The universe where my characters live alongside Sonic and his pals. Designed to be as close to the games as possible, the Sonic Unleashed locations were used (Adabat, Apotos, Empire City, etc.) instead of the usual ones (Station Square, Mystic Ruins, etc.) when designing this universe because obviously Station Square does not take up a whole country, for example. The main difference between the normal continuity and this universe is that many of the residents of the main country here, Korohimito, have the ability to cast magic of all kinds, from simple fire spells all the way to destructive dark spells and holy light magic.

Locations of Importance


Korohimito is divided into five prefectures, one seceded but not formally recognized by the other nations.


  • Miyazaki Prefecture
    • Korohimito City
      • Royal Palace
    • Kreisan City
      • Kreisan Military Boarding School
  • Shimizu Prefecture (Shimizu Kingdom)
    • Shimizu City
      • Rebel Palace
    • Xischloros City
  • Hayashi Prefecture
  • Sato Prefecture
  • Izuka Prefecture


Korohimito is a relatively new kingdom, having existed for only five generations. It is already strife with warfare, however; the Shimizu Prefecture, the prefecture dealing mainly in technology, seceded from Korohimito two generations ago due to Korohimito's government maltreating them. Korohimito's king, outraged, declared war in an attempt to reconquer the new Shimizu Kingdom. Korohimito's magical army didn't count on one thing; Shimizu had the upper hand in android technology, and could generate soldiers faster than Korohimito could train them. This began an inconclusive war that kept dragging on for two generations, up to now. This will all change soon due to the efforts of seven young heroes.

Important Inhabitants

  • Prince Akihiko Miyazaki
  • Princess Kimiko Miyazaki
  • Tsuneo Kobayashi
  • Usagi Kobayashi
  • Prince Daichi Shimizu
  • Amaterasu Himura
  • Mitsuru Shirotera


As said above, Korohimito is known for a plethora of races, among them human and Sonic's race. They are detailed below.

  • Humans
    • This race does not need explanation; there is one reading this page right now. You.
  • Rikou
    • A race generated by fusing human and kyouko DNA, they are humans with animal ears and an animal tail, sometimes with other features as well. They are sometimes referred to as the race between human and kyouko. Their name means 'wisdom' in English, from the Japanese word rikou (not to be confused with 'riku', which means 'land'.). Many of the members of the rikou race also have some animal instincts and abilities; for example a wolf rikou's nose is incredibly powerful. Every rikou comes with a percentage of mutagen in their blood, as well. They get it from their parents; the father gives 25% of it and the mother gives 75%. If those mutagen levels go above 75%, then a rikou will not be born; a kemono will. They are detailed below.
  • Kemono
    • A race created from the fetus of a mutated rikou, they appear similar to rikou and are often mistaken as them, but they are quite different. Kemono are physically and mentally greater than rikou, so much that they are comparable to Sonic the Hedgehog or his friends (who are kyouko). This fact has caused them to be feared by society, and often must go into hiding or such. There is one other way to tell a rikou from a kemono; rikou have naturally colored eyes, such as green or blue. Kemono have oddly-colored eyes, such as red or yellow. They also lack animal instinct though retain their animal abilities. They also have one other added feature, depending on the animal they are; for example wolf kemono will have the long canines that members of the canine family are known for, unlike wolf rikou. Their name comes from the Japanese word for 'beast'.
  • Kyouko
    • The race that Sonic and his friends are members of. These guys need little explanation, especially if you're a Sonic fan. Their name comes from the Japanese word for 'strength'. Typically, kyouko can be referred to in one or more ways; either first and last, or first name and species, for example Chiyoko Kobayashi or Chiyoko the Rabbit. Either one is acceptable.
  • Androids
    • Like humans and kyouko, these guys need little explanation. Bzzt.

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