eggman. He doesn't care about orders. His heart is gigantic compared to your expectations. Rouge explained The comander shed a tear and said For that kink I'm upgrading you five ranks! With you in our team we'll save alot of soldeirs! Then a select few carried kink home.

Day four: eggman's upgraded new robots

Krinkinko woke up and went to Droget's house on the door it read this Gun called me. I'm on a mission with Omega to restore the e-series but first they said I needed to learn about the E-series. See you at 8:00 (when my mission is over) -Your friend droget. Krinkinko looked sad as he lay in bed but he remembered his jungle was still corupted so he went to take down 89 he would deal with the remaining ones when Gun told him to do so. So he grinded and grinded and grinded until he got tired. He counted and he only did 60 he proceeded to do 29 more.

As soon as krinkinko laid down he got a call from GUN. Yello. This is Krinkinko the Hedgehog reporting for duty. kink saluted Kink we need you now Shadow will chaos control there and chaos control you back. The comander explained When krinkinko got there Rouge explained that Dr. eggman had two new robots and they destroyed 8 large forests in the blink of an eye. Krinkinko left with Shadow to eggman's base they didn't get in so easily this time the ship was armed with deadly rocet launchers. Once the two got in they fought a robot using lances as berriers and attackers. Krinkinko used extreme speed and his other moves such as rage punch. The 2nd lancer robot was just like the first one only harder after Kink defeated him a lancer hit him in the stomach then he fainted.

Night of the fourth day

When krinkinko woke up Droget was next to him Welcome to the GUN emergency room KINKKINK! Droget said cheerfully Shadow came in the room half smiling and announced Krinkinko you have a visoter. Then he walked out. Then Falalala-Su came in You guys It's been ages how are you both doing? she asked. I'm doing fine but It's not been 7 days yet Falalala. Kink replied Well why can't I visit my best friends in the world? Asked Fa-la Well no reason you can always visit your best friends! Droget said Then a GUN recruter came in the room and said Falalala-su time for you next mission. Please call me Fa-La-Su. Fa-La-Su suggested She turned to kink sighed and said Missions. What can you do. Just three more days and we'll be in the jungle again. Then kink and droget head back home waiting to get home to go to sleep and get to the next day.

Day five: Fishing with Big the cat

Krinkinko visited the mystic ruins forest for his day off. We should arrange alot of day offs this will be one lazy day.Droget suggested. Thg]ey ran into big the cat. Um I would just like to say thanks for saving my life monster. Kink said Uhhh first my name is big and could you return the favor by fishing with me it get's real boring with only me and froggy. big explained Sure! the two said Than they spent the whole day fishing with big.

Night of the fifth day

At 10:00 at night Krinkinko was called from the GUN base. He was assigned to go into Casinopolis to bring back the person who is causing mayhem buy stealing all the money. When kink got in he saw the man it was eggman robt. By the looks of it it was a renagade robot. Krinkinko proceeded in defeating him and kink was badly injured by the fugitive's knives. But he still turned him into gun and the person inside the robot was arested it wasn't a eggman robot at all it was some one inside controlling it.

Part one of the 6th day

At midnight Rouge comanded krinkinko to go to sleep imediatly so he could wake up early and destroy the rest of the egg vines but he could not go to sleep fast because he kept thinking about Fa-la-su.

Part two of the 6th day

Krinkinko jumped on a vine and started grinding everytime he found the off switch for the vine it would blow him away to a higher vine. AS he grinded the vines got farther and farther apart he was dumbfounded on what to do next then he remembered he could grind on air currents. So he would ridevair currents from one vine to the next. Soon his grinding became hard but he didn't give up because he knew the fate of his jungle was resting in his hands. As soon as he destroyed the last vine it was 3:00 he heard a voice Great job kinky boy you saved the jungle. The voice cheered Falalala-Su! You can speak telepathy?! Krinkinko gauked and asked Falalala-Su replied Yeah I learned it from when I was nine years old it only works to people who are close to me. then they talked and talked until kink said he wanted to spend the rest of the day doing something fun.

Part three of the 6th day

Krinkinko went to his village when he saw the elder on the ground wounded ELDER!? krinkinko screamed Krinkinko put me in the new village cave. he told . Krinkinko did so and in the cave he saw Droget and about 15 dozen frogs cheering. The elder explained he faked his injuries to lure krinkinko there for a party the frogs partied until 8 when kink and droget headed to krinkinko's burned old house to watch the sunset.

Part four of the 6th day

Krink and Droget looked at the sky then kink closed his eyes and laid down. Wake up kink we have to get home! Droget demanded I'm sorry I just really want to be with Falalala-Su again so I'm going to sleep. Krinkinko explained. But you'll miss the beutiful sunset ,Krinkinko. Droget pleaded. But what we'll see tomorrow.....It'll be over 9,000 times prettier. Krinkinko said Uh were talking about Fa-La-Su here! *GASP* said Droget WHAT!? Asked krink shocked I've got to talk to the elder fast! Droget explained then Droget ran into the distance.

Night of the 6th day

After krinkinko quickly went to sleep (he asked droget to punch him so hard it would K.O. him) Droget sneaked to the elder's cave. Droget looked frantic and then he screamed Elder something bad's going to happen I just know it! Droget explained. Someting like........ The elder asked Something horrible is going to happen to all the frogs! Droget explained even more. No no my dear boy nothings going to happen to us but surely something will happen to krinkinko. It seems the tides of the just started universe will take it's next victim....and that dart of life and death will sadly hit krinkinko's young face.... but I'm sensing a birth will come shortly after......why universe....just why? The elder explained. Droget just laughed out of the cave not beleiving a word the elder said as droget left a tear as visible from the elder's elderly face.

Part 1 of the seventh day

Krinkinko ran out of bed smiling runing around the village and crashing into things like' he did it everyday. He then thought to himself OH! she only comes when I'm knocked out. I should fall from break top pillar he then headed there and he got to the peak. 'HERE I GO!!!!!!!! he screamed than he jumped down. WHAM! After he woke up he looked Falalala-stu in sight he then remembered Falalala-Stu can speak telepathy he then called her in his mind. Falalala-Stu anybody home? he asked. he waited for about 20 minutes then he said Falalala promised me that... he was cut off I KNOW WHAT I SAID BUT I"M NOT WASTING MY TIME ON YOU! ALL YOU ARE IS A DESPRATE WHINY HEDGEHOG WHO HAS ANGER PROBLEMS. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU I DON'T NEED TO HEAD BACK TO THAT JUNGLE IDIOT! She screamed. He started to cry he asked Why why we were best.. BEST FRIENDS? YOU WERE WHINY THEN AND I WAS TO BLIND TO SEE IT YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT SEEING ME! I'M LIVING LIFE DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT WHINY HEDGEHOG!!! I HATE YOUR GUT AND I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she screamed than the telapathy ended. Falalala-stu.. he whispered smiling at the ground ...I HATE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He screamed looking at the sky he. the scream echoed in the jungle for about ten times.

Part two of the seventh day

Krinkinko was ticked with a capital T he didn't want to talk to anyone it seemed as if the world was against him he thought he had no friends. He was then talked to by the G.U.N. comander and he screamed at him to get lost then his watch was disabled and it said *BZZZ* we are sorry but *BZZZZ* you are not a *BZZZZ* member of *BZZZZZZ* Gun as of *BZZZZZZ* today then the screen went black. Who needs those fools kink ssaid inhis head. He then ran in to droget So what did he say is she coming? Droget asked franticly. Kink explained the whole thing and he didn't need to make it sound like he was being insulted because he really was. Kink I'm so sorry.. he was cut of NO YOUR NOT GET AWAY OR ELSE I'LL PUNCH YOUR LIGHTS OUT! Kink screamed as he ran out the jungle he bumped into a eggman robot then kink read the letter that came from the robot's hand. It read I'm so happy you alerted the other eggman robot models to attend our ambush. We are now as of today about to destroy, eradicate and just plain make go bye-bye Station square. We are going to kill all those worthless humans and animals alike. Then I'll be the ruler mobius will be on it's knee's for me to revive the city then I'll trick them and take over mobius (and atleast one city on earth :) ) mwahahahahahahahahhamwuhahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa hack cough cough. Yours truly DR. Eggman. Oh no I've got to stop him kink said then he rushed to Station square.

part three of the seventh day

Krinkinko got into Station square all seemed peaceful kink read the note again and on the back it said the invasion begins at 3:40 it was only 1:13. So krinkinko went to a store near station sqaure he bought ring cutter which cuts the amounts of rings you lose when you get hit, the ring attacher always attracts nearby rings, the item locater which locates hidden items, and the leaf bracer mega which let's you heal 8 times when your rings are at zero rings no refunds. He then stocked up by collecting 2,000 rings. He was ready because he was ready...with no way to contact GUN and his friend Droget probally hating him he was stop the invasion.

Part four of the seventh day

When he got in he was in the deep area a robot burst out of a tall building with two children in hand they both wailed then the giant robot jumped on them. Krinkinko ran toward the robot took out his leaf blade and sliced the robot in half. Thank you here take this! The little girl cow demanded. Holding a purple echidna shoving it in his face Not now when I finish saving the town! he told he told he shoved the doll out of the way and ran foward. He kept rotating by using extreme speed and slicing the robots. He headed to the urban area and two grobots with spiked mallets were hauling children with prison chains kink used Head on collision to break the shackles then he tripped. The robots pushed him to the ledge where the sewer system was below.

Part five of the seventh day

Droget rushed in the urban area and saw kink he than ran away Oh no.....even my best friend hates me.................. kink whispered and started to quietly cry while the robots were putting the kids in shackles. Droget headed to the techno area and thought this upgrade better help kink...... . He then slaid two robot bosses with his sword and got the techno upgrade he teleported to kink and destroyed the robots and the shackles. Kink hugged droget super tight. I knew you wouldn't betray me!:D He said Kink..........are you.......trying to........choke me to death?! Droget asked chocking. Sorry.Kink said as he let go. Now come on we have a city to save. In another part of S.S. We need a hero at times like these...... The mayor announced But Juinun is weak since the Eggman robots are causing small fires. The mayor's Assitant explained Sonic and Tails are no where to be seen. The Mayor's assitant also said The mayor's assitant's assistant said We already have a hero. and she showed them a video of kink and droget. Hmph I want both of their statues in the comet crash sight when all of this is over. he said with a smile. With a sigh of releif the assistant went back to filing.

Part six of the seventh day

  • Slash* *CLASH* Droget was having a battle with a sword weilding robot when Kink ramed into the robot with Extreme speed.

Droget:Kill joy

Krinkinko:Relax DrogDrog were doing great.

Droget:YEAH! We destroyed 130 robot 300 robots,fled 48 broke down, 14 had a short circuit and 92 comitted suicide!

Krinkinko: Thanks for the demographics. The note says the ultimate S.S. destroyer mech is going to appear around 5:30 at the end of the escape area and the ultimate kidnapper will appear around 6:00 at the hill area. I'll head to the escape area and you to the hill area.

Droget: *pouts* Okay your hogging all the action!

Krinkinko: *Joking* It's what I do!

Krinkinko then heads to the Escape zone and Droget to the hill zone. See Station Square (after sonic adventure DX) for the info on these areas.

Final action stage

Krinkinko runs at high speeds down the hill then gets on his board two gaurd robots hit him hard and knocks him off him off his board he then grinds their giant arms off and get back on his board. He was then punched by a boxer robat and used Head on collision to knock him out the way. Kink then fall of his board and it get's snagged on a tall tree. Krinkinko tries to get it then fails he then run down the rest of the hill and gets to the square lot at the end of the area he was.....ready.

Act one of the final boss

Krinkinko got to the end when a giant egg mech appeared that looked like a giant egg pawn but some what resembled the egg empreror.

Eggman:Ah, there you all you green slime ball

Krinkinko: Big words for some one whos stuck in a cock pit.

Eggman: Hmph pitiful and least I have a sheild.


He then kept slashing the mech but it just mad a few tiny scratches. Hmph little mister don't mess with me can swallow all he's chewed? Eggman mocked Krinkinko had enoug

File:Sonic Adventure DX Music: Final Eggman extended

h he used rage punch on the mech but he hurt his hand Sorry this is only a moniter even if you do somehow break through. Eggman explained. Enough chit-chat let's end this once.....and for all! Eggman declared. Krinkinko used extreme speed it made a small dent then the egg mech swatted krinkinko he got back up only to get swatted again. As krinkinko fell down he noticed the mechs circuler shoulder pads with a metal peice and a glowing blue circle on it. He had an idea he used extreme speed Wha? said eggman. Krinkinko slid under the egg mech's arm the grinded on the circuler metal peice then when it fell of krinkinko home attacked the glowing light until it turned off he rushed to the other side only to get shot by the robot's laser's he then lost 100 rings it left him super weak and it burned his ear some people gave him rings and he got to the other pad can't take freebies from villagers.Eggma

n whined My fans therefore my rings! Krinkinko replied. Krinkinko then broke the other pad. The robot was weakened and krinkinko used his leaf blade on him. Hmph. This is only the appetiser of the feast of destruction!!!Eggman shouted. The mech then flew up with the use of his jet packs. He then threw a bunch of grey robots at the ground they then threw kink up in the air. He landed down and used spike dash to throw them at the mech. The eggman mech then fell down dazed krinkinko got into the robot and short circuited some of the robot's wires. Krinkinko got out when eggman launched missles at him. Krink bareley made it then he got behind the robot and it hit both of them. It took 400 rings from kink and only did 5 % damage to the mech. Eggman flew into the air lanching spikes. Krinkinko used bounce and opened the head latch. He short circuited some more wires but got electricuited in the process taking 60 rings. Krinkinko then used extreme speed to dent some armor. spin dash to dent it even harder then slashed it. He then took out some more circuits. The villag

Sonic Unleashed dark gaia

Sonic Unleashed dark gaia

Phase two for the record I am not the user on that video

ers gave krinkinko more rings then eggman launch ed eight missles at them. Krinkinko screamed in horror.

Act two of the final boss


Eggman:Kill? Why I never. I simply fataly injured them.

Krinkinko:EITHER WAY IT WAS A BAD MOVE FOR YOU PAL! *Attempts to go dark*

Eggman: Oh looks like you don't have enough rage.

Semi dark krinkinko: OH YEAH HOW'S THIS FOR RAGE!?

Krinkinko in his semi dark form started to scratch at the now fully armored shoulder pads. He broke them off then the robot thrust krinkinko into the air and shot rockets at him krinkinko used leaf sheild astonished that he didn't use it earlier. He started to home attacked at the two lights until the lights went off. He then used extreme speed at the eggman but the egg mech swat him out of the way. Kink then thrust his leaf blade at the mech he then slipped in and short circuited about two wires after he was forced out of the mech. The robot then threw bombs at kink. He then grinded on the air current to dodge them but he got hit by one and the eggmech went in the air. Krinkinko threw more grey robots at him then he just spike dashed him at the egg mech. The giant robot then fell down and used extreme speed to get out of the falling range. He then punched the eye of the robot open and took out 19 circuits. The robot was a little weak but he still had a advantage. The egg mech then punched krinkinko high in the air then krinkinko finished it with a bounce attack. He then went to the eggman robot and told him to hit him. He tried to use leaf shield but the egg mech broke it. Krinkinko layed there then he got up and used extreme speed on the egg mech but he only hurt his head real bad. HAHAHOOHOO! My robot imune system has shot up ten fold! Eggman screamed. Krinkinko then grinded on the pad but eggman tried to punch him but he just broke his own pad and it sent a shock wave to the other pad. Krinkinko then went inside the eggmech and kept dodging the electrick cords he had to place his leaf bracer in a weakness generator to make the mech explode he did so and ran out. When krinkinko got out he found out that eggman put up his final back up generator.

Act three of the final boss

Krinkinko:What the........ I recharged you?

Eggman: Bah do you know anything?

Krinkinko: Well I'm smart enough to badly weaken your mech!

Eggman: I would never expect you would weaken my robot bad enough to go on back up this isn't about taking over station square....well it is but.....IT'S ALSO ABOUT KILLING YOU!

Krinkinko jumped out of the way when the egg mech punched the ground as some of the ground shot up krinkinko used bounce and headed for the latch but the eggmech slapped kink out of the way. Krinkinko ran at the egg mech and tried to slash him. But his blade got caught by the mech then the mech threw it back. It sliced through some of kinks left arm but he shook that off too. The mech than kept jumping up and down causing mini earthqaukes krink got hit by some and was down to 300 rings. He got under the mech and got in a under side latch of the mech. He got in and took 70 rings from the mech and took out 30 more wires. The egg mech ripped open to grab kink. He threw him up
File:Solaris Phase 2/live and learn remix
in the air but kink used spin dash to hurt the mech when it caught him. Krinkinko then landed on the ground and asked I won? Not in your life!Eggman shouted. He then used psycokinesis to ripp trees from the ground and toss them at krinkinko. He started grinding on air currents to dodge them and jumped in the eggmech and took out more wires. Krinkinko took out some more wires and then a trap door led him in a deeper area in the mech. It was the main control room he got out his blade and sliced the computer in half. He then was shot out of the robot.

Krinkinko:Ha I beat you krinkinko, krinkinko krinkrink krinkinko.

Eggman:I would of never thought you would beat....uh-oh gotta fly outta here! *the moniter flies out of the cock pit.

Egg mech:Comincing self destruct to destroy the whole town in 60...............................59

Krinkinko: oh no gotta stop this thing.

He then jumps in the bottom latch and destroys the remaining wires. He then falls out then the robots falls on top of him with only krinkinko's head visible. His left leg was also broke or badly sprained.

Krinkinko:NGH UGH *Grunt* can't get out.

Egg mech: *Restarts to 80 to make better expolsion preperation* 80.......79

Krinkinko:It's no use I saved thousands, I had a loyal best friend,I deafeated one of eggman's mega mech's. I am a good person good bye mobious how I'll miss your fellow mobians who reside in it good bye..........

BOOOOOOM a giant spiral of white light is seen and that's when it occoured.

His world (sad)

A extremeley bright spiral white light appeared where the robot fell it was so bright that some mobian sattelites could see it. Droget saw the light and quickly stopped evacuating the residents of station square to see what the light was. He rushed to the lot and it took a while for the light to dim then finally dissapear. When it did go away he saw krinkinko.

Droget: Krinkkink this is no time for a nap *smiling*. You saved the town kink you won! *still smiling but not as happy*. Kink wake up! *irratated*. KRINKINKO WAKE UP! *worried*.
DJ Karto - His World Sad Sonic Next Gen

DJ Karto - His World Sad Sonic Next Gen

sad theme not my vudeo for the record


He started to cry and he wouldn't stop he thought in his head I'm always the first to get emotional for nothing but this is something!

The elder saw the light and knew what was happening he locked himself inside his cave and didn't come out

The mayor of station square started crying too.

Mayors assistant: No one should see you like this no one elected a cry baby.

Mayor: Shut up every one cries and as you can see we just lost another savior.

Then he walked away sad with his assistant holding his hand.

The little girl with the purple echidna doll saw krinkinko and left her doll on krinkinko the hedgehog's stomache. Falalala-stu saw the light and whispered Oh no........ she headed to where she saw the light. By the time she got there droget was crying close to a motionless Krinkinko.

Fa-la-stu:Oh it's just that pathetitic green slime ball.

Droget: Shut up he saved this whole city by risking his life.......

Falalala-stu ran towards krinkinko and felt where his heart was at it wasn't beating. She started to pound on his stomache hoping he some how set this up. After she did this 13 times droget broke the silent

Droget: It's too late he has already departured he's in a better place. *suprisingly calm*


Soon after team dark came in the lot

Shadow:Looks like he risked his life for this place.

Omega:No not for the city but for the people.

Rouge:We are sorry about your loss.

Droget:Why are you here anyways you fired him.

Shadow:We saw the whole thing it was pretty darn brave.

Then they walked off. Falalala-stu started to explain Krinkinko I'm sorry...I needed to deafeat this guy who wanted to take everyones emotions. I was so intent on stopping him that I thought my friends were nothing but you saved all these people it makes me look like a-a-a-a-a.................A FOOL! she than started bawling on kink then he started glowing. What the......

  • Flashback*

Falalalala-stu's father:Daugter you have a unique power to revive the fallen by crying it also heals the injured.

Fal-la-stu:Is there any limits to my powers?

Fa-la-stu's father:Well you'll have to find out yourself.

  • Flash back end*

She smiled and said Welcome back.....kink:). Meanwhile somewhere else kink was drifting in a river and the water fall was made out of light. I was such a jerk I should of asked her why she thought that..... but she probally wouldn't tell me. Hey what's that light? He thought. Then Droget and Fa-la-stu saw kink blink then yawn they laughed and laughed. I beleive this is yours. Fa-la-stu said. She handed him the doll and he said Thank you. he tried to get up but he fell back down.

Falalala-stu: Your leg, it's still injured.

Krinkinko:Yeah yeah so ya' gonnah leave me here.

Fa-la-stu:So did you here about why I yelled at you? *helps kink up while droget supports the other side*

Kink:Every word!

Droget:Come on guys let's go home!

Then they walk into the distance.


In about 2 weeks a few mystical things happened

  • Krinkinko's leg healed on the first day of the 2nd week
  • Krinkinko explained to the residents of station square that he was alive
  • Krinkinko helped the elder start body gaurds for the jungle.
  • Krinkinko is rehired by G.U.N.

Do you think this is the end.......well think again you should prepare to see krinkinko and his friends in role plays soon.

Endless Possibility with Lyrics Full Version

Endless Possibility with Lyrics Full Version

The end theme of krinkinko's story

The end (of this fanfic)