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Korudo the Wolf

  • (Full) Name: Cole "Korudo" Thomas
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Arctic Wolf
  • Alignment: Good
  • Relationship Status: Taken.
  • Fur Color: White
  • Hair Color: Icy Blue
  • Eye Color: Dark Blue
  • Likes: Making new friends if he's not too shy, being healthy, practicing his archery, visiting his home in Ice Cap, exploring new places, safe havens, his girlfriend Natalie.
  • Dislikes: Snooty people, getting sick all the time like he usually does, embarrassing himself, in front of others, his occasional shyness.
  • Romantic Interests: Natalie Wolff (Jason the Wolf's younger Sister)


Korudo's eyes are a deep blue while his hair is an icy blue. The inside of his ears are a pale white as is his muzzle. His usual attire consists of a red and black striped pull over hoodie and a short green scarf he wraps around his neck. He also has a black band around his head, but this does not show over his bangs. He wears black fingerless gloves, and some normal black jeans plus black tennis shoes and if not those, then black or red Converse. His muzzle is sometimes flushed due to his weak immune system, so he is prone to catching cold more often than not.


Korudo's original birth place is unknown, but most of his friends know that he grew up in Ice Cap Zone. He's an arctic wolf, and quickly grew immune to the cold weather there. When he was young, his guardians started to train him in the skill of archery, skill of his ancestors. He is one of the few in his generation in Ice Cap to actually unlock the power to use Earthly elements for his bows, arrows, and other numerous weapons. When he decided to leave Ice Cap, he moved to a nice sized apartment in a more rural part outside of a decent sized city. Usual very day people were surprised that a boy at the age of 14 would leave home and live on his own. He decided to leave at such a young age because he was looking for a bit more excitement, and was very excited to learn about the world that he had only read about in stories. He has a crush on Jason the Wolf's younger sister, Natalie. She's always hanging out with him, ever since they met at a park one rainy day when Korudo didn't have an umbrella at a neighbor hood bus stop.


Korudo is usually quiet, and usually keeps to himself around strangers. He's good friends with Jamie the Fox, and they hang out quite often. He's quite shy when it comes to meeting new people, but it doesn't take to long for him to come out of his shell, and show people that he's a very nice and trustworthy person. He usually doesn't take things to serious, unless they need to be. One of his few traits are that his immune system is very weak, and he gets sick very often, but doesn't stay home until he gets over it. He just usually goes everywhere with a cold, trying his best not to spread it. Although, when he's pushed around by others, he doesn't hesitate sharing his germs with them. But sometimes, however, he gets persuaded by Natalie, and sometimes her best friend Lindsey, to stay home when he's not feeling well. He's usually so oblivious to his sickness sometimes, that he passes out due to exhaustion in public places. So it's a good thing Natalie usually takes him home and takes care of him until he's better.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his time living with experienced and all knowing Mobians in Ice Cap, Korudo has unlocked the amazing abilities of his ancestors on how to use common elements as arrows and bows. Earth, water, fire, lightning, ice, air, the list goes on for him. He can also use the elements for an advantage as other weapons, shall the need arise. The down side to the whole elemental thing is that since he's prone to illness, sometimes when he sneezes, he expels a different element, which is quite dangerous if your too close to him when he does. For example, if your standing right next to him, and he sneezes, it could result in a very painful experience whether its ice, or, god forbid, fire.


Besides his elemental abilities, Korudo is a master archer with almost any bow you can think of. These skills give him extra perks. He's very, VERY patient and doesn't waste time. His aim is incredibly accurate and his timing is on point. Besides archery, he had been trained in other ways such as common self defense when he doesn't have a way to summon a bow and arrows. These teachings were more along the lines of hand to hand combat for those up close and personal encounters with enemies.


As stated many times before, Korudo is very prone to illness. Mostly the common cold and the flu. Besides this, there aren't any other known weaknesses that Korudo has. He doesn't like heat all that much due to his love for the cold however.

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