Biographical Description
Diet TypeHerbivore
Biome Range
Physical Description
Avg. Height2 feet (at the shoulder)
Avg. Weight
Body TypeQuadrupedal
Coat TypeFur
Sexual PhenotypeMonomorphic
Reproductive Information
Reproduction Method
Gestation Period
Offspring TypeViviparous
No# of Offspring1-2

Koskerafi are an uncommon, multi-Element species that lives on the planet Mobius, and are a type of Summon, as well.


Resembling petite, non-Mobian deer, Koskerafi are small, slender quadrupeds with rather short, narrow muzzles, large, diamond-shaped ears, and dainty hooves that seem to glitter like gems. Their most striking features are their antlers, which look like they are carved out of crystal; the appearance of the antlers varies between each Elemental subspecies.

Unlike regular deer, Koskerafi have fairly long and fluffy tails, with longer fur at the bottom, and crystals growing out of their upper backs and shoulders. The fur around their hooves tends to be longer.


Koskerafi can be aligned with any of the ten Elements; however, unlike highly diverse species like Imps and Dragons, there are less differences between each subspecies beyond the Element they wield, save for the unique antlers of each subspecies. Each Elemental subspecies is based on different types of Elemental crystals; for example, the Ice-Aligned Koskerafi (known as Algid Koskerafi) have antlers and crystal growths that resemble raw Algidite.



Koskerafi are a somewhat timid species, preferring to keep to themselves. They live in small herds of up to fifteen individuals, keeping close together for safety. Two Koskerafi in a herd will stay up while the others sleep, keeping watch for predators. This role is swapped every two hours or so, so that everyone gets a chance to sleep.


Koskerafi are mostly herbivorous, but may eat fruit and fungi as well.




Small and rather fragile, Koskerafi very rarely fight. They are quite fast, however, and their antlers serve as good melee weapons, as do their hard hooves. They're much more likely to flee rather than fight, however.

Like Imps, Koskerafi can be aligned with any of the Ten Elements. apart from using their hooves and antlers as weapons, they primarily use ranged, energy-based attacks; both their antlers and crystal growths seem to come alive with energy whenever they use their Elemental abilities, and their antlers are the primary locus of their powers, hence why they are so valuable.

Known Owners

Those who own Koskerafi, typically as a Summon.

Other Information


The antlers of Koskerafi, which serve as the loci of their Elemental powers, are incredibly valuable, as are the crystals that grow out of their backs and shoulders; this is the primary reason they frequently fall victim to poachers, who will remove the entire antlers, hooves, and back/shoulder gems from the animal. The victim is often killed beforehand, as they will otherwise perish slowly from blood loss, if not end up crippled for life without any hooves should they survive the blood loss somehow.

Antler Farming

However, it is possible to 'farm' the crystalline antlers of Koskerafi without harming the creatures, and Anatoli the Echidna is one such person who has paid for sustainable Koskerafi farms. Their antlers are farmed by simply cutting off the upper points of a full-grown Koskerafi, and then allowing them to grow back; the bases of the antlers remain untouched, and the process is entirely painless for the animal, as their crystalline antlers contain no nerve endings to speak of. The antlers will still grow regularly (albeit slowly) as long as the host animal is kept well and healthy.


  • It's name is a portmanteau of kosmima (Greek for "gem"), keras (Greek for "horn") and elafi (Greek for "deer"); their name essentially means "gem-horn deer".
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