Kou as his true form! ^.^

Kou the Bat is Renée's pet bat.


Species: Bat.
Powers: Shape-shifting and hypnotisim.
Weapons: (N/A)

Batty (Most people)

Kou-Kou (Fan girls)

Cute Bat (Fangirls)

Brainless Idiot (By Enemies)

Themes: (N/A)
Likes: Flying, Night, Renée.
Dislikes: Kuru, Bullies, Light.
Weakness: (N/A)

In his Mobius form, he is a brown bat with dark blue eyes.


Finding Renée

He was bought by Renée's father and given to her as a birthday present, he has helped her ever sicne and they share a great bond with each other.

Relationships with Other Characters

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Renée the Hedgehog

His relationship with Renée dates back to her 5th birthday, where he was given to her as a present. They have been together ever since, Kou helping her out when he can.

Kuru the Succucat

Kou likes winding Kuru up, saying that she could never beat his owner and plays pranks on her by turning into a sledgehammer and whacking her on the head.

Mark the Fox

Kou likes ticking him off, because he doesn't like the fact that Mark likes his owner. Kou also likes ticking off Kram, but he often gets in trouble for it.


Rank/Fighting Quotes

"Score for the batman!" ~Getting an 'A' rank.

"Not bad.." ~Getting a 'B' rank.

"Egh, I tried" ~Getting a 'C' rank.

"You are kidding me?" ~Getting a 'D' rank.

"Ah man!" ~Getting an 'E' rank.

"Hammer time!" ~Turning into a sledgehammer.

"Burn, baby burn!" ~Turning into a flamethrower.

"Bomb's away!" ~Turning into a bomb.

"Rapid-fire attack!" ~Turning into a machine gun.

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