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Krieger the Tiger
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Krieger the Tiger is a member of the Red Valley Freedom Fighters. He is also the older brother of fellow Freedom Fighter Holly the Tigress.


Physical Description

A tiger with a burly build that belies his sheer agility, Krieger is tall with thick fur, also containing a scar across his right eye as a result of his previous battles. Thankfully, however, both of his eyes remain intact and unaffected. Like Holly, he also has a slender tail, coupled with a triangular nose and somewhat pointed ears.

The colors differ from Holly's, his fur being Tenne (Tawny) with the stripes being Free Speech Red. His eyes are Malachite in color, his muzzle being white.

His outfit is different than his younger sister's, having a small, copper shield held around by the harnesses, which covers his chest and stomach. His entire arms and hands were covered in bandage wraps and is barefooted instead of wearing any boots or shoes. His headband is red in color that's wrapped around his head, while his shorts were also covered with hay that makes up for his clothing. Additionally, he also has black markings on both sides of his cheek, making him resemble as a tribal warrior.


As a fierce warrior, Krieger has immense physical strength and endurance, thanks to his excellence in both combat and his staff, which are quite retractable. His combat even rivals that of Holly, who had also provided assistance in training. His staff can also be used to vault himself towards hard-to-reach areas. And with the staff having a sizeable reach, he can easily deflect projectiles with it.

Krieger also has an incredible amount of stamina and can run for several hours before tiring out. Like his sister, his teeth are also sharp, with Krieger being able to bite through stone with ease. Despite his tribal-like nature, he is also very intelligent and is adept in handling modern technology without issues. Krieger can emit a loud roar or even stare down at his opponents as means of intimidation. If said opponents do not back down, he clearly doesn't hesitate in engaging battle, no matter how fierce unless being ordered to back out.

His unique traits is being able to track down foes with his scent, including his heightened vision that allows him to see tracks not seen from the normal eye. And due to his incredible build, he can also plow through and carry heavy objects without too much trouble (though he will not carry objects that far exceeds those limits, much less crash right through them such as solid concrete).


While Krieger is a formidable fighter, he can still be bested by other, far stronger foes, especially those with advanced elementals such as heat, which can trap in his fur and result in fatigue. If his plated armor were to corrode as a result of a Water-related attack, it can seriously weaken his defense and rendering Krieger vulnerable to be attacked, even with heightened speed and agility.

He is also very easy to provoke, and if one were to say negative things about his sister, or just insulting him, he won't hesitate to stare them down. And if provoked further, he'll lash out without warning by unleashing a flurry of attacks, result him to lose his train of thought because of his fierce nature and may end up inadvertently attacking his own friends too, and only Holly, or those close to him, can stop him.


Only a few, apart from Holly, know about Krieger's overall personality. Unlike Holly, who is cheerful personality (though still shares her negative nature thowards those who provoke her), Krieger has a serious, stern and a tolerant-failure individual, mixed in with both nobility and a strong sense of honor. Despite his nature, he still has an unbreakable bond with his younger sibling Holly and both are almost always fighting by their side, along with Holly's girlfriend Gwendolyn.

If provoked, however, be it from having his sister or himself insulted, he is quick to become violent and intimidating, not hesitating to fight back if the provoker tries to land so much as a punch. This makes Krieger far more dangerous than Holly and doesn't forgive whatsoever. Krieger, however, will never lash out on children and others who had clearly never insulted them.

Krieger is also aware that Holly is a lesbian and still cares deeply for his sister. And being the protective kind, he absolutely has zero tolerance to those who question about his sister's sexuality.

Friends and Foes





  • Holly the Tigress -The two have a very close bond; Krieger was the one who taught her how to fight, and he also fully supports her and her girlfriend Gwendolyn.



  • The name Krieger is German for "warrior".