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Koya's first word

Series Sonic Angels
  • Koya-chan
  • Koya-kun
  • Fuchsia's kid
  • Whiny little brat
  • Drooling brat
  • Evil little <drool, puke, etc.> machine
  • Stupid kid (by Hayate)
  • The baby
  • Cute little kitten
Species Bakeneko/ 1% angel
Gender Male♂
Height 1'2"
Weight 12lb
Age 9 months
Fur light brown orange
Eyes orange
Attire white diaper, light blue booties with matching mittens (to keep him from scratching himself) orange bib (sometimes) yellow onesie (sometimes)
Birthplace Angie town
Romantic Interests
  • None, hes just a baby
Alignment good
Likes his sisters, attention, his mom, cat toys, catnip, yarn, milk, eating, food, people with good auras, baths, being patted or stroked, playing, being played with, soft things, crawling, walking, climbing, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Miles "Tails" Prower, Rouge the Bat, Shadow the Hedgehog, Vanilla the Rabbit, The Chaotix
Dislikes being wet, being left alone, being ignored, scary things, people with bad auras,loud noises, diaper rashes, falling over when he tries to walk, being held for more than 30 minutes, being teased, the devils (other than Shadow), teething pains, playpens, car seats, Rika the Tanuki(at first), Hana the Kitsune(at first) Jet the Hawk, Dr. Eggman
  • Telepathy
  • Aura sensing
  • Escape artist
  • Good at climbing

Koya Zephra is an 9 month old anthropomorphic bakeneko and 1% angel. He is Fuchsia's younger brother (often mistaken to be her child) and Hikari's youngest son. Because he cannot talk yet, he often communicates through body language or telepathy. He can read the minds of others and sense auras, despite his age.


Koya dosent have much history, because he is still just a baby, except that he was born eight months prior to Fuchsia's twelveth birthday, and he was 2 months early. He is the often mistaken to be Fuchsia's child, this makes her very angry. It is often pointed out (mostly by Rouge) that Fuchsia is not very good at taking care of him.


For unknown reasons, Koya has learned how to read other peoples thoughts, sense auras, and communicate telepathically. This is first noticed in Sonic Angels when he was jealous of Dia getting all of the attention. He also can sense chaos emeralds from miles away. Like all babies, he needs his mother or his sisters' help. He isnt very good at walking yet, but he can climb and open doors. He also can easily escape from cribs, playpens, car seats and highchairs.


All of the weaknesses that comes with being a baby.


Koya is very sweet, kind, and playful; and he loves attention. However, he is very demanding, he seems to always want affection. When he dosent get the attention he wants, he will start crying until someone pays attention to him. Like the average house cat, he is startled and distracted very easily. He has a very short attention span, and cannot stop himself from chasing small objects. Despite being just a baby, he appears to show remarkable intelegence.



If your character can be considered an enemy/rival, please state why.

  • Dr. Eggman- He messes with him when he kidnaps him.
  • Hana the Kitsune- She doesn't take care of him right, she often give him the wrong thing.
  • Hayate the Okami- He teases him by taking his toys, knocking him down when he tries to walk, and teasing him with a lazer pointer.
  • Ginji the Kapa- He teases and harasses him, he makes him cry alot.
  • Seiko & Yuki- They tease and harass him alot, they try to make him cry.
  • Keke the Cat- She calls Koya insulting names like "retarded b*tch" or "retardo baby". She trys to make him cry


  • Koya bears striking resemblance to his biological father.
    • The funny thing is that he is nothing like him. Koya is sweet and loveable while his father is cold and cruel.
  • Despite being born two months early, he does not show any signs of any health complications.



"Goodabah adaagah"



"Onee-chan"-His first word

"Tomodachi?"-Roleplay:Halloween Night


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