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This is an article about Krinkinko the Hedgehog, a character created by Sonicfan919 on 10/3/2009.

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Krinkinko the Hedgehog
Request kink the hedgehog by pumpituppartyzone-d3kw0q9-1-
16 (13 when he was "captured") Birthday: July 24th
Rare Jungle Jedgehog
Green fur with purple spots (some pictures portray them as red)
Purple shoes with leaf on the bottom,Fingerless gloves,
Rapa the Hedgehog (Mother),Weepillow the Hedgehog (Father),The Elder of Frog Village (Adoptive grandfather), Rapid the Hedgehog (Brother), Krinkinkoy the Eaglet (Adopted Son), Krinketta the Seedrian (Adopted Daughter)
Romantic Interest
Mint the Cat

Akita the Witch Rachel the Goat Majeek the Flying Squirrel Princess Falalala-Stu

Crystal the Robot
Twix,,Winning,Making friends,Girls,Extreme Gear, Helping people in need, Fighting, Competition
Fire,Lightning, Not having his way,Losing,People that get on his nerves,Hot tea, Being told to do something he doesn't want to do
Advanced jumping capability,Camouflage,Swordplay,Grinding,Extreme gearists, Expert swimmer,
Fa-La-Stu,Droget the Frog,Mazda,Inferna,Mint,Snap,Smash the Echidna,Rachel,Turbo the Chaos hedgedragon,Artixunio,
Super Krinkinko,Dark Krinkinko,Vetigo Krinkinko

A high-spirited hedgehog who was an agent of G.U.N. For most of his life, he was convinced that he was a frog. He loved the intense rush of life and dangerous situations. He was Rapid the Hedgehog's long lost brother. He wore sturdy leaves beneath his shoes that somehow enabled him to grind on almost any surface and as such, prided himself as "the ultimate grinder". Years ago, he died saving Station Square from the nefarious Dr. Eggman. Fortunately, he had been revived by Princess Fa-La-Stu's Tears.

He has been missing for almost two years now.


He was born near Twerunka Jungle to two hungry travelers. With nowhere to go since the two lovers villages exiled them for loving eachother, they were forced to deliver Krinkinko in the jungle. They eventually made it inside Twerunka Jungle and set up camp, hoping they could start a life there. Despite Krinkinko's fathe being a hunter, the two were not used to the brutality of Twerunka's wild life and as such, were not able to secure any food and after a week the family was the the brink of death. Starving and desperate, they used the meager pay they had to buy bugs from an Echidna, not being able to catch the foreign insects themselves.  Shortly afterwards, a village of frogs experiancing a famine thought they stole the bugs from them and threw the couple in a seemingly endless hole in the ground, never to be heard from again. They were about to throw the baby in too but their Elder wouldn't dare kill an infant he took him in as his own and raised him as a frog. The baby was a healthy and hardy boy, loving to crawl around and get into trouble. A year after the young hedgehog's birth he witnessed the birth of a group of tadpoles, one of them being his best friend, Droget the Frog.

When Krinkinko was seven he encountered a lost girl wandering the jungle. Thinking she was a bandit he attacked her, causing the girl to punch him into the air, which in turned caused Droget to begin attacking the girl, quickly resulting in a full-blown brawl. The Elder soon intervenes and everyone explains themselves. The girl reveals that she's a princess from a far off kingdom, Falalala-Stu the Echidna. Seperated from her parents, she stays in the village for two weeks and grows close to Krinkinko and Droget, the three forming a group. Once her parents locate her, they force her to leave, her kicking and screaming at her guards to let her go. She briefly manages to break free and gives half of an enchanted forget-me-not to Krinkinko, ensuring that they'll always remember eachother. Fa-La-Stu's father snuck into the village a month later, stole Krinkinko's half foget-me-not and buried it in the center of the jungle, causing Krinkinko, Droget and the rest of the village to slowly forget about Falalala-Stu.

Eleven years after Krinkinko's birth, his village was burned down, forcing The Elder into a position where he told the boy his past.

See also: Krinkinko the hedgehog's story.

Not too long after he was deployed on a mission to go to the dead planet seedrian. He found a seedrian seed. He asked the seedrian Lukio what was it. She told him it was a seedrian seed that would hatch soon. She tried to take it but he insisted he take care of it. The seedling is currently in his care. Going to meeting with Lukio Krinkinko learned the seedling is a girl, it likes soft music with a beat and it just hatched. She lives in Krinkinko's attic,she loves hide and seek and she's extremely wild. Shortly after he fell in love with a human girl who begged him to adopt another child. In response he adopted an eagelt and named him Krinkinkoy. Even after their breakup he still has Krinkinkoy. After this he finds out that he's Rapid's long lost brother.

He was declared POW then MIA and finally dead after a mysterious GUN mission about a year ago rocking the people closest to him live's forever.

Apearances and roleplays

His main role was in his own story and explains the main timeline before Kink's adventures. Were he first met characters already in the sonic franchise and were he also reunited with his two best friends in the whole wide world.

For the whole story go to Krinkinko the hedgehog's story (NOTE!: IT IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND IS VERY SLOPPY AS OF THIS WRITING)

He appears in Roleplay: The Wal-Mart Wars seemingly as a villain. He He comes to just playfully cause chaos in Wal-mart along with the loyal Droget and the recluctant Fa-La-Stu. He is soon thwarted by Alice and is forced to retreat. He comes the next day to apologize and he's made an honarary member along with the rest of his team.

He appears in the Roleplay:Shadow crystal cloud tournament as a fighter. He is first seen in the locker room trying to get a date with Rachel who keeps injuring him because of it. smash comes to his aid and thus Krinkinko sees him as an idol and fights him the first round. Krinkinko losses after going all out on Smash and goes back to the locker room as an audience member. He appears as a main background character. He then appears in the final battle against Rodney along with Smash and others.

He appears in Roleplay:Beast Legends on a mission to stop the beast who took down a G.U.N. ship. He asks for help but he doesn't get any and tries to negotiate but in the end fails his mission.

He appears in Roleplay:Memory Trouble trying to cure Temporal of what he believes to be a rare memory losing disease. Him along with Droget and Fa-la-stu try to kidnap Temporal and cure him but end up losing him and going back to base empty handed. It turns out he only thought Temporal had a disease. This is another mission which he failed.

He appears in Roleplay:The troll chronicles on a mission to stop the villainous Trolls. He teams up with many new allies to stop the Trolls' ultimate scheme including Turbo,Artixunio,Garnet the Fox's team,JAck the hedgehog and many more. He played a big role in the major downfall and decline of the Trolls hence he was in the final battle along with Artixunio and Super Turbo.

He appears in Roleplay:A Christmas Snow Day on a mission to find the portal to christmas wonderland. His new friends,eager to have fun help him find it. In the wonderland the have many adventures. He meets a few memorable characters here including Jonik, his rival,Mint the cat, his ex-girlfriend,and Snap the hedgehog one of his many friends. He's in the final battle against Jonik's fused form,Dubonic along with others.

He next appears in Roleplay:Experiments... on a mission to stop caulder.His plan was to place some pudding in the middle of the room, and hit him between the eyes to finslly complete a mission. Peeny comes in, takes the pudding, and he mistakes her for Cualder. Once he finds out he has the wrong putting he yells at her. They ask what penny is doing there and she states she lives there. They are shocked to find out Penny is Cualders daughter. They then keep trying to persuade her into helping her but she declines. They started to fight but PEnny effortlessly reflected all their attacks. Penny then carts them off.

Krinkinko appears rather prominantly in Roleplay:Gale of Darkness if only due to its extremely short length. He wakes up in a mysterious labyrinth after a dark wind envelopes him. A wind starts and due to the maze's illusions he sees Cielestra the Caolf and Alex the Virus and grows very angry before discovering that it was just an illusion.

He appears in Roleplay:Surviving on a deserted island as a survivor. He is shown to laid back and not taking the fact that he's stranded seriously in this roleplay. This is nodded by the fact on the second day he was the only oneon the west side of the island due to him oversleeping. After he gets to east side he's just there and not in a rush unlike the others. 

He very briefly appears in Roleplay:The Great Quest for the Galactic Rings after the major plot ended seemingly on a quest to collect the Galactic Rings after they had scattered. Apparently he was going to wish for "it to be impossible for women to resist him". He very briefly hits on a gray wolf named Diana.

He appears in Roleplay:Cosmic Championship as a contestent. In this roleplay he appears in the locker room making conversation with other characters such as Smash and witnessing Rachel sneak into the locker room to stalk Smash then hit on people after she rejects him. During the actual fighting the spectators watched in horror as Krinkinko entered his insane Dark Form and began torchering his his combatant by biting him in horrible areas and just being unpleasant to watch. The host was even disgusted by Krinkinko's lack of control in this form but even then Krinkinko still won in a sudden death-esque trial. Even though Krinkinko was a horrifying sight to watch Droget the Frog still defended his friend when people talked bad about him.

His next appearance is in Gregory the Magihog: Explorer of two worlds. He is first mentioned by Rachel who tells Gregory he is one of her "friends". He is next mentioned by a dying Ruster telling Timeswarp to look after him and Droget due to the former beating Rodney. He finally appears to fight D-Mos but is quickly beaten and is severely injured. He is then nursed back to health by Gregory and The Elder of Frog Village in a short time. The next day during breakfast he is eager for a rematch with D-Mos due to the fact that he killed Ruster but refuses to work with Net. After learning that Fa-La-Stu has apparently died he sucks up his pride and agrees to work with him and Gregory in order to train and beat D-Mos in three days time.

He appears in Roleplay:Down Under as his last major roleplay appearance before his death. In this roleplay he has a villanous role as a GUN agent with Falalala-StuDroget, and Frederick the Rabbit performing nefarious deeds to an underground city of moles  under the commands of an unknown commander masked in darkness. He first appears flirting with the renegade mole Candi, with his team member chatising him that their mission was to apprehend her. Smash finds him trying to capture Candi and tries to convince him that what GUN was doing was not right. By their confrontation it's shown that Krinkinko now has a very strained relationship with the blue Echidna and no longer considers him his "big bro", hero or idol and borderline despises him easily turning his blade on him without a second thought. Krinkinko is also shown to be very violent now, sweeping Candi off the gorund for merely running towards him. Nevertheless he allows Smash to take Candi for the time being. After Rachel lies and claims to have captured Candi Krinkinko is relieved knowing he won't have to fight Smash and tells her he apologises for all the trouble he causes. LAter on he engages in a long and bloody brawl with his team fighting Smash's group. In the end Krinkinko's team are declared dead but are revived and are about to executed for their failures when the roleplay ends.

He appeared in Roleplay:Mobius Basketball tournament in Team Dream.


Krinkinko proclaimed to love peace if only to convince himself that he wasn't as hot-headed as everyone told him he was. He seems to get mad and scream and shout almost on a 4 hourly basis. He seems to put fists before words. He also holds grudges alot. Other than that he's a very happy hedgehog who loves to tell jokes. He is also very childish willing to destroy a whole store simply because he wanted to have fun. At times of crisis he showed another side entirely. At these times he was very selfless as evidenced by him risking his life to save thouands of strangers. Though it has been suggested that this was mainly because he thought Fa-La-Stu would never want to be friends with him again and he was fired out of G.U.N. for awhile showing his immaturity. He was also extremely stubborn, choosing to do what he wants to do and not listen to anyone else's insight even if it was ultimately the better choice. He claims he doesn't believe other people because Who can I believe if I don't believe in myself?. It's hinted he was getting better since he's seperating himself from Smash. Krinkinko was also very cocky. 


  • Fa-La-Stu The echidna- The two met when they were young. They then were briefly seperated then reunited again. During that time Fa-La-Stu fell in love with Krinkinko and the two sticked together like super glue. Until the events of the Christmas snow day when Fa-La-Stu was sick. The next day she found out Krinkinko had a girlfriend by the name of Mint the cat. She then slowly seperated herself with him but they still were friends. Even when he broke up with Mint by that time she had a boyfriend, Net.It was still hinted that at this time she wasstill madly in love with Krinkinko though. After his disappearance Fa-La-Stu dumped Net and began sulking.
  • Droget -Krinkinko was one of the first things Droget saw when he was born so out of sheer curiosity Droget followed Krinkinko around until he was three. Ever since then Droget has been Krinkinko's best friend and looks up to Krinkinko as a role model. Even when Krininko really goofs up Droget knows the good in Krinkinko and never holds it against them. Due to Droget's good nature they've never had any big fights. The bond was strage considering their conflicting personalities. After Krinkinko's apparent death Droget has been battling depression and has tried to kill himself once over the course of the year or so when Krinkinko went missing.
  • Shadow-He hates him with all his might since he always does better in missions than him. Krinkinko's rage seems to amuse the ultimate lifeform.
  • Alice Maeda- Krikinko briefly fought her in the Wal-mart wars and was almost defeated before Fa-La-Stu came to his aid. It seems like they're on friendly terms but there hasn't been anything to prove this.
  • Norma the Cat-Krinkinko tried to kidnap Temporal from Norma but he failed. Due to this he deeply hates Norma since she made him fail that mission. Also due to the fact that she defected from G.U.N. Krinkinko sees her as a traitor that must be brought to justice.
  • Amy Rose-During the events of Krinkinko the hedgehog's story Krinkinko developed a crush on Amy this is proved when Krininko warns Droget to back off when he says Amy's cute. Krinkinko then realized her obsession with Sonic and let her go (This is the first time he let a go in his life and possibly the only time).
  • Rachel -He met her in the Shadow Crystal Cloud tournament and started flirting with her. At first she hated this and wanted to literally kill Krinkinko in the fear that her dad would kill her. After her great personality change she started flirting with everybody with no signs of stopping. After this Krinkinko seems to not like her anymore.
  • Smash the Echidna - They first met in the Shadow Crystal Cloud tournament when Smash stopped Rachel from attacking Krinkinko. Krinkinko saw him as a role model and took him on in the first round which Krinkinko lost. Then Krinkinko grew a great bond with Smash (it was possibly the same level as Krinkinko's current bond with Droget). Then Krinkinko started coming to Smash and asked for advice. Even when Smash gave Krinkinko good advice Krinkinko would be stubborn and argue with him. This led Smash to grow fed up with Krinkinko's tween drama and thus Krinkinko seperated himself with Smash to avoid further tension.
  • Mint "Choco" the Cat-Krinkinko met Mint in the Christmas snow day and became her boyfrirnd shortly after. After their first date there was a time when they didn't see each other then when the time was over Mint found out that Krinkinko adopted Krinketta and she was weary of her so Krinkinko broke up with Mint.
  • Majeek the Flying squirrel -They two briefly dated. Krinkinko dumped her after their second date because he thought she was too boring.
  • Cielestra the Coalf - He came to her house and asked for a date in which she refused. After Krinkinko told her 'he knows she's lonesome and he is too she gave him a chance and the two really started to connect. After about their 4th date she fell in love with Alex the virus and Fa-La-Stu told Kinkinko that Cielestra has moved on. Since that day Krinkinko doesn't really care much for Cielestra anymore. In Krinkinko's black hearted form he constantly tries to kill Cielestra and once almost suceeded.
  • Turbo the Chaos Hedgedragon -The two met with a rocky start when Turbo broke in the GUN base looking for the chaos amulets. The two are now good firends: one,because they both helped stop the trolls two, Artixunio forced him to help Turbo and three,because Krinkinko is one of the only people that can Snap Turbo out of his insane super form.
  • Artixunio the hedgehog- Krinkinko doesn't like Artxunio because he always is screaming at him and is always stubborn. This is interesting considering many aspects of the duo's personalities are alike. It is often thought that KRinkinko will turn out like this when he grows up.
  • Alex the Virus -Krinkinko hates Alex mainly because he's the one who took Cielestra from him because of this Krinkinko will constantly argue with Alex and annoys him. Krinkinko's black hearted form hates him just about as much as the base form and will kill him to get to Cielestra.


In life Krinkinko possessed a large array of abilities, mostly nature based due to his rare species of jungle hedgehog. His other abilities typically derived from his life as a "frog" where he jumped high and was subjected to training with his grandfather. When fighting Krinkinko never held back on anyone even when he was training or just playing with someone.

Sky Dive - Krinknko mastly only uses this in tornaments and training not in any real fights beacause using this he stuns himself. Agility-Krinkinko has really fast agility but can only run at a speed of a kid in a track team.

Leaf Shield -Krinkinko obtained this ability at the time when he was heading at the center of the jungle this is one of his most used moves

Sonic burst- Krink's most used move he gains extreme speed to ram into the enemy. Does great damage at the end and beggening of a battle. This is an interesting attack for him sense he's not that fast. He does though charge up energy in his legs to burst forward. This is also called extreme speed from time to time.

Synchro Combo - Kink thrushes the opponet in the air with extreme speed, droget then jumps in the air and slashes the opponet 13 times when finally krinkinko spin dashes with great speed to the enemy.



Spikedash-Krinkinko sharpens then sticks out his quills then spindashes super hard into the opponent. 

Rage punch - A move used when Krinkinko is mad. This works best at the begening and end of a battle.

Grinding on air currents- He can find invisibe air currents then grind on them

Nymph-One of the twelve demon weapons.It's a plant like scythe that can heal Krinkinko (and only Krinkinko) and can control plants. When Krinkinko uses it it's extremely sharp and dangerous. Krinkinko obtained it after his black hearted mode was sealed inside his heart and the demon must of attracted the Nymph's wicked power. Krinkinko's leafblade was completely replaced by the Nymph. It has extremely long reach.

Leaf Clones - This is an attack he formed when he was training at G.U.N. The leaf clones look exactly like Krinkinko and act exactly like him. To an extent. Each of them can only take on one memory at a time. A mad clone would sadisticly hurt another person, A in love clone would kiss a person and, so forth because of this the move is unfinished and rarley used.

Rainbow energy - With this he calls upon the power of his friends to help him when he's low on power himself. This attack deals out all the elements at once

Jungle Survivor Combo-Appears in Cosmic Championship. Krinkinko uses his leaf shield in a way that projects his image, making it look like his opponent landed a hit, punches his opponent in the air with Rage Punch then finally uses Spikedash on their stomach before landing.

Final Flash-Krinkinko gathers energy in both hands and then brings them foward,forming a huge blast

Family Storm- Krinkinko uses the power of his family to generate a giant leaf storm in which sharp leaves come flying from nowhere into the opponent.

Gut Buster- An extremely stronger variant of the Rage punch. It was inspired by Smash The Echidna's Skull Cracker but instead of cracking the opponent's skull Krinkinko winds his arm in a windmill motion then he punches the opponent in the stomache. It is known for making the opponent cough up blood. This is mainly used as a finisher and one-hit K.O. on weak enemies.

Penetrate!-Krinkinko uses Sonic burst while using Rage punch to deliver a powerful punch with maximum momentum. The movee usually is aimed towards the stomache.This is usually used to end a match.

Fighting Style

Krinkinko's fighting style could be best described as a glass canon and a fragile speedster. Though no Sonic, Krinkinko had a high speed in small areas letting him have a high damage output without having to worry too much about getting hit. Krinkinko would rush into battle without thinking, hoping for the best and as such his fighting style favored quick results and didn't favor long strategies. Though fast and relatively strong, Krinkinko could not take a hit in life and as such when hit with two or three powerful facts he would be done. Even in his Super form he is extremely weak compared to other super forms but this fact is lessened due to him being even faster in this form. If attacked enough times he would pass out and usually trnasform into his dark form. What made his dark form so deadly is that it was exactly like Krinkinko's normal form except, stronger, more unpredictable and could take a ridiculous ammount of damage before reverting to normal form.


His weaknesses were fire,power, and electricity. It should be noted that Krinkinko's weakness to fire was also psychological as his village was burned down by Dr. Eggman (see trivia).  He could also be extremeley childish at times. His stubborness was deadly and this is the most popular theory as to how he died. Krinkinko was rash and known for not thinking things through and was extremely prone to violence.


Dark Krinkinko

Semi Dark Krinkinko was Krinkinko's form when he got angry it didn't have much difference compared to his normal appearance aside form amber eyes. Dark Krinkinko was an insane monster who was several times stronger than Krinkinko's base form. Nyx seems to lengthen the time of Dark Krinkinko's Transformation. It has also been shown that Dark Krinkinko can read minds. This form was more attack and power based compared to his other forms. Krinkinko greatly decreased the duration of this form by skipping his Semi-Dark form as it took a lot of energy to skip stages. This is one of the most accepted theories to how Krinkinko extended the length of this form (it barely lasted for my then five minutes in Krinkinko the Hedgehog's story and it was near indefinate in the Cosmic Championship) the less popular theory is that he trained to lengthen the duration. In this form Krinkinko had heightened defenses, taking an absurb ammount of punishment without even the slightest hint of pain or fatigue.

Dark Krinkinko's abilities

  • Twister energy beam- A energy beam that is cone shaped and rapidly twists.
  • Double leaf blades
  • Dark Spirit Bomb- A Spirit bomb formed by dark energy/negative emotions. It usually is very big.
  • Super Dark Spirit Bomb- A blast three time the power and Mass of the normal Dark Spirit bomb.
  • Vampire Clones - He can make vampire clones of himself. This is a Dark version of his base form's Leaf clones.
  • Chaos Control
  • Super Rage Punch- A rage punch multiplied by 10.
  • Dark Mind Control- He can control one's mind.
  • Mouth Blast- A powerful blast from the mouth.
  • Living on a Forgotten Prayer-This moves rapidly sucks the oponents super form ouit of them
  • Galactic Extreme Speed- A move in which Krinkinko gathers Wisps and Meteorites from around the galaxy as uses a mega charged Extreme Speed. (Note: Is only practical to use in space mostly due to the abudance of the materials).
  • Super Bite- He bites super hard.
  • Super Strength

Super Krinkinko

Super Krinkinko was achieved when he collected all seven of the chaos emeralds. Super Krinkinko had a high energy output and could easily bestow a Super form to multiple people. His energy was also very potent being able to purify a dark being with his power and turning him super. In this form he had a much higher speed than Dark Krinkinko but paled in strength compared to him. Due to the fact that Super Krinkinko had an amazing speed compared to those around him and due that he could thoughts were heightened in this form though he wasn't as physically strong, tougher enemies would require the use of Super Krinkinko to take them down. Krinkinko rarely used this form at least in comparison to his dark form.

Super Krinkinko's abilities

  • Chaos spirit bomb- A spirit bomb made up of chaos energy.
  • Chaos control
  • Double Nymphs
  • Leaf blast- He fires a barrage of leafs in a blast like function.
  • Light spirit bomb-A spirit bomb made up of light energy.
  • Ultimate rage punch- A rage punch X30
  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Higer defense (Krinkinko is still weak to lava but in his Super form it takes at least lava to begin to revert Krinkinko back to normal form)

Black Hearted Krinkinko

Krinkinko achieved this form when his heart gradually weakened which was after Cielestra rejected him. He achieved it when a demon snuck into his heart and made it home. This was what probably attracted the Nymph. Krinkinko can't usually turn Black hearted form at will he usually transformed when he went to sleep with hatred in his heart. This form was evil and attempted to kill people and steal their hearts. This form was probably the same strength as Dark Krinkinko but this form had different weaknesses and strengths. It seemed like Black Hearted Krinkinko was a completely different entity than Krinkinko. Black hearted Krinkinko could retain memories from Krinkinko but not vice-versa. Black Hearted Krinkinko had around the same strength as Dark Krinkinko but his ability to think clearly (he was smarter than Super Krinkinko) is what made him deadly. Unlike his other forms Black Hearted Krinkinko was not known to fly.

Black Hearted Krinkinko's abilities

  • Death ray beam- A super thin red beam that he fires from his fingers. When it comes into contact with inanimate objects it instantly burns it and the fire quicly spreads,destroying everything in it's path. When it comes into contact with living beings it slowly burns them in a nearly undousable flame slowly burning them to death. When it's over the only thing that's left is the victim's heart.
  • Light whirlpool-He creates a wirlpool of light that quicly sucks in victims and takes them to the center of it. Then they start to sink down. Once their whole body is under the center the vortex explodes leaving only the victim's heart.
  • Heartless shocwave- Krininko pounds the ground thus creating a huge shcokwave. This can be used to make victim's trip or make buildings tip and fall.


  • "Yahoooooo! Frog, hedgehog whatever I am I am go-ood" After getting a S rank on a mission
  • "I'm the best grinder there is! Whoooohooooo!" After getting a A rank on a mission
  • "Er...not my best after all I thought I was a frog all my life!" After a B rank on a mission
  • "Dang! Oh well that was good I guess." After gettng a C rank on missions
  • "What!? how could I do so bad!? Oh well, I'll go on." Afte getting a D rank on a mission
  • "I'm off my game today!" After getting an E rank on a mission
  • "No no no! I need to rest up. *lays down and starts snoring*" After getting a F rank on a mission
  • "No.......Just no *walks away looking disapointed*" After getting a Z- rank on a mission
  • "It's no use I've saved thousands, I had a loyal best friend,I deafeated one of eggman's mega mech's. I am a good person good bye mobius how I'll miss your fellow mobians who reside in it good bye.........." Krinkinko's seemingly final words before he was revived
  • "He's not dead!?"........"How many times do we have to kick his-" Krinkinko's reaction when he found out Rodney still wasn't finished.
  • "For the sake of Mobius, and all the people you've hurt.."..."We will rid you from the face of existance!"..."Hope you've said your prayers!"
  • "Hey, want to get a burger some time?~Krinkinko upon meeting Rachel.
  • "Oh...THAT"S NOT YOUR PUDDING- Krinkinko finding out penny isn't Caulder and telling her to stop eating the trap
  • "DO NOT EVER...EVER RUSH TOWARDS ME!"-Krinkinko after giving Candi a leg sweep due to her angrily running towards him.
  • "FOR JUSTICE!"-How Krinkinko justified his deeds in Down Under.
  • "Aw travelled all this way together and now you'll DIE TOGETHER!"-Krinkinko threatning to kill Candi and her team in the name of justice. The "you" though probably is referring to Rachel and Smash as a way of teasing.
  • "Well Darkstorm probably doesn't have what the Kink man has."-Krinkinko flirting during The Great Quest for the Galactic Rings.
  • "THIS IS THE PLOT!"-Super Krinkinko breaking the fourth wall in The Troll Chronicles when Turbo tells him to stick to the plot.
  • " just wish you didn't tell her you saw me though. That last mission was exhausting. I go on missions almost everyday. Sometimes I wish I could just chill forever."
  • "Well this is a once in a life time opportunity to go on a date with pure awesomeness."
  • "Hehheh. Tell me, do those older guys have a super awesome dark form? Are those older guys part of GUN? Are those older guys strong enough to win a fight against their big brother? Were those older guys raised in a jungle and have those older guys helped save the world numerous times?" ~Krinkinko bragging.
  • "Because I'm a great guy and I'm a little are too I can sense it. There's something missing in your life I can just sense it."


  • Krinkinko has been slashed in the arm twice: once by the Eggmech throwing the leaf blade back at him, the second time when Droget was aiming his sword for Alice but missed.
  • The middle name the elder gave krinkino was Cricket but the middle name his parents gave him was Emerald.
  • Every time team Twerunka Jungle failed a mission they had bathroom duty.
  • Krinkinko has failed numerous missions such as Roleplay Beast Legends and The Wal-Mart wars.
  • Krinkinko hates Shadiw because he completes more missions then him.
  • Team Twerunka jungle deeply envied Team Dark since they completed more missions than them.
  • Krinkinko enjoyed being rickrolled because he likes the song.
  • Krinkinko had a plan that all his children woy=uld have similiar names to his. (Ex:Krinketta,Krinkinkoy etc.)
  • Krinkinko seems to like challenges when he thinks of people to date. Ex:He liked Rachel when she didn't like him but when she started liking him he didn't like her,he knew Cielestra was older than him,he liked Majeek even though she was too plain,he liked Amy wehn he knew she was obsessed with sonic,etc.)
  • Krinkinko enters fighting tournaments but not that much to be considered a full-fledged martial artist.
  • In the Roleplay, Cosmic Championship semi-dark Krinkinko was shown to be insane but not quite as insane as his dark form as evidenced by the biting of Kyle's lips and the fact that he laughed maniacally.
  • There were plans for an additional form of Krinkinko achieved by absorbing the power of the Dark Spirit Bomb.
  • In life Krinkinko was quite fond of heights.
  • The way Krinkinko's village was destroyed is very cliche for a Sonic fan character as it had Dr. Eggman burning it down. This was a time when his creator was less experianced.

Theme songs

Kingdom Hearts - Rising Sun (Rock Version)

Kingdom Hearts - Rising Sun (Rock Version)

Krinkinko's old theme song

Dragon Ball Revenge of the King Piccolo - Power of Dreamer

Dragon Ball Revenge of the King Piccolo - Power of Dreamer

Krinkinko's theme song


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