Kou: Hello all! My name is Kou Nazomori, but you guys already know that. I'm here to share some info on all the people I have met before, along with some of my opinions. If you want to take comments, leave it on the talkpage, I don't wanna deal with so much fuss on my page T^T


Cielestra the Caolf

My mistress, the one and only Cielestra. I was with her ever since she was a young girl, and I'll never leave her side. She is a sweet girl, and one of her dreams is to protect her friends and others ^^ Sweet or what?

Saizo Marushagan

The (suposedly) master to Cielestra. I met Saizo when he was training my mistress. I didn't get a good impression of him to start with (T^T). But... I can bear with him everyone once in a while, but sometimes I think he's *cough overpowered cough* Anyway.... moving swiftly on...

Alex the Virus

My mistress's 'boyfriend. Little does he know, I;ve been watching the two secretly (>:P). LIke others have said, if he messes with Ciel, he's gonna get a hell lot of beatings from me and a lot of other people. I think he's an undead freak sometimes, but note to you all: Stay the hell away from him if you value your life when hurting his friends.

Ryan and Leon Kurai

Two foxes being the alternates of each other, what more can you get? Ryan is fun to mess with, and I normally get away with everything. But in Leon's case..... I get pummeled when I mess with him (T^T). They're both fun to wind up, but they hurt alot.

That's all for now folks! If you want my opinion of you, answer on the talkpage :P


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