KrAven is the romantic pairing of Krys the Alicorn and Raven the Cyberhog.


Krys and Raven haven't had much history together. Krys first met Raven when she was just sitting on a park bench. The two went on an unbelievable aventure together. It was also Krys's first encounter with Raven's rivals, as well as Raven's first encounter with her rivals.

Krys's Opinion of Raven

To Krys, she thinks that Raven makes a really good ally and friend. She would consider him a great friend and enjoyed spending time with him. Deep down, Krys started to have a crush on him. She tried helping him out through troubled times. She even literally saved his life, for the cost of 5 days worth of magic. (Until she rushed home to recharge her horn.)

She couldn't really put her finger on how where to find the emeralds and why his counterparts and enemies were stealing them. Before he was looking for them, Krys showed him around Mariala City. It might of been possible that one of the places held an emerald. Also, Krys suprised him by findind a powercore emerald lying down behind her chair when they were talking.

Raven's Opinion of Krys

In Raven's opinion, he originally started considering her as a great friend with plenty of things in common. When both Krys and raven went around Mariala city, Raven was blown away by her powers and abilities.

Through Some of the adventure, Raven had considered her as a close friend, up until the encounter of Metal Raven, when M.R. attacked her in an attempt to flee with the blue gem. This when Raven slowly began to develop feelings for her, and they grew stronger as time went on.

During the battle at LOKI, and ending the war, Raven felt like he had official feelings for her and displayed when he hugged her, even though he said it was a good luck hug.

After all the gems were found, Raven felt very happy to have met her, and shy to admit his feelings. 


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Krys is at the park, yet again, looking at a bare tree.

Krys: Okay... here we go. [She looks at her book.] The restoration spell has a variation that allows to restore leaves in bare trees. Okay. Here goes nothing. [Her horn lights up and then turns a green color, suddenly a ball shoots out from her horn and then green swirls surround the branches. Leaves appear on the trees.] Much better.

Something Red just blows by at full speed past Krys. The figure stops after it blows by. It was Raven.

Raven:hey, hey. Long time no see, Krystal.

Krys: Oh my..... Raven? It really has been such a long time. 

Raven, yeah, it has. I thought I should pay you a visit. As long as you didn't mind.

Krys: Of course not. By the way, notice anything different about me?

Raven: (scans her and finds wings on her back) whoa, you gained wings!! How'd you manage that?

Krys: Well, about two weeks ago, my mom asked me to heal a little boy. He had magic guard, so I had to heal him naturally, I managed a way to restore him without using magic. Then my horn lighted up without me in control, and then wings sprouted. There's something that I never told you before I left. 3 things to be exact.

Raven: I see, what did you forget to tell me?

Krys: Well, 2 of them. I mispoke. So, A. I forgot to give you the clothes Christina gave you. [Her horn lights up and the gift box levitates.]

Raven: oh, thanks. Krys I was wondering where that went,

Krys: The seonc thing is a bit more for deep inside me. [She breaths in.] I like you. As in like like you.

Raven: (pupils shrink, but chose to maintain coolness) You're not "madly-in-love-to-follow-me-non-stop", are you?, I'm asking because I've had a run-in with that before.

Krys: Oh no.... I'm not borderline obsessed, or "madly in love to follow you nonstop" with you. I just really like you. But why would you ask me? Is there another girl out there who's "madly-in-love-to-the-point-where-she'd-follow-and-nag-you-all-day-long"?

Raven: well...yes. Her name is trinity the hedgehog, the sister of Silver the hedgehog. She and I met during iblis's attack on the planet, she fell deeply in love with me, and has been a bother most of the time. But, she does have other hobbies. I admit, I had taken pity on her and gave her a bronze rose as my of saying, I'm sorry. But she thought I painted it bronze and said I hid my affection from her. Just to understand, bronze roses resemble friendship and apology, that's it.

Krys: [She hears Raven's name called "Ravey" suddenly a white hedgehog appears. A sweat drop rolls down] .... Is that her standing right behind you then?

Raven:(Sloooowly turns around and sees her) Yes, that's --

(Trinity hugs him very tightly)

Trinity: oh, Raven, I missed you.

Raven:(Still suffocating): I....Guess... So...Too, Trin-Trin. I.,..can't..... Breathe 

Trinity: (stops hugging him tightly) oh, sorry, honey. That's pretty much how much I missed you.

Raven: Really?, are you sure that wasn't to die for?

Trinity: No, sorry.( Notices that Krys was standing there the whole time). Uh, how long have you been standing there?

Krys: For the whole thing. So.... you're Raven's best friend?

Trinity: No, I'm his future sweetheart, and he knows it.

Raven( makes that, "No I'm not, She's nuts" expression)

Trinity: So, how are you guys, like, best friends?

Krys: Future sweetheart huh? You sure about that? [Her wings speard open, she wraps her arms around Raven she kisses him.]

Trinity:( Outraged) You let go of him  theif! Raven,  tell her off.

Raven: lost in 8-bit heart mode, pupils have shrunk majorly, and sign pops out of his head saying " I dunno what you're ramming on about."

Trinity:( tries to pry her off of him) I said let him go!!

Krys: [She stops kissing Raven, but her arms are still wrapped around him. Using her wings, Krys flies off of the ground. She and Raven stay up there for about 30 seconds, and then they come back down. She suddenly realizes Raven's expression.] Oh my god...... Raven! Are you okay?

Raven: (Still in 8-bit heart mode) yeah, all's well lass, don't worry.

Trinity uses her Psychokinesis to pry Raven out of her arms, and throw him into hers, and uses her ability to throw Krys against a building.

Trinity: He isn't yours, okay? Don't make me do it again.

Trinity starts kissing him all over his face and raven running his feet in the ground to break free.

Krys: [Her horn lights up and then Trinity is magically teleported over to the tree. Raven fell since he was trying to break free, but Krys's magic levitation spell catches him.] I guess now you must feel like crud about me for kissing you, even though you actually never admitted you liked me.

Raven: uh....I wouldn't say that because I don't feel that way now. Actually, I have a bit of a surprise.

Krys: [She looks blank.] What kind of suprise.

Raven: This.( catching her by surprise, he ultimately kisses her straight on the lips,  After a few minutes he stops.) Surprise, Krys I feel the same way about you.

Krys: Oh my god.... Raven...... I guess Trinity hates my guts now that we like each other. [She receives a text.] A dance..... at Mariala City's City Square.... Did you wanna go with me?

Raven: sure, let's go.

Trinity realizes she's kissing a tree and backs off in disgust. She turns around  and hears  witnessed Raven kissing her

Trinity: (angrily) NO! HE SHOULD BE WITH ME!!

Raven: sorry, girl, but we are a couple now, so, bye-bye.

Raven and Krys walk off to the dance.

Trinity: I'll slam common sense into the two of you. Just you wait.

At the dance...

Krys and Raven arrived at the dance. Krys notices somebody.

Krys: Arthur?

Arthur runs up and gives her a hug.

Krys: Gah.... umm, you were invited too?

Arthur: Yeah. This guy your date?

Krys: Yup.

Arthur: You might want to sign in with Lili first though...

Krys: Oh yeah....

Krys and Raven walk up to an oddly fancy booth.

Lili: Krys, darling! So good to see you.

Krys: Thanks Lili.

Lili: Oh, and you brought a guest. Splending. Enjoy your stay.

Krys: Thank you. [The two walk away and sit on a bench,] So now what?

Raven: Did you have something in mind? I don't mind.

Krys: [Looks in the distance.] Uh oh! Annoying white fanbrat girl charging! [Her horn lights up and a purple barrier surrounds them.] Safe-guard spell. Now, whenever Trinity tries to kiss you, she'll be kissing a magic barrier! So now, we could get together at a restaurant up there.

Krys and Raven walk towards the restaurant and are about to go in.

It was a Chinese restaurant.

Krys: Wow, Angelina would love this. Shall we?

Raven: Ladies first.

Krys spots Trinity getting even closer.

Krys: On second thought, men first, she might break through the protection spell. Sorry about this. [Krys shoves Raven inside]

Raven: (Stumbles a bit, but stands up okay) Thanks for the save, I didn't know that was possible she could break through that. May we sit at a table of your choice? Since it's our first night out together, I want to be polite and let you decide today. And if you don't mind, Since you showed me a round town, ithink it is time that tomorrow, I show you where I live. Is that okay?

Krys: Sure.

Lady: [She walks up] Hello, welcome to our Chinese Restaurant. We serve the best in Mariala City. Are you reserving a table?

Krys: Table for 2.

Lady: I've been getting a lot of those. It's an hour late.

Krys: Or maybe not. [Her horn lights up and a table appears.]

Lady: Or, you could just eat at that table without a wait.K

Krys: Thank you.

Krys and Raven sit down.

Raven: even after a while, you still blow me away with your powers. So, uh, have you finished your practice with your magic now that you developed wings? You became an "Alicorn" right? What kind of a species is that, in detail?

Krys: Well, as an alicorn, other unicorns and pegasi look up upon me as a guide. There's only 2 alicorns in the world, the other I don't even know! And for your other question. An alicorn is just a winged unicorn. Most alicorns, like my friend, Twilight, are princesses. However, I have no royalty whatsoever.

Raven: oh, okay. But,  Krys. How did you become smitten with me? I became smitten with you when you were hurt by Metal Raven, and then slowly developed feelings for you.

Krys: I don't know, I mean, remember when you died in the hands of Metal Raven? I couldn't risk losing you, so I had to revive you with my magic. I started to have a crush on you, and then I hid it. I was afraid you were going to say you had a girlfriend, but instead you had yet another crazy-obsessed morron who's right now charging towards us.-- Charging towards us?!

Raven: Watch this( turns to Krys)

As Trinity charges for raven to seal her kiss, Raven puts up that derpy face over his, and it stops her cold. 

Trinity:what?! Who are you? RAVEN, WHERE ARE YOU?!!!!!!????

(Krys looks completely surprised that she could be fooled by a simple mask. But Krys soon realized that wasn't the end  of it. She looks to her lower left, and notices Raven's right hand is radiating an aqua green aura.Raven uses HIS psychokinesis to catapult Trinity into the mesosphere. Krys is again blown away.)

Trinity(Screaming as she is launched)

Raven(Laughs himself senseless) This never gets old, except for when she's mad, but still, classic.

Krys: Well that was kinda funny... so.... what's your favorite food to order at a Chinese Restaurant.

Raven: well, generally  it doesn't matter, as long as it is healthy, it won't bother me. What is your favorite food, out of all the food you've eaten in your life?

Krys: Salad... I know it's not a very common favorite food.

Raven: Mine is chocolate. Be it mint chocolate, dark chocolate, or peanut butter with chocolate, it never skips a beat.

Krys: Look at this. [Her horn lights up and then a screen appears showing Trinity in the Mesosphere.] What is that crazy girl doing up there?

Raven: it looks like she flailing her arms like she's falling, no wait. Oh dang. Krys, she's not flaing her arms, she flying around the planet opposite to the planet's rotation. She's preparing to travel back in time.

Krys: Should we save her?!

Raven: more like stop her, she flying like this to undo the time we met, I presume.

Krys: Okay. Hold still. I'm going to STOP TIME! [Her horn lights p and then a light blue barrier surrounds them. Then her horn lights up and a blast of light shoots out to the sky. Everything is still. It's almost as if the earth stopped spinning. The only moving people were Krys and Raven. [She looks at her screen, Trinity disappeared. She's rewritting love history, Raven. Hurry! [Krys hugs Raven and the two go back in time.]

Currently, it has been 9 months ago. The past Krys and Raven are in Mariala City, while the future Krys and Raven are behind a tree.

Krys: Our past selves? So now what?

Raven:standby, I know trinity all too well, when she travels back in time, she is delayed five minutes each time.(quietly counts down, enough so Krys can hear) five, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand..........Now!

Raven's countdown proved fruitful and Trinity appeared right on schedule.

Trinity:(thinks to herself) I'll erase that witch from the time line one way or the next.

Krys: [She uses her mind reading spell] Oh my god..... I'm not a witch....  how am I going to do this?

Raven:( sneaks behind Krys and rolls into a  bush)

Krys: [Krys runs into a vacant building. Unseen by Trinity, her horn lights up and Trinity, under Krys's control, magically teleports into a human spanking machine in the park. Her horn lights up again, and Krys and Raven teleport into a tree in the park, watching the spanking machine go.]

Raven:(laughs and points) this is even better than the incident  in Noxxida Sikhan, while Radon gets a legitimate butt kicking by humans.

Krys: [She the past Raven running back to his mansion.) Oh yeah. Trinity's too late. This is the time where we both left each other. The Human Spanking Machine started when Arthur and I were magic dueling.

Raven: Now that is even better to know. Come on, Krystal. Let's go back to our time, and we have to bring current Trinity back with us.

Krys: Okay. [Her horn lights up and a portal appears. Still lighting, Trinity is magically going into the portal.]

Krys, Raven and Trinity arrive back in the present. Time is still frozen from Krys's Time Manipulation spell. Krys grabs Raven's arm and she flies as fast as she could into the restaurant. While doing so, her horn lights up, and a blue beam shoots at the sky. Time is now moving again.

Krys: We're back.

Raven: And the music player is still going. Well, I guess, before we eat, may I have this dance with you, Krystal?

Krys: But of course, Raven. [Her horn lights up and she magically changes into a pink top and a lighter pink dress. This dress had blue flowers in it. She was also wearing pink heels. Raven was also now wearing a dark black suit with a red vest with a dark tie, with dress pants and dress shoes. Krys lifts her skirt, saying she is ready to dance.]

Raven:(nods his head) 

(They begin to slow dance)

Raven: I love you, Krys. I always will.

Krys: Nothing will ev, not even your psychopath fangirl. [She kisses him]

Raven::(kisses her back) what should we do after this? Are we going to pass out at your place?

Krys: Sure. But, do you live here, or in Cyberspace?

Raven: I live here, Cyberspace is gone.

Krys: Oh.....  so now what do you want to do?

Raven: Whatever you wanna do.

Krys: So.... we ate.... we danced..... we talked.... and right now it's 9 PM...... do you want to stay over my place? Or did you want me to stay over your's?

Raven: we'll stay over at your place tonight, Krys, and then we'll visit my place tomorrow, okay? Also, what did you think about tonight?

Krys: It was a whole lot of fun. But geez, I'm exhausted.

Raven: I'm glad to hear it. Alright, let's head on to your place, Krys.

Krys and Raven leave the restaurant. Lili stops them.

Lili: Leaving already, Krys dear?

Krys: I'm sorry but yes. I really enjoyed this gala. Whenever you come up to Mariala Ctiy, you always throw the best galas! Not even Gaudia has galas this grand.

Lili: Why thank you, Miss Mariala. I will be here for at least a week, even though back home Candlelight, Ashley and Monica keep sending me emails begging me to come home.

Krys: Well, thanks anyway!

Lili: Bye-bye dear. [Krys and Raven walk to her house.]

As they were walking to krys"'s place, neither of them realized the threat watching them. Team fashion as at again after they learned about their secret feelings, joining them was Raven's most dangerous Counterpart, Radon.

Radon: well, this is too precious. The former member of your group is in love with a half robot. Hahahahaaaaahahaha.

Chloe: I forgot, Mimi, how did we even kick her out?

Mimi: How many times do I have to say it?! Krys stood up to that ugly f*cker Christina!

Jamie: Yeah, I do love seeing that girl get hurt.

Chloe: What's this?

Mimi: What's what?

Chloe: There appears to be a white thing running towards them.

Mimi: [She uses her identification binoculars to spot on her.] Weird, she looks like that Silver hunk, but [She cracks up.] And he's wearing a dress.

Jamie: Common sense Mims, it is a girl!

Mimi: Chloe! I need you to go down there and get that "Silvia" on our side!

Chloe: Yes ma'am.

As Krys and Raven walk home, Trinity appears to be chasing her, but is then stopped by Chloe.

Trinity: What are you doing?!!?, I was about to...oh, forget it. Who are you, anyway?

Radon: well, mims, you're mouth is more persuasive than what Scourge could could say in his speech. But finding that retched hag is step one of my plot. Mimi, Jamie, ears open because this benefits you as it does me. When Chloe comes back, restrain her , and tape her jaw shut. This will prevent her from spilling any secrets. Also, not to change the subject or anything, but either one of you know how to work a lockdown system? Because this is called The MGL System, you'll see the results soon enough. But for that to work, Mimi will shape shift to be either Krys or Raven depending on who you decided to kidnap, but the robot is what I strongly recommend, then with a simple message from Jamie will  lure them here, which will trigger the lockdown, rending a certain witch powerless, then we exterminate them both and Christina, which will assure our victory. Any questions?

Mimi: Yeah. How is TIna going to come here?

Radon: I don't know who that is, but I'll arrange a way to do it.

Chloe: I am Chloe. Come with me.

Chloe drags Trinity over to where Random, Jamie and Mimi are.

Jamie: I told you it was a girl!

Mimi: Good lord! Chloe, we have need no use of you anymore. [Mimi straps duct tape on her mouth and straps her to a chair.]

Meanwhile, with Krys and Raven....

Krys: Well here we are.

Raven: it's a lot more beautiful than what I remember.

Krys: Aww.... thanks.

Krys and Raven walk inside.

Raven: so, uh, do you want to head up to your room or whaddya wanna do?

Krys: Sure.

Krys and Raven exit the library and walk upstairs to find Krys's actual living room. It was arranged like a living room, except the ceiling was oddly high, and there was a second floor in the same room for where Krys sleeps.

Krys: I guess we're sharing a bed tonight.

Raven: Alright then. Shall we get some sleep, Krystal?

Krys: We shall, Raven. But first, unless you want to see me take of my clothes, you might want to turn.

Raven:(turns around) 

Krys takes off her clothes, and throws them in her hamper. She finds her pajamas and puts them on. Her horn also lowers.

Raven(turns around) oh wow, you look great. (Yawns) well, let's get some sleep, albeit we're both exhausted.

Krys: Yup.

Krys gets into her bed, takes her covers, turns off the lights and falls asleep.

Raven enters shutdown mode and falls asleep.

While they were asleep, Jamie and Radon were trying to decide who to kidnap, Mimi was trying g to convince Trinity to join their team.

Radon : Well, Raven is not a magician, but he would make great bait for hair because she "loves him a lot". Any differences?

Jamie: ... No.... I want to see Mimi kidnap Raven.

Meanwhile, with Krys....

Krys opens up one eye, and her horn lights up. She performs her duplication spell, to make a decoy of herself.

Magical Double Krys: Krys?! What ar-

Krys: [She sh'es her double, and whispers.] I know something is going to happen. So I need you to stay with Raven.

Magic Double Krys: [Salutes and falls asleep next to Raven.]

The real Krys uses her invisibilty spell, and then her molecule scramble spell to fly away through the wall without being seen. For now, she hides in the trees.]

Radon: (sniffs) I smell fraudulence, Jamie, take a look around that bed, I got my eyes around that tree, something doesn't seem right. Don't take anything lightly, got it?

Jamie: 'Sir. [Jamie Kicks open Krys's door runs upstairs]

Radon: aha!!, radiation levels in molecular structure of the tree prove excessive. I know you're hiding here, kid, you can't hide here. (Radon uses RK scan  and detects  a molecular thing moving from place to place, and started chasing it, only to be fooled by decoys and realizes it.)

Radon gets furious and uses RK purge, dragging Krys outta hiding.

Radon: what do we have here?(covers her mouth and removes her horn) Jamie, exterminate the double and knock this one unconscious. Actually, I'll do it.

Radon sprays  her with a pink smog, and she is knocked out) Kidnap the bot, hurry but destroy the decoy first!

Jamie: Yessir!

Jamie knocks out the double of Krys. However, "pegasus" Krys disappears into a pink sparkle. Jamie then realized that she was trying to exterminate the real Krys.

Krys: Have a nice day! [Krys flies through the roof, and flees to the point that not even Sonic could catch up with her speed.]

Radon: (hears the roof shatter and runs upstairs) What the heck is--  ( Radon was about to go all out in rage for The failure of this, he realized Raven was sound asleep the entire time. Radon secured his plot with a cloud of magic guard to prevent any kind of incident happening again) 

Radon: Let's go, I got the feet you get the shoulders. Oh , and this is the start. Next we find Christina, got that?

Krys arrives at Christina's house. She teleports into the door, and finds Bloodstone's room. She rushes up there and steals her magic wand.

Bloodstone: [She wakes up.] Krys! What are you doing.

Krys: No time to explain. [She takes her wand and says the words to activate the flight spell onto Raven.] Obzavetry [She then finds the teleportation spell for others.] Lamifickent

Raven suddenly disappears from their sight, and ends up outside Christina's garden. Krys puts Bloodstone's magic wand down, and she finds Raven.

Raven wakes up in the garden

Raven: huh? How did I...Krys what happened just now?

Krys: It's Randon. There after us. We have to hide.

Raven: Dangit, him again? Alright , let's see what we can find.

Krys: Hmmm... [She takes out her cell phone and calls Ashley.] Ashley? It's Krys. I know it's 4 AM, and I'm sorry to interrupt. May I use the Chaotix Top Secret launch room in the park? Thank you soooooo so much. Now go back to sleep. [She hangs up.] C'mon!

Krys and Raven teleport to the park. From there, Krys and Raven dash and find a statue. Krys finds the hidden button installed that was camoflauged in the bush. The two find an elevator, as the two go down it. As they arrive, they end up in the C.A.S.H, also known as the Chaotix Agency Secret Hideout

Back with Radon and Jamie....

Radon: That girl's gonna pay, if not with blood, but her own life. What else do you know about that ... Rat? Actually, tell me on the way alright. Don't worry, I have a back up, and you're gonna help me. Got it?

Jamie: Krys isn't easy to beat like Christina, by all means after her alicornization, she might be immortal!

Radon:(facepalms) great, another pain in the crotch to deal with for all of eternity. Wait s minute, (sniffs) Life sources, straight ahead, only this time, they won't be around for  long. 

Radon intensifies the radiation level in his body, and then summons his full power, and transforms into radon the unstable. Then he transfers some of his energy to Jamie, giving her a transformation., 

Radon :let's go.

Back with Krys and Raven....

Raven:Oh no, Radon just transformed, and he gave some of his power to Jamie. 

Krys: This isn't good.

Krys grabs Raven's hand and the two run to the lobby. From their Krys uses her invisibility spell.

Krys: I hate hurting somebody, but they leave me no choice but to use my poison smoke spell. [Krys's horn lights up, and then the color changes to a very pale purple. Smog lifts around the arena, that poisons whoever touches it. Because of Krys's protection spell from earlier, the two are safe]

Raven: Are you sure that this will put strain in their objective?

Krys: I don't know about it, but side effects cause nasty circle-like blisters on your hands.

Raven:(thinks to himself) owwwwwch.

Radon and Jamie blast open the doors in their Unstable forms.

Radon: where are you hiding? Come on out, fleshies. Jamie, come with me. (Contacts Mimi) lass, how's the progress?

Jamie: Sir!

They look around and find out that the targets are hiding beyond the smog, radon then notices the poison in the smog, but they slip through unhurt, which is really confusing.

Radon and Jamie start annihilating the doors to the lobby.

Radon : I smell your presence in there, and it'll all be over soon.

Inside the lobby, Raven started building up anger and rage, which raised some concern for Krys. Raven then tried to tap in to his inner rage, but it was lagging.

Raven: ugh, this is it! It is time to end this!!! 

The inner savage from within made raven take feral stance, and transformed very slowly..

Krys: [The invisibilty spell wears off.] Gah! Dang it! How does Raven put up with a crooked creep like you?! [Krys flies out of the roof very fast.] Vector's going to be real upset after this.

Raven was still inside, which was transforming at a now rapid rate. Krys looks down and watches in disbelief as he changed into his wilderbeast form.

W.R.:  ( deeply snarled and growled) TIME TO DIE!

W.R. plows down the door on all fours and starts attacking Radon, Jamie notices Krys outside, and fights her. Radon and Jamie attack them hard, but Krys and Raven's weren't compared. W.R. hacks away at Radon, but eats retaliation by Radon's RK Bolt Strike, Jamie attacks using RK assault, but Krys dodges and uses her magic to fire magic bolts at Jamie. The fight rages on and on. Until Radon and Jamie suspiciously surrender.

Radon(out of breath) fine, fine. We get it. 

Krys: Oh..... well, okay then.

Raven and Krys were about to head back to celebrate, when Radon secretly fires a mega Rk blast at both of them , tearing some of the roof apart, collapsing on them while they were unconscious. The two get back on their feet, and decided to fuse together, which raised their power to a whole different meaning.

Radon\Jamie fusion: Now is the time for destruction!!!

Under the rubble, while the fusion wrecks havoc across the city, Raven and Krys had flashbacks of their friends and family that were very close to them, they soon gain the strength to climb out of the rubble, but watch in disbelief as to what is happening right in front of them.

Raven: of all the power that Möbius has to offer, this is insanity! Krys we need to find out how to fuse before it is too late!

Krys: ... [Krys has a flashback of her middle school years.]


Chloe: Kryssie, it's so stupid that we all have boyfriends and you don't!

Jamie: Kicking you out was definetly a good choice.

Krys: Is there a problem with not having a boyfriend?

Mimi: The power of love is everything, now buzz off, ugly!

-End of Flashback.-

Suddenly, the moon gives off a rainbow glow. The rainbow glow goes on her irises, and then she finds out something.

Krys: [Mumbling] True love. [To Raven] True love. That's the only way. It might sound crazy, but it's true.

Raven: if that is that is the case, then how can we determine our true love? Do we have to say something? Are we supposed to kiss? What's the secret?

Krys: You just have to show it. Love is more powerful than any of Randon's little shenanigans. What's the best way you show your love for another.

Raven: Like this. (Raven goes head on and kisses her full on the lips)

Suddenly, a purple aura lights between Krys and Raven. The two might fuse.

The other fusion notices this and tries to land an attack, but it is ultimately knocked back. Krys and Raven keep kissing as the aura continues lighting up.

Krys: [Her horn lights up. And her voice echoes in three pitches, two deeper than her usual voice, one staying the same.] Within us, our love is nothing very ordinary. Any catastrophe that comes our way will be defeated. Defeat is not an option.

Suddenly, a huge sphere forms, and the fussion of Jamie and Randon break. Krys and Raven also return back to normal.

Jamie: Huh? [She looks up.] GAAH! My beautiful hair! My beautiful beautiful hair. I need a spa, STAT! [She flees away]

Krys: [She chuckles] Typical Team Fashion.

Radon:(covered in ashes, but stumbles to his feet) I..don't understand.... Jamie and I fused, we knocked you dead. How do you live through that?R

Raven:Love is stronger than hate, red-head. Our love is strength, as some may call it, but it was the strength that overcame you, not our love.

Radon:I think I'll take matters like this in my hands!, come on, let me break open your necks!

Raven(uses Psycho kinesis to chuck radon back to Moebius) I'll get you Raven Cyberhoooooooooog! 

Raven: Well, that takes care of that. Come on, let's go over to my place, and don't worry, Krystal, some of the Conbot rebels are already fixing up what was lost. 

Krys: Sure thing. Krys and Raven walk out of the lair, and into the morning light.

The two arrive at the mansion

Raven: well, we're here. I know it is a bit much, but here, i'll show you around.

Krys: Holy stars..... it's quite.... big. Probably the second biggest house I've seen in my life.

Raven: thanks, it is quite surprise when you are familiar with the place, take the front door for example.

Raven steps close to the front and the door rises open. See, watch your step. This isn't the only thing out of the ordinary.

Raven walks her in and the foyer was beautiful. A giant staircase leading to the front door, a chandelier dangling from the ceiling, and, among the fancy stuff, Krys takes note that some of the furniture was oddly positioned to the left of the staircase. 

Krys: This is unique....

Raven: and here is where it is out of the ordinary.

Raven stands under the chandelier and the chandelier starts rotating, and the floor started to look like a stand,  only to see that is actually a teleporter. And the furniture moves apart, and some of the wall opens up to reveal a futuristic looking door.

Raven:Crazy ain't it?

Krys: I'd say.

Raven: okay then, let me show you the house. First, I'll show you my family if that's fine.

Krys: Of course not.

Raven then showed her around the mansion and showed her to his sisters' but during this' he thought they may have forgotten something.

Raven: why do I feel that we forgot something? Wait, did we?

Krys: Not that I know of...

Outside stuff

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