Kori the Squirrel




Also known as

Flying Squirrel, Squirrel Girl


Ground Squirrel




3ft 5in.






Black and Pink(dyed)




Black Tank Top, Studded Pink Belt, Black Shorts, Black fingerless Gloves with Studded Pink Cuffs, Black and Pink Combat Boots,




Drumming, Jassy, Extreme Gear Riding, Tails, Flying,




Extreme Gear Tricks, Drumming, Calculating Wind Velocity.

Ability type

Flight (on board)

Kori is an ordinary land squirrel, a fact which she loathes, and a member of the Lady Riders. The only time she feels truly at home is when she's in the sky.



Kori Smiling

Kori lived in a condominium near Natalya's, and often heard her and Bella discussing this tournament or that. Though often going out to watch them race, she found their personalities too off putting to ever interact with them. That is, until one day when she was practicing her boarding on the beach. Bella, Natalya, and Jassy came across her by accident, and were astounded by her masterful control. While she was reluctant at first, Jassy managed to convince her to join the team.


"Finally." Being picked for a race.

"That gave me tingles." Making a double S landing.

"Woohoo!" Making an S landing.

"Whew." Making an A landing.

"Not my worst." Making a B landing.

"It was fun while it lasted." Making a C landing.

"Get it together." Making a D landing.

"Aw, Comets!" Making an E landing.


Evening Star - Dragonforce


Kori is motivated by her dislike of boredom above all else. As she's tired of being on the ground, she learned to ride an Extreme Gear. As she became less content with merely listening to awesome drum solos, she learned to play the drums. The only times she is seen smiling are when she's riding, drumming, or with someone she feels she can truly open up to. It's for these reasons that she's often seen as moody and cold.


Kori 2

Kori and Sam

Sam is the name Kori gave to her extreme gear. She felt that if she were going to name here board, why not name it like one names a guitar. Sam remains very basic in appearance. This is due to the fact that Kori believes over-customization will slow down her board and make it fall sooner. However, there are many mechanical modifications to Sam, such as and increase to the anti-grav system, causing Sam to float a whole inch higher than most boards.


Bella the Bandicoot

Kori sees Bella as much too impulsive, and often annoying. She sees Bella's constant flirting as repulsive and will often try to curtail it, even going so far as to try to keep boys away from her. However, deep down, Kori values Bella's friendship. Kori also carries around a mirror to convince Bella that she's not fat when she begins to put herself down.

Natalya the Raven

Kori has often made comments in front of Natalya to bring her off her high horse, and often angers her. Natalya responds in kind by making constant critiques about Kori's speed or technique during practice. However, come racetime, they're always able to put it behind them and race as a true team.

Jassy the Genie

Kori sees Jassy as a true friend and confident, something she rarely sees in someone. Jassy has been one of the few people to see Kori's smile.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Kori do not often interact, but they feel no animosity toward each other.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails and Kori are good friends, with Tails also being gifted with the sight of Kori's smile. When Sonic and his friends enter the same tournament as the Lady Riders, Kori will often hang out with Tails the whole time. She sees the fact that he's a land animal gifted with flight as hopeful, despite her knowledge that she has no way of getting a second tail. She once told Tails, "If you were four years older, I'd date you." before parting ways.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles and Kori's predominant interaction occured when they were set to race eachother and Kori joked at Knuckles' lack of air control.

Twister Prower

Kori doesn't interact with Twister the way she does with Tails, instead treating him like most other people, with complete indifference.

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