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Krinkinko the Hedgehog

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The backstory of Krinkinko the Hedgehog : A youth that believed for his entire life that he was a frog. Author's comment: Please note then even though I am in the process of cleaning the story up even when it is finished the story will be far from perfect due to me making it when I first joined as evidenced by the terrible picture at the top right of the page that I'm keeping for nostalgia's sake.

If for some...very odd reason you have the dying urge to "enjoy" this in its original form it can be viewed here:Krinkinko the Hedgehog's Story/Original Version.

The Beginning

A young green purple spotted hedgehog awoke from his itchy, uncomfortable fur bed which he had grown use to due to years of use. He looked around his room made of stone as a trickle of light shone through the crack in his ceiling. As he looked around the room he yawned and smiled as he jumped out of his bed across the room and into his dark purple shoes with a rare jungle leaf on the soles. He tapped both shoes on the ground for it was good luck in the village where he lived and began stretching all the while unknowing that he would meet the famous Sonic the Hedgehog and beginning then his life would quickly change change forever. Finishing his stretch he noticed a cricket on the ground and quickly grabbed it and ate it. 

"Ah, home sweet home! The easiest place to get a meal!" he said cheerfully after he swallowed his meager breakfast. You're probably thinking Krinkinko's a strange dude. Don't worry, it gets stranger still.

Krinkinko walked out of his house with a youthful kind of swagger. He walked through his village, full of frogs. Though some older frogs gave him disapproving looks almost everyone else did not pay much attention to him and simply regarded him as one of their own. They'd give polite "Hello's" and "Nice to see you"s and the young hedgehog would reply with as much politeness as the person he replied to. The village was covered in leaves that crunched whenever you walked. Besides aesthetic purposes this served as a double-edged sword:though intruders could easily hear the bustling of the residents, the residents themselves would know a predator is in the village by hearing the crunch after curfew. As he walked the hedgehog's smile began to fade into a frown of concern. His pace slowly slowed to a halt as well as he began sweating profusely.

Krinkinko clutched his stomach before vomiting out of nervousness. What's going on? Something's wrong I can feel it he thought in fear as he looked around. Everything was normal in his village or at least appeared normal. Though he could fear that there was a horrible feeling in the air. He could not hear the majestic birds chirping or tigers growling in the distance. He felt that he was going to die, as if he were going to disappear forever and no one would realize that he was gone.

Krinkinko couldn't shake this feeling and so he did what he did whenever he had questions: go to his grandfather, the wise, strong and kind Elder. He ran as far as his legs could carry him, right into his grandfather's cave. The cave was much like his own room on the other side of the village but larger and with a small pound in its center. The cracks in the walls of the cave were positioned in such a way that the light that filtered in met at the very center or the cave, where the elder sat cross leg on a tadpole smoking out a pipe, an aroma of cooked insects in the air. The areas where the light did not touch where illuminated by torches giving off an orange-red light.

Krinkinko leapt towards the elder whose eyes were closed. When Krinkinko was near him the elder quickly opened his eyes then jabbed Krinkinko quickly in the area below his Adam's apple causing him to flinch and fall into the water. The elder groaned as the splash doused the fire in his pipe. He lifted his grandson out of the water.  "Krinkinko, why do you sneak up on me so?" he asked with a soft baritone voice.

Krinkinko looked up at him, the utter fear in his eyes taking the elder aback. "Grandpa, what's going to happen to me?"

The elder regarded his grandson for a minute before sighing and smiling. "Nothing will happen to you my dear, silly child." he said with a chuckle and a pinch to Krinkinko's cheek causing the distraught youth to smile once again.

The Elder sat Krinkinko down on the lily pad with him. He then turned away from his grandson. "But I fear...that something dastardly will surely happen to this village itself. I sense it in the water?" he said darkly. 

Krinkinko entered the pond and began swimming towards the exit. " can you tell?" he asked with more curiosity then concern.

The Elder smiled. "The Elder has his ways." said the Elder.

Once Krinkinko reached the door he turned towards his grandfather and bowed as he jumped three times. "I'll be heading to class now. Bye grandfather love you." he said then dashed off, not believing his grandfathers ominous prediction about the village. As Krinkinko left a tear rolled down the elder's old, green face.

Krinkinko began walking towards the village school when three young frogs ran up to him. 

"Hey Krinkinko! Want to walk to school together?" a girl frog asked eagerly.

Krinkinko smiled as he put his hands behind his head "Sure." he answered!

The quartet walked through the village, the children talking except for Krinkinko who was observing the village in attempt to find a source to the obvious yet elusive change in the air. The children were chatting about their disdain for school and how everyone has gotten a lot hungrier lately.

"Why do we have to go to school when we're starving?" a boy whined.

"Well atleast you aren't that crybaby fatty Droget! He's probably sobbing and eating his arms by now!" another boy teased.

Krinkinko was ahead of the others when he stopped walking and turned around. "Alright guys, I'm out." he said as he pointed a thumb over his shoulder.

The girl pouted and folded her arms. "Aw c'mon! Fine, we'll stop making fun of your little boyfriend Droget!" she moaned in exasperation,

Krinkinko closed his eyes and shook his head with a smile. "Naw, that's not it." Krinkinko began explaining as he turned around and began to stretch his legs. His peers looked at each other in confusion.

One of the boy frogs stepped forward. "Then what is it?" he asked.

Krinkinko stopped stretching and turned his head to see them."It's just that....I hate walking with total slow-mos like you guys!" he finished with a devious smile before suddenly dashing forward with incredible speed, leaving his friends in awe.

In no time flat he made it to his school house where he clumsily skidded to a stop. He double over and panted in an attempt to catch his breath. He saw a group of children huddled around the front of the school. Krinkinko coolly shoved through the dense crowd to get to the front. Some of the children gave him scowls while others made a path for him so he wouldn't have to go through the trouble of making a path himself.

Once he made it to the front of the crowd he saw a few kids making a fuss over a note on the door to the school. As per usual it was written on a Popo leaf.

"What does it say?" a kid asked impatiently.

"I don't know! I can't read it!" another one answered.

"Why does it have to be in this stupid hard to read text!" another one cried.

"Why do we have to read at all!?" another one cried despairingly.

Krinkinko sighed. "Let me handle this." he ripped the note off of the door."Jeez, you morons can't read to save your lives can you?" he asked in annoyance. After hearing their outcry he spoke again."Alright, I get it class is boring but you'll need it to be a productive villager." he said.

"Anyways, it says:'Dead students, do not fret about the doors to Frog Smart Multi-Grade Academy are closed. The village is having a bit of the food problem and all of the teachers have been sent to hunt for flies and other nutrient-rich food. Class will be in session in three weeks or twenty-one days for those that have not learned about weeks yet.'" By the time Krinkinko had finished he was having difficulty containing his grin before quitting the attempt all together. He and the rest of the students began leaping in the air in joy, often tumbling over each other.

After about two minutes of uninterrupted joy leaping the children stopped and bowed as their elder approached. They stayed in bowing position until the elder placed his slimy hand on Krinkinko's shoulder.

"At ease." the elder said, resulting in everyone looking at him in reverence. He smiled at his grandson. "My wonderful Krinkinko," he began causing the other children to direct their reverence at the young hedgehog. "You have studied and trained diligently and for that I could not be more proud of you. You have earned the title of hunter." 

The children gasped and all scurried off to their houses. Krinkinko looked at the ground in silence as was expected of him. The only sounds were of his quieted breathing, the elder's breathing and the sound of the nearby waterfall. Krinkinko was honored that his studying had finally paid off.

He children returned soon after with bottles of water. They lined up and one by one they poured their water on Krinkinko's spotted head. Lastly the elder poured a large bowl of water on Krinkinko's head then began to croak loudly. "Ribbit, ribbit."

The children began croaking with him. "Ribbit, ribbit." they called out.

Finally Krinkinko gave out his own strange sounding "Ribbit, ribbit."

The croaking died down and the elder began speaking once more. "Now child, for your first mission as a hunter. As you know the village is in dire need of food. Our people our growing hungrier by the day and weaker...I fear...." the elder shook his head. "No, I have faith in you. I need you to search the jungle for two flies, three butterflies, eight wasps, sixteen bees, forty-four fireflies, seven cinnamon stick bugs, eighty spiders, monkey butter and maple syrup. Others will be hunting if you need assistance." the elder said.

Krinkinko shook his head. "I'll be fine grandfather, honest." 

The elder nodded. "Good."

Krinkinko smiled. "I will NOT let you down!" he said then ran forward in an unbelievable burst of speed, exiting the frogs' field of vision.

The Elder walked back to his cave in silence, hearing the murmurs of the villagers. Krinkinko was just made the youngest warrior in years. True Krinkinko did study more than most but he still shouldn't have been made a warrior this early. Was it wrong to send his grandson away just because the elder believed something foul would happen to the village?

Meanwhile, with a book-bag on his back Krinkinko dove headfirst off the eastern edge of the village into the jungle below without a hint of fear. Once he was nearing the ground he righted himself and landed on a thin vine and began grinding on it with the aid of the Witherleaf on his shoes. Sneaking out of the village at night and grinding through the jungle was Krinkinko's favorite thing to do. He knew the risks and was aware that he could be attacked by a wild animal but he loved the adrenaline rush it gave him. Now he enjoyed it slightly less due to it still being early in the day but it sure beat schoolwork in his opinion.

After about six minutes of grinding a chubby frog one year Krinkinko's senior caught up to him on a nearby vine. 

Krinkinko turned and smiled. "What's up Droget?" he asked, delighted to see his best friend.

Droget smiled back. "Nothing much I just got lost on my way to school that's all." he explained.

"Really? You ended up all the way here?" Krinkinko asked, eyebrows raised in skepticism.

Droget blushed and rubbed the back on his head."Well you know me." he said sheepishly. "WHOA!" he cried as he wobbled on the rail, showing his lack of grinding skill and finesse compared to Krinkinko."How about you? What are you doing out here?"

Krinkinko gave a ear-to-ear grin as he placed his hands behind his back. "School's out and guess who's hunting for food?"

Droget frowned. "You can't do that. You're not a war-" Droget's eyes widened. "Wait, you don't mean..."

Krinkinko simply nodded.

"OH MY GOD KRINKINKO!" Droget shouted causing him to almost fall off his vine and plummet to the ground below. Once he regained his balance he gasped, "That's great Kink!"

Krinkinko chuckled quietly to himself before Droget asked, "So, what's your task."

Krinkinko's smile quickly faded as he sighed. "I need to find two flies, three butterflies, eight wasps, sixteen bees, forty-four fireflies, seven cinnamon stick bugs, eighty spiders, monkey butter and maple syrup." he explained. He then folded his arms and turned away from Droget. "And so far I've only found the flies." he sighed.

Droget smiled."That shouldn't be a problem. Here, I'll get the fireflies, the bees, the wasps and the monkey butter." he said.

Krinkinko raised his eyebrows. "Really? Those things are on the dangerous side. Can you handle it?" 

Droget folded his arms. "Just who do you think I am?" he said before he began losing his balance one more.

Krinkinko chuckled, this time louder. "I think you're Droget and that's the problem."

"Try worrying about yourself. Your task isn't any easier." he scoffed.

Krinkinko began accelerating away from Droget. "Okay then, I trust you!" he shouted. "Good luck!" he shouted in the distance.

As Krinkinko moved away Droget smiled. He trusts me. He really trusts me! Smooth Droget, smooth. he thought before he hit his head on a low hanging branch.


Later in the day, Krinkinko jumped off a vine onto the ground. Several dead trees in different directions had slumped forward, meeting in the middle to create a large triangular prism. In the prism light was scarce and only entered through slits in the grouped trees giving the inside of the prism a very dim light. Krinkinko looked around, seeing mushrooms growing from the ground.

Krinkinko pinched his nose. "It stinks." he said aloud. "Well I need to get out of here fast. I just need some spiders and get out quickly since I still need some dragonflies..." he stopped. Why am I talking to myself again?

He looked at his feet and saw spiders scurrying around. Hmph, this is way too easy. he thought. Just before he was about to scoop up some spiders and put it in his pack he heard a horrible agonizing scream causing him to turn around. He then saw a giant spider writhing around in pain.

Krinkinko quickly stumbled back in fear. "W-what's wrong? Settle down boy! Grr..." Krinkinko rushed forward to help his prey, hating an unfair fight. When he grew near the colossal arachnid he was pushed back by a hellish aura and saw in horror as the spider grew eight extra legs and grotesque brown fangs sprouted from its hairy mouth.

Krinkinko then noticed in horror a fellow warrior under the spider's leg. "RUN KRINKINK-"he shouted before the spider shot a web out of its mouth, latching onto its victim and slurping the frog up almost instantaneously.

Krinkinko's face hardened as he remembered the lessons he learned in school. " must be the l-legendary and fearsome K-King Vivindile..." Krinkinko stammered so quietly it was almost a whisper as he began sweating, his leg shaking horribly in utter fear of the beast before him. The spider sensed this and began laughing loudly.

Krinkinko charged towards the spider, his fear quickly melting as he let his own adrenaline take hold of him, fist in front of him. King Vivindile quickly shot out a corrosive web at Krinkinko but the youth quickly dodged out the way causing a hole to burn through the ground near Krinkinko.

Vivindile threw out an arm in an attempt to stab Krinkinko with the dagger-like protrusion at the end but Krinkinko leapt high into the air, landing squarely on the leg. He began grinding on it to get close to the monsters face then gave a mighty punch at its face. It failed to cause the spider much pain but it did manage to give Krinkinko distance from the beast as he was pushed back, far away from the spider.

King Vivindile began scuttling towards Krinkinko who was already charging again towards the spider. Vivindile let out a piercing shriek causing Krinkinko to stop in his tracks to cover his ears in pain and three spiders quickly emerged out of the shadows and wrapped themselves around Krinkinko's legs, immobilizing him.

As Krinkinko began ferociously punching the little spiders their king shed its hair, revealing its leathery skin and grew four white wings on its back. The now aerial King Vivindile flew towards Krinkinko so fast it appeared that he teleported and scooped the hedgehog up just as he removed the last spider off of his legs.

Vivindile bit into Krinkinko's flesh with his many teeth, Krinkinko growing weaker by the second due to the toxins. Krinkinko began flailing and screaming frantically as he heard the spider chuckle. "HELP! PLEASE! HE'S KILLING ME! I'M GOING TO DIE! SOMEONE...SOMEBODY! ANYBODY HELP ME PLEASE! HE'S KILLING ME!" Krinkinko began sobbing loudly. "PLEASE! PLEASE! HELP ME!" he blubbered loudly. He kept crying for helps, his voice becoming fainter as the toxin began to spread. "PLEASE! PLEASe! PLEAse! PLEase! PLease! Please! please! please..." 

Everything began to go dark but right before Krinkinko lost consciousness he felt someone pull him and he quickly snapped back to conciseness as he crashed onto the ground. He saw  a robed figure holding the giant spider away from him. The figure's robe was brown and hand intricate green markings. Krinkinko thought to himself that the figure looked vaguely feminine in build.

"What are you waiting for!? Run kid!" the figure barked, informing Krinkinko that he was on the money on her gender.

Krinkinko snapped back angrily. "I can't leave, I need-"

The woman gave a mighty punch at King Vivindile and it flew across the prism into a tree where it crashed and fell down. The woman through a bag of insects at Krinkinko. "Take it!"

Krinkinko was in utter awe at her power. "But how did you-?" he heard Vivindile roar as he flew back in sight and flinch in fear.

"Go." the woman commanded.

Without further adieu Krinkinko made a break for it and leapt out of the prism, not one hundred percent sure there would be a vine awaiting him. Luckily for him there was and he grinded away.

Dusk had greeting him as yellow and red light fought to get through the trees to warm him as the wind bit at his face. Krinkinko frowned. Who was that girl and what's in this bag she gave can't be what I need. She seemed so darn familiar somehow.


Sure enough it was exactly what Krinkinko needed save for one last spider. Krinkinko was at circle peak looking for the last spider. Krinkinko sighed. Circle peak was located on the southwestern edge of the jungle. An old folk tale stated that a black bat died horribly on the mountain and haunts it to this day. Krinkinko  didn't care though he was too lost in thought and needed to count his bugs.

He sighed as he tried to remember another place spiders lurk. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a baby spider acting strangely. Krinkinko knew due to his studies that spiders acted this way when orphaned.

Krinkinko got down on his knees and began cooing the baby. "It's okay girl. Kinko's gotcha. Don't be afraid." He then scooped up the spider and stared at it in pity though for it or for itself he didn't know.

Something's different about me...why do we like insects so much? I love them too but not as much as others. I just don't like killing them but the others don't mind...I just....ugh!

He quickly shook his head and put the spider in the bag and put that bag in his pack. He then saw a strange machine not too far from him and slowly approached it to investigate. Suddenly a large purple cat jumped out of a nearby bush. Due to the darkness Krinkinko believed it to be a behemoth which were greatly feared in the area.

"FOUND YOU FROGGY!" the massive cat called out in glee as he ran after the frightened hedgehog.

"I have a name!" Krinkinko screamed as he began to sprint away he began to grow weak as a poisonous miasma enveloped him. He fell to the ground due to his weakness. "What's...this?" Krinkinko was now closer to the machine and on it he saw a cryptic symbol.
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The symbol

As Krinkinko slept he dreamt a dreadful nightmare where meteors fell from the sky and burned his village to the ground, leaving nothing but horrible ash.

The Next Day

Krinkinko woke up stretching his arms with his eyes closed. He placed his hands behind his head. "Heh,

The people Krinkinko met

looks like I'm the champ! I can get any amount of bugs you need. You name it, I'll get it." Krinkinko bragged, satisfied with himself.

"Gee, thanks but me and Sonic didn't come here for a bunch of bugs." informed a young voice from behind Krinkinko.

Krinkinko quickly opened his eyes, turned around and saw an orangish-yellow fox cub smiling. Krinkinko stood up and slowly walked towards him. "You don't look like you're from around here. My names Krinkinko."  greeted Krinkinko.

"That's a peculiar name. I'm Miles Prower but everyone calls me Tails." the cub said as he held out a greasy gloved hand.

Krinkinko shook the fox's hand. He was going to ask about Tails' friend he mentioned when he saw him. A ways away stood a cool blue hedgehog, his arms folded without a care in the world. 

Krinkinko folded his arms. He glanced at Tails. "I know why they call him Tails," explained Krinkinko seeing Tails' two bushy tails moving as if they had a mind of their own. "but why do they call you Sonic?"

Though he didn't see it, Sonic gave a cocky grin to Krinkinko. In an instant Sonic was towering over Krinkinko smiling. Krinkinko stumbled back and fell on his bottom, in utter awe of the intense speed. Krinkinko was hailed as fastest in the village but Sonic's speed was world's ahead of his own, it was almost ludicrous to the purple spotted youth.

"I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog. They call me Sonic because I move faster than sound." the blue blur himself boasted.

Krinkinko was in utter admiration of the blue teenager. "But...sound is seven-hundred-sixty-one miles per hour..." he whispered.

Sonic folded his arms and closed his eyes. "And?"

Krinkinko slowly staggered up. "What brings you here Mr. Sonic?" Krinkinko asked respectfully.

Sonic groaned. "Drop the pronoun. You're starting to sound like Cream."

Tails cut in. "We're here looking for Chaos Emeralds, the energy levels for this place are off the charts." he revealed.

Krinkinko shook his head. "Sorry, don't know what you're talking about."

Tails' head slumped forward in exasperation as all was silent at circle peak. Tails then broke the silence he had created."Say, never mind my Tails, you look pretty strange yourself Krinkinko. What type of hedgehog are you anyway?" he asked.

Krinkinko roared with laughter as he fell to the ground. Sonic and Tails exchanged nervous glances. Once Krinkinko stopped rolling on the ground with laughter he sighed as he sat up. "You must be blind Tails." he threw out his arms. "I'm clearly a frog!"

Tails walked over to Krinkinko and motioned for him to stand up. He then looked all around the young hedgehog. "Um, no you're not. You're a hedgehog, just like Sonic." he sighed and pointed towards Sonic who waved to them.

Krinkinko frowned. "I don't know what you two are trying to pull but I look nothing like him!"

Tails was beginning to become flustered. "But you d-"

Krinkinko stomped the ground. "NO I DON'T!" he screamed causing Tails to flinch.

Sonic shrugged. "Suit yourself kid. Someone has lied to you."

"How dare you!?" Krinkinko shouted as he rushed towards Sonic. Sonic quickly preformed a Homing Attack and Krinkinko's head knocking him to the ground. This motion gave Sonic and his companion ample time to escape the raging make-believe frog.

Krinkinko spat at the ground once he was standing. "Lying cowards!" he angrily muttered. He then ran back towards the jungle and began grinding on a vine, eager to get back home.

He felt as if the air was calm again, like a big balloon full of lead was above the jungle but now it had fell, making the air not as heavy since no one was preparing for it to fall. Krinkinko felt the crisis fading on the ground now, not in the air where it was suffocating him.

He past his rescuer from before where she was fighting bearded men. Krinkinko gave her a confused look as he quickly passed. As he took Flower Way to get back to his village he smelled the choking smell of smoke.


Let's Listen FFVII Remastered - Nibelheim, Train Graveyard (Extended)

Let's Listen FFVII Remastered - Nibelheim, Train Graveyard (Extended)

Ruins of Frog Village

Once Krinkinko arrived to his village he walked about two feet before his legs went limp and he fell weakly to his knees as tears began to blur his vision. He saw his once beautiful village burned to the ground, all of the houses burned to the ground. Where leaves used to cover the ground there was no horrible ash. 

Krinkinko took a hand full of ash and began to sob softly. Through his vision he saw horrible piles of goo emitting a horrible smell, burned frogs. He then slowly rose, his legs shaking horribly. He then walked very slowly and saw the pathetic mesh of burned wood where his schoolhouse stood he clutched his head, everything being too horrible to take in.How was he the only one who survived?

He tried to find some clothes but all he saw was ash and dead frogs. He turned away. Some hero turned out to be...

Grief overtook him again and he fell to the ground again as the birds began to chirp once more, mocking his pain. He felt a slimy hand on his shoulder.He quickly turned towards the hand's owner, surprised that there were survivors. It was the girl from yesterday."Hey Kink...yippee no school." she smiled weakly.

Krinkinko turned to the ground once more and began sniffling. "Oh, it's just you...." he muttered in disgust.

The girl quickly took back her hand."GOOD TO SEE YOU'RE ALIVE TOO!" she cried hysterically before she ran away.

Krinkinko began walking once more and saw several frogs slumped over. When he went to investigate he saw they had swords in their stomachs, having killed themselves in utter grief.

Krinkinko's eyes widened as he made a maddening dash towards The Elder's cave."No, grandpa!" he shouted as he ran towards the cave, jumping over piles of goo, ignoring the weak survivors of whatever disaster had mercilessly destroyed his fair village.

Krinkinko ran into the cave, which was dimmer now. It smelled of smoke. "Grandpa!?" he called out as he frantically looked around. 

Krinkinko felt a body hug him from behind, the weight knocking him over, kissing the stone floor where he hurt his nose. "Oh my god Krinkinko! Thank the heavens you're alive!" a voice blubbered.

Krinkinko turned to see his best friend Droget, covered in soot sobbing he embraced him. "My buddy! I thought I lost you. I was so scared!" he cried with joy invading his sorrow.

After about a minute Krinkinko noticed his friend was starting to doze off and so he pushed Droget away waking him up. "Don't leave me..." he whimpered.

Krinkinko shook his head as he began to cry again. "I won't Droggy!" He covered his face and growled. "Just ell me what happened...who the hell did this!?" he growled, letting his polite facade slip.

Droget shook his head. "At about eight-o' clock last night...these...these...metal things fell from the sky and quickly engulfed the village and surrounding areas in flames. We tried to fend them off the best we could but..."he began screaming at the memory and Krinkinko had to come to coax him. "...they were just too strong! It hurt when we punched them and out weapons broke like children's toys. Many warriors fact..." he shook his head. "...all of them did. I managed to save my entire family but...." Krinkinko smiled at Droget's bravery. "...the rest weren't so lucky." he whispered before falling deathly silent.

Krinkinko had to shake him a bit in fear that Droget had died.

"Who did this...? Tell me who did this!"

Droget shook his head. "I already told you. It was those machines...those...machines but...they had a symbol...on...them..." Droget explained.

Krinkinko grabbed Droget by the shoulders. "Draw it!"

Droget spat out some of his remaining saliva and drew the same insignia Krinkinko saw the night prior on the ground.

Krinkinko's eyes widened. "That's the same symbol I saw on this machine last night...what does it mean...DAMMIT! I'll find the bastard who did this and-"

"Do not use such barbaric language." commanded a strained old voice from across the cave.

Krinkinko's eyes widened and a smile crept on his face. "GRANDPA!" he cried as he ran over to a bundle on the other side of the cave. The Elder weakly rose and embraced his terrified grandson. They both started to silently cry. "I'm so glad you're alive." they said in unison. The Elder was covered in soot and it appeared he had fractured a bone in his left arm, which was his dominant arm. His glasses that fixed his nearsightedness were severely cracked.

Droget looked at the ground."What's left to do? We can round up about the twenty survivors and leave but..." Droget choked. "Where will we go?"

The Elder staggered to the water and weakly swam to his lily pad. Krinkinko followed The Elder to light a pipe for him. The Elder dropped his glasses into the water where they slowly sank. The Elder watched patiently until they hit the bottom and the cave stayed silent.

Krinkinko stood next to Droget. "Are we done? Can we leave now?" he asked, losing all emotion.

The Elder slowly looked up. "No my child. We are not done here yet. Or at least, you and me aren't." he stated.

Droget shook his head. "I'm staying."

The Elder nodded. "Well then," he swallowed. "I have a confession to make." he looked at Krinkinko and began to cry. "You are not a frog. You are a hedgehog. I have deceived you. I raised you as one of my own own."

Krinkinko fell to the grown with an insanely sad expression on his face."NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOO! he began hitting his fist on the ground. "It's not true! Stop lying grandfather! Please!" he looked up telling the truth.

Droget's eyes had teared up."This is no time for jokes wise one," he whimpered.

The  Elder shook his head. "It is true. You are a weren't meant to learn this until you reached the age of twenty-one but I can't keep the secret for that long...not after...this." he said.

Krinkinko began screaming a horrible, head-splitting high pitched scream.

Droget clutched his head. "Make him stop! Make him stop!" he cried in pain.

The Elder shook his head. "You won't die let him get it all ou-" he flinched as him and Droget's ears started to bleed profusely.

He quickly leapt to Krinkinko and put a hand on his shoulder, causing him to stop.

The Elder continued. "Your parents and you stumbled into the village with a bag of bugs. We were going through a great lack of bugs like we are now and we thought they had stolen all of our bugs somehow. I tried to talk the villagers but they weren't for reasoning. They threw your parents into The Pit of Despair which as you know if a seemingly bottomless pit that we use for capital punishment. You were so helpless...I-I just couldn't bear killing you so I did what any sane person would do...I raised you as my own. I'm sorry for lying to you but I didn't want you to be hurt. Since we killed your parents..." he took Droget and held him in front of himself. "You may kill us..."

Krinkinko and Droget stared at each other in horror. Krinkinko shook his head. "No! I could never do that! I love you grandfather! In my DNA it may say that I am a hedgehog but that doesn't change the fact that you made me a frog in heart and soul! I could never kill you."

Droget and the Elder sighed in relief as The Elder released Droget.

The Elder then walked to the entrance of the cave. "Then it's time I move out of this burning place to find a new village,"

Krinkinko and Droget approached the Elder but he held out his arm to keep them at bay. "No, you know the truth and you can't go shimmying around here with that knowledge."

Krinkinko stomped the ground. "B-but I belong here! You can't kick me out!"

The Elder shook his head. "I'm not kicking you out. I just want you to become enlightened. To start your own journey...not as a frog but as a hedgehog. With your best friend of course."

The two bowed while jumping and then left the cave, hopeful for the future.


The later had trekked the jungle until they made it to the northern edge. They looked at the waves crashing into the rocks below. Ahead they saw a small dot in the sky and birds flying.

Droget sighed. "What now?" he asked despairingly.

"We jump off course." Krinkinko replied smiling.

Droget flinched. "What?! Are you crazy!?" he asked.

Krinkinko put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. "We both know how to swim."

Droget was exasperated. "Well, yes but the rocks Krin-"

Krinkinko put his lips to his mouth and gave a loud "shush" he grabbed Droget by the waist and waited as he heard a foreign and distant sound quickly approaching. Krinkinko assumed a leaping stance.

With expert timing Krinkinko jumped and landed on top of the plane. Next to him he saw a familiar face.

"Whoa, that was SWEET dude!" exclaimed Sonic.

Krinkinko and Droget were hanging on for dear life but Krinkinko still manage to have a hand free to scratch his head. "You mean you're not mad that I thought I was a frog?" Krinkinko asked.

Sonic smiled. "Forgot about it!"

Droget was utterly terrified. "Who are you people?!" he cried.

"Sonic the Hedgehog!"

"Tails the Fox!" said the pilot.

Droget sighed, easing a bit. He felt he could trust these people.

Sky Chase

Final Fantasy VII - Highwind Takes to the Skies HQ

Final Fantasy VII - Highwind Takes to the Skies HQ

Theme of the Sky Chase

The plane that Krinkinko and Droget had jumped on was an impressive looking red bi-plane. Tails had revealed to his new friends that it was owned by Sonic and was called the tornado.

Sonic stood on the top right wing of the plane, Droget held on for dear life to the beam that connected the top and bottom left wings, his legs flailing wildly in the wind. Krinkinko had his feet firmly planted on the right and left back fins and held tightly onto the middle fin. Tails, of course was in the pilot's seat and due to this Droget was growing slightly greener with envy.

The three four had been flying for about ten minutes now and the jungle was long out of sight and the dot that Krinkinko and Droget had seen earlier was slightly bigger now.

Droget was beginning to grow cold and impatient since each passing second he believed he would die. "Where are we going?" he asked in fear.

Tails pointed to the far away dot. "You see that dot?" he asked, turning to Droget who nodded. "We are going there. It's the Flying City of the ancient Xerxe race. It only descends at a safe altitude for one week every year."

"So, no one lives there?" Krinkinko asked.

"Oh, no people live there." Tails corrected. Once he saw the confusion on Krinkinko's face he continued. "The Xerxes were highly advanced. For most of the year there is a dome around the city that provides it with air. The only reason it descends is because the force-field needs to charge for seven days each year." he explained.
250px-Sonic-and-Tailes (1)

The Tornado

"Golly Tails. You sure are smart." said Krinkinko.

"Heh, it's really nothing!" said Tails.

"Yeah, well he's not smart enough to make another seat." Droget grumbled to himself.

Suddenly a giant battleship arose from the water. "Surrender now you canine and rodent and I may make your death quick!" said a voice coming from the ship via speaker.

The Deadly Six Theme (Orchestra ver

The Deadly Six Theme (Orchestra ver.) - Sonic Lost World - Soundtrack Extended

Sky Chase Battle Theme

"Eggman!" cried Tails.

"Who?" Droget and Krinkinko asked in unison.

Tails turned around. "You know, Dr. Ivo Robotnik mad genius bent on world domination?"

Krinkinko and Droget looked at each other. "Never heard of em'." they said, again at the same town.

Sonic looked defeated. "You two don't get out much do you?" he asked.

"Wait..." Krinkinko's eyes widened. Hew pointed a trembling hand at a symbol on the ship. "DROGET LOOK AT THE SYMBOL! IT'S THE SAME FREAK WHO BURNED DOWN OUR VILLAGE!" Krinkinko screamed.

Droget gulped so loudly you could almost have head it over the roar of the engine.

Tails' mouth dropped. "He did what!?" he cried out.

Sonic punched a fist into his other, open hand. "Now we're on the same page!" he said determined.

Eggman's Battleship

"Okay guys, here's the plan! Sonic, you land on the Egg Carrier and take out the robots on the exterior but before that Krinkinko will destroy the flying robots while I charge the laser that will damage the Egg Carrier...while Droget you...."

Droget was beginning to cry. "Just get me down!" he screamed.

"Okay then! Droget, I'll find a hole in the Egg Carrier's electromagnetic barrier and drop you inside, after that you'll have to find some way to turn off the aforementioned barrier! You're job is important! Can I trust you?"

"As long as I get down then sure!" Droget smiled.

Tails smiled as he put on his goggles. "Let's do this then!" he said.

"Yeah, let's do it to it!" cried Sonic.

"Let's get ready to RRRRRUUUMBLEEEEEE!" shouted Krinkinko pumping up a fist in the air.

"Charge!" commanded Droget then the Tornado quickly shot forward in a burst of unbelievable speed, causing Droget to regret his bold command.

Flying robots began to flood out of the top of the Egg Carrier towards the Tornado. 

"Get ready Krinkinko..." warned Tails.

Krinkinko cracked his knuckles in delight. "Ready..."

"NOW!" commanded Tails and Krinkinko leapt off the plane towards the horde of robots and began to preform homing attacks. He headed towards an Egg Robo and dodged when it fired its gun, causing another robot to get hit. He kept homing attacking the robots and punched some of the robots into other ones. 

The ruckus Krinkinko was making caused the reinforcement robots to fly towards him instead of attacking The Tornado.

"Atta' boy!" Sonic cheered as he saw the robots heading towards the air bound Krinkinko who was now far away from the ship.

They were now close to the Egg Carrier. "I see an opening, get ready Droget." said Tails. Once they were over the hole in the barrier Tails cried, "Droget no-" but Droget had already jumped, eager to be on safe ground.

Droget landed safely on the exterior of the Egg Carrier and sat down with his legs crossed, happy to finally be safe. He sighed in relief. "hh." he sighed.

Suddenly, a siren began to blare and giant, grey Eggman robots wielding hammers ran towards Droget. Droget screamed and began frantically running away from them. "Leave me alone! I don't taste good! At least eat me with salt and butter! I want to go down knowing I was well prepared first! Don't eat me raw! Don't eat me raw you heathens!"

A sweat drop rolled down Tails' face. "Uh, Sonic...what is he doing?"

Sonic shrugged and cupped his hands. "Hey Droget, get inside!" he shouted.

Droget kept running until he ran to the edge of the exterior of the Egg Carrier. He then ran off, arms flailing.

Sonic and Tails gasped as they looked at each other worriedly.

Droget was safely scaling the exterior of the Egg Carrier, safe from falling due to the suction cups on his digits. He began looking for an entrance to the interior.

Meanwhile, Krinkinko was still fending off Eggman's flying robots. Though he was beginning to grow toward his utter hatred of this "Eggman" and his determination to topple him gave him the strength to push on,

A large robot with giant wings was quickly approaching Krinkinko. He was growing tired so he grinded on its wings then kicked them off, causing it to fall. As he continued assaulting the other mechs with homing attacks he gleefully thought to himself:I can grind on anything!

Meanwhile, Droget had successfully entered the Egg Carrier. While sneaking through he stumbled into the pilot's cabin and climbed to the ceiling like a chubby spider. He saw Eggman enter a code to order stronger robots to leave the Egg Carrier in pursuit of Sonic and company. Droget patiently waited until Eggman had left to use the bathroom before he quietly scrambled to Dr. Eggman's keyboard.

He entered the mad scientist's key and after he saw a list of options he chose to modify the shield. He clicked terminate and suddenly he heard a large zapping sound.

"What was that!?" cried Eggman as Droget heard the toilet flush.

Droget's eyes widened as he quickly exited the room in one leap then hopped away.

Eggman looked around frantically for the intruder, unaware that Droget was just around the corner.He held his breath until Eggman had ran back to his room then Droget quickly climbed back outside. 

"Hurry Sonic! He's going to put them back up!" Droget cried.

Sonic quickly landed on the Egg Carrier with a stomp, sending the nearby robots tumbling. He ferociously homing attacked the large robots that had previously pursued Droget and expertly dodged their hammers. Droget, now near Sonic was in awe. 

"Quick, jump!" cried Tails in his Tornado now below the Egg Carrier and approaching Droget's location.

Droget groaned at the thought of being on the Tornado again but once he saw some more robot's running towards him he jumped off and landed on a wing. Droget smiled, happy he made it back this time with a better seat.

Meanwhile, Krinkinko had finally expended all of the mad doctor's resources and without a way to get to the Tornado or Egg Carrier he was falling headlong towards the frigid waters below.

This is definitely going to feel like concrete at this height. Oh geez, this is going to hurt. Krinkinko understated as he closed his eyes.

A white orb, surrounded by red flew to Krinkinko, leaving a white trail as it moved.

"You obtained The Wind Wristband! With this you can locate strong trails of wind, make them visible and solid, allowing you grind on them. May The Master Emerald watch over you, Krinkinko the Hedgehog." explained the orb before flying away.

Krinkinko was about to collide with the water when he saw a white line then placed his feet on it, lurching him forward along the trail as he grinded with extreme speed. "Whoa!" he cried out. "I really CAN grind on anything!" he boasted as he approached the Tornado.

He hopped aboard as Droget and Tails gasped. "What?" he asked coolly.

"Brace yourselves!" Tails commanded. Droget and Krinkinko did so then Tails fired a powerful laser from the Tornado at the Egg Carrier, it burned a large hole in the ship and it began to fall out of the sky. Sonic leapt from it onto the plane where he occupied the other wing. He gave a thumbs up to everyone causing Krinkinko and Droget to blush.

The Egg Carrier was no longer a threat and the group was closer to their destination.

In the City in the Skies

The plane had decreased in speed since htier encounter with Doctor Eggman and now they plane was gently approaching the city. Krinkinko gawked at the beutiful majestic mountains like the ones back in his jungle. He marveled at the tall skyscrapers and the strange fast-moving creatures on the ground that shot out light in the evening haze.
Kingdom Hearts Music - Big Ben

Kingdom Hearts Music - Big Ben

In the big city

"Land HO!" cried out Droget in utter delight.

Tails smiled, pleased with himself."We've made it to our destination." he announced.

Krinkinko rubbed his hands together eagerly. "Okay, now to land this puppy." he said, licking his lips.

The plane circled around a bit like a vulture soaring above a desert.

"Uh, Tails?" Sonic said.

Tails rubbed the back of his head as a sweatdrop rolled down the side of his face. "Heh heh. I didn't install breaks...or a landing gear." he admitted sheepishly.

Krinkinko folded his arms. "No problemo. You've proven yourself highly capable. I'm sure you'll devise an alternate way to get us down safe-" Krinkinko's eyes widened as the Tornado lurched, nearly knocking him off the machine. "Tails?" he asked in fear.

Tails began to laugh in nervousness and had a stupid smile on his face. "We're also out of gas..."
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The stupid smile Tails made

"WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!!!" Droget sceamed out tge quartet all screamed in horror as the plane quickly plumetted towards the cement on the floating city. Droget admitted a high-pitched scream causing Tails to momentarily stop screaming to stare at Droget.
LA Skyline Mountains2

The Flying City

The plane crashed into the ground, knocking everyone but Tails in seperate directions. Miracously, no one was injured as they limped towards Tails.

Tails' eye twitched as he looked at the remains of the once majestic Tornado."M-my plane...MY BEAUTIFUL PLANE!" he shouted his hands out. "Why?!" he cried.

Drogetstared at him in anger and disbelief. "Because someone didn't install a landing gear!" he explained, flabbergasted.

Sonic pointed his thumb over his shoulder. "don't worry Tails little buddy! I'll find some spare parts." Sonic declared before quickly zooming off.

Krinkinko stared at the blue blur in awe, wishing somehow to be as fast as him someday. Droget shook his head in sadness, geussing his friend's thoughts and knowing that it would be impossible.

Tails sighed. "I guess I'll look for another Emerald." he pulled a strange looking device seemingly out of no where then walked off. "See you guys!"

Droget and Krinkinko smiled as Tails ran away and Krinkinko threw a fist into the air.

Once their friend was out of sight Krinkinko turned to Droget. "So, what should we do now?" he asked.

Krinkinko threw out his hands. "Anything!" he shouted. "Just look at this place!" he said, letting all of his worries escape them as he ran into the street. Droget followed after him but had to leap out of the way as he was about to be ran over by a car.

"What was that thing!?" Droget cried in utter terror.

Krinkinko got in a fighting stance and began bouncing in place. "I don't know but I want to fight it!" he siad.

Droget pushed Krinkinko to the sidewalk."How bout' no?" he suggested.

"Oh, all right." Krinkinkosaid, hanging his head low.

The duo roamed the city, breaking into shops and running out with their mouths full, ruining perfect dates and causing chefs to throw knifes at them. This made up for the fact that Krinkinko hadn't eaten anything in three days.  Krinkinko would wait at trashcans and tap his foot impatiently as Droget devoured, flies, maggots and roaches.

Once the two were stuffed they casually strolled along the city.

"Hey Droget, do you smell...old person?" Krinkinko asked, sniffing wildly.

Droget sniffed. "Why yes, yes I do my friend." he turned to Krinkinko and smiled. "Do you think The Elder's here!?" he asked.

"Maybe." Krinkinko smiled as he closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head.

The two then sprinted to the source of the smell where they burst into an antique shop.

A goat was snoring loudly, head tilted up as he sat on a chair behind the counter with a dirty magasine covering his face when the two burst in causing him to wake with a start and grab the magasine, blushing with an intense embarassment.

Krinkinko put his hands behind his head. "Oh, don't fret. My gramps keeps magasines WAAY worse than that one." Krinkinko flushed. "Just, don't tell him I know."

The middle-aged goat rubbed his eyes. "Who are you kids?"

"I'm Krinkinko." answered Krinkinko he pointed his thumb at Droget who was behind him "And that's my pal Droget." Droget gave a weak wave, afraid of the stranger.

The goat yawned and stretched out his arms. "What do you kids want?" he mumbled sleepily.

Krinkinko looked at him in confusion. "Aren't you going to tell us your name?" he asked.

The goat blinked. "My name? Why, no one has cared about what my name is ever since I moved here after I stopped hanging around that downer Rodney and that stuffy-pants Timeswarp. Bah, all my siblings stink and none of them are girls. Feh, they hardly care about my name not even that poser Tyunivich acting all high and mighty as he declares himself a troll or something. I don't even want to get into the utter scroundrel that is Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon!" he said, shuttering as he finished the last name.

Krinkinko's eyes were half closed in annoyance and he held up a finger. "Um, sir? Your name?" he reminded.

The goat clapped his hands. "Oh, right! My name's Ruster, Ruster the ancient goat." he introduced.

"Ancinet? But you don't look that old...."began Droget.

Ruster waved a hand. "Take my word for it, I am." he stood up and put his hands on the counter to support himself. "My my, a rare jungle hedgehog I haven't seen one of those in a while." he said smiling.

Krinkinko's expression darkened as he looked to the ground.

"Oh, hot button. Sorry!" Ruster apologized as he held up his hands in surrender. "So, what do you want to buy?" he asked.

Krinkinko and Droget gave each other confused glances. "B-buy?" Droget stammered.

"You know...? With dollars?" asked Ruster, his eyes slowly widening in disbelief.

Droget and Krinkinko looked at each other, his words not registering. 

Ruster sighed then pointed to the door which they had entered. "No loitering, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you two fine gentleman to leave this shop. Thank you, do not comeagain." he sighed.

Krinkinko threw out his arms. "B-but our village just burned down!" he cried.

Ruster's face softened as it appeared he might cry. "I know that feeling...I suppose you two can st-"

Before he finished his sentence Krinkinko and Droget began leaping in the air with joy.

The three conversed for a while resulting in Ruster shuffling off to the back of the store. He returned with a helmet, steel gloves, shoes, and steel shoulder pads and handed them to Droget.  "Here, you are more suited to defending yourself then figthing." he handed him a broad sword. "Use it wisely my friend."

Droget looked slightly disappointed. "Do you have anything less dangerous to offer? he asked.

Ruster reached into his shelf and handed Droget a joke book. "In addition I give you this. As for you," he looked a Krinkinko who was smiling. Ruster shook his head. "I can offer nothing that will satisfy you."

Krinkinko slumped forward. "AWWW! You can't give me some cool weapon?" he whined.

Ruster shook his head."The fire you posess in your belly is the only weapon you'll need my young friend."

Krinkinko folded his arms and turned away from Ruster. "Could you at least make me go faster than the speed of sound?" he asked.

Droget looked uneasy but to his surpise Ruster sighed and jumped over the counter and guided Krinkinko outside.

"Listen, concentrate all of the energy in your body into a big ball in the center of your stomach and when it feels like it will burst, release it behind you to give you a quick burst of speed, almost as fast as the speed of sound. It may hurt the first few times but you'll get use to it with practice."explained Ruster. 

Ruster quickly burst across the street without getting into a running stance. Once he was across the street his arms were folded. "This technique is called the Sonic Boost. Now try it." Ruster said as he began to cross the streey, the boost wearing him out.

Krinkinko assumed a running stance and closed his eyes, allowing a swirling mass of energy to enter his body where it began to make his stomach cramp up in pain. Once he couldn't bearit anymore he released the energy in a shout and bursted across the street into a brick building across the street.

Droget and Ruster ran to Krinkinko but he exited the hole with just a bruise on his head as he chuckled. "Thanks man!" he laughed.

Ruster gave a worried look at Droget who shrugged. "No...problem Krinkinko."

Krinkinko puthis hands behind his head. "So, want to join us?"

Ruster shook his head. "Nah, I need to take care of the shop, I have some real gems in there you know." he said. He walked back and waved his new friends good-bye.

Krinkinko and Droget began to trek the city once more and saw a billboard advertising a training hall which was the tallest building in the city. The two looked up and saw their destonation, a purple skyscraper and began heading in that direction.

Before they entered the building they heard Rustter shout, "WAIT!" halting them in their tracks.

He handed them two Extreme Gears . The one given to Krinkinko was black and appeared that it had stars, making it look like the night sky while Droget's was stylized as a personaly lily pad. "Krinkinko, your gear is very fast but only unlocks its true potential in zero gravity where it can outrun the big bang! And yours Droget can create a safe bubble in areas that are normally dangerous such as in outer space or inside volcanos. You two will need to work together to achieve your gear's true potential." he explained.

He handed them remote controls. "With these you can summon your gear from any-" he cut himself off as Droget quickly devoured his. "What the-"

Krinkinko slipped his into his shoe. "Thanks Rusty."

Ruster put a hand on Krinkinko's shoulder. "Use your extreme gear. Don't overwork yourself trying to master the Sonic Boost." he warned.

With a nod Krinkinko went to Droget and they both entered the training hall.


The two entered the tenthfloor panting.

The Echidna

"Man those guys were tough!" wheezed Droget, dropping his sword to the ground.

"Yeah, let's see whose..."Krinkinko's voice trailed off as he saw a red Echidna with dreadlocks in front of them its back to them.

"Is Echidna!?" said Krinkinko lowly.

Droget examined the figure. "Yes, I think it-" Krinkinko shoved Droget out the way.

"Hey punk! How many innocent people did you get killed today?" Krinkinko cried.

The echidna turned around. "Huh? What are you talking about I didn't kill any-"

"Shut the hell up murderer! You killed my family murderer!" Krinkinko yelled.

"Hey, I told you I didn't touch-" the echidna began to bark.


The echidna shook his head. Krinkinko suddenly zipped forward, a purple aura engulfing him as the dreaded echidna sidestepped out the way at the last second. Krinkinko was behind the echidna now as he began panting heavily. The hedgehog began to emit shadowy smoke.

Droget's eyes widened. No, not that! I promised the Elder I wouldn't let Krinkinko get like this. "Krinkinko stop this!" he yelled.

"It's okay Droggy...." Krinkinko said menacingly, in a low husky voice causing Droget to shake. "I only want to play..." Krinkinko turned around, revealing brownish rune-like markings around his eyes and his irises become yellow. His fur was darkened and his canines had ground slightly, teasingly poking out of his mouth, his nails had also grown slightly sharper. "...ROUGH!" he said.

He walked calmly to the echidna. He put an arm on his shoulder, causing the echidna to jerk back in disgust. "I hate your kind. You're filthy...all of you." he whispered. Then he spat at the echidna's face with such force the echidna staggered backwards.

Droget began crying. "Why do you have to be a racist Krink!?" Droget wailed.

"SHUT UP!" yelled Krinkinko.

The echidna grew redder than usual. "Listen to your friend kid!" the echidna shouted.

Krinkinko roared in anger. All was silent then the echidna turned to walk away. Caught off guard, Krinkinko gave a mighty punch causing the echidna to fly forwards.

Krinkinko began laughing triumphantly before the echidna tackled him to the ground growling.

Droget could only watch in horror as the two fought.

Vs. Knuckles

Sonic 3 Music Minor bosses-0

Sonic 3 Music Minor bosses-0

Vs. Knuckles

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