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|Skills =
|Skills =
|Abilities =Advanced combat;Flight;Semi-prehensile tail
|Abilities =Advanced combat;Flight;Semi-prehensile tail
|Powers =Pyromancy - inherited from Valdugard;Aeromancy - inherited from Ruhalia;Novice-level [[Scorch (Element)|Scorch]] manipulation;[[Guts]] - Genetic Ability
|Powers =Pyromancy - inherited from Valdugard;Aeromancy - inherited from Ruhalia;Novice-level [[Smoke (Element)|Smoke]] manipulation;[[Guts]] - Genetic Ability
|Weaponry =
|Weaponry =

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Kotuumath the Halfbreed
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Kotuumath the Halfbreed is a member of The Random Rangers, and often serves as the group's brawn. He is the child of a female, non-Mobian (but still sapient) dragon and a male Mobian dragon.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Standing a good few feet taller than most Mobians (at about 6 feet), Kotuumath is a lean-muscled, fairly athletic half-Mobian dragon. He has a medium-length, fairly narrow snout, a long, relatively thick tail, and a pair of large wings on his back; the wings are much like those of a wind dragon, being partially feathered, and he inherited this physical trait from his mother. He has a pair of fairly long horns on his head that curl backwards slightly, and rather large, pointed ears. He also has feathers growing around his neck and shoulders, and his upper canine teeth always poke out of his mouth.

His scales are mostly cadet gray in color, with a white chest and stomach, as well as slate gray markings around his eyes. His hair, which is medium-length, wild and messy, is black in color, and his eyes are fulvous in color. The feathers on his wings, neck and shoulders are also slate gray in color.



Base Stats
Stamina Great
Strength Great
Energy Great
Durability Good
Resistance Average
Speed Great - on land
Superior - flying
Reflexes Great
Magic Great
Kinesis N/A
Intellect Good
Other Stats
Eyesight Great
Hearing Superior
Olfactory Great

Able to attack comfortably up close and from range, he is a seasoned fighter, and bears a number of natural armaments that make him especially dangerous up close; his sharp claws make him a strong hand-to-hand combatant, he has strong jaws with very sharp teeth, and his horns can be used to land punishing headbutts. His long, strong, tail is also semi-prehensile, and makes for a surprisingly good weapon, able to sweep light-weight opponents off their feet. Naturally, he is also capable of flight.

Being the son of a wind dragon and a fire dragon, Kotuumath is able to easily wield both of these Elements, thanks primarily to the training he received from both parents. He wields many techniques of both Elements, but heavily favors offensive ones, like Flamethrower and Air Slash. He is also capable of manipulating the Fire/Wind combo element of Smoke, but to a considerably weaker degree than his Fire and Wind manipulation; he is only able to pull off basic techniques of this Element.

Genetic Ability: GutsEdit

Inherited from his father, Valdugard, this genetic ability activates whenever Kotuumath is burned, poisoned or paralyzed. When activated, it boosts Kotuumath's physical strength by about 50%. Guts does not counter the loss in speed and agility from being paralyzed, nor does it counter the damage-over-time effect from being poisoned or burned; however, it does nullify the drop in physical strength from being burned.


Kotuumath is somewhat resistant to the Element of Wind. His Fire-aligned attacks are strengthened in hot, dry weather, and his ability to reliably attack both up close and from far away gives him plenty of combative options. He is also quite fast, able to outpace slower opponents with ease, especially while in the air; this is further bolstered by his ability to manipulate the Wind element. His ability to manipulate Wind also allows him to completely nullify harmful, gas-based techniques, primarily those aligned with Poison.


Kotuumath is weak to the Element of Electricity, Water and Earth. Ice-aligned techniques are even more hazardous; given his reptilian nature, this as well as cold weather in general is rather dangerous to him, slowing him down significantly and potentially killing him if he is exposed for too long. Severely cold weather can also hinder his fire powers, as can particularly rainy or moisture-heavy conditions. Having his limbs and wings restricted in any way also limits his usage of his Wind powers, if not outright nullifying them. Despite his good stamina, his overall defenses are subpar, and strong attacks of any Element he is weak to can easily take him out.

He also lacks knowledge of technology, as he didn't grow up around any of it. This may or may not be an actual weakness, depending on what he encounters. He'd definitely be the guy to say, "What's this button do?".

Extremely loud, piercing noises are also a "weakness"; they cause him extreme pain and can easily incapacitate him, leaving him vulnerable for a few minutes.

Forms and FusionsEdit

Spade KotuumathEdit

A form that appears only in House of Cards.

Friends and FoesEdit







Often rude, sarcastic and brash (with a rather quick temper), Kotuumath is nonetheless a caring guy, but he can be quite cocky. He is very reckless, however, and, to an extent, violent and aggressive. The fact that he is also labeled as an "Anti Hero" is because of his rebellious nature and willingness to break rules. Kotuumath also has a twisted sense of humor. He despises loud, piercing noises, and has a habit of lashing out at whatever made the noise. His dislike for loud noises is most likely because of his sensitive hearing. He also swears a lot (usually when he's mad).

Although he is almost always a good sport, on rare occasions, he'll become distant and brooding if he loses a fight. This happens if his honor and/or dignity has been challenged, and he has failed to protect it. Kotuumath will never run from a fight. He also hates to be called weak. He is absolutely cruel and merciless to his foes, and will kill them brutally without a second thought.

Whenever Kotuumath is about to fight, white smoke will start to waft from his nostrils. The smoke will be black if he is enraged. He is unafraid to "take a bullet" for his friends, regardless of the risk to his life.

Positive TraitsEdit

  • Brave
  • Caring

Negative TraitsEdit

  • Reckless
  • Cruel at times
  • Short-sighted

Neutral TraitsEdit


"It's time to dance with death, baby!"

"Iiiiiiiit's PARTY TIIIIIME!!"

"You've just made the most dangerous enemy you can possibly imagine!"

"I'll turn you into kibble!!"

"Consider your ass kicked!"

"Hey, what's this button do?"

"That's MY hostage! Go get your own!!"


  • Matthew Charles Sanders is the lead singer of the band Avenged Sevenfold.
  • An ectotherm describes any reptilian; they must rely upon the sun to warm up their bodies, and the cold is dangerous to them.

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