Kord Garten is the leader of Void Force, a large group of former Egg Army soldiers who defected for their own gain.


Tall, broad and with a thick indigo mane, Kord Garten is a powerfully built Mobian lion, with dark blue-grey fur covering most of his body. The skin that is clear to everybody on his muzzle is tanned quite darkly from sun exposure. When seen, Kord has the physical structure of a professional mixed martial artist; with muscle mass that is clearly toned for power rather than display. Even the tone in his almost prismatic eyes is vaguely threatening.


In his role as the commissar in charge of the slowly growing Void Force, Kord has a preference for dark clothes. Black pants and a muted gunmetal-grey armored sleeveless shirt make up his basic attire, showing off his powerful arms quite clearly. However, when away from the front lines, Kord wears a heavy black jacket with military-style golden finery on the shoulders and sleeves, and a similarly colored black and gold officer's cap.



Kord Garten is an irregular figure from the Egg Army to begin with, insofar as his cybernetic enhancements were made in a way that is not obvious from first glance. Instead of the obvious cybernetics many had forced upon them; Kord has sub-dermal implants that drastically increase his already impressive strength located in his upper back muscles, while similar implants to increase his adrenaline levels and ferocity are located in his neck. He has also been shown to have a logistical mind, as he has been able to organize and form the Void Force into a threat to most factions from Eggman's army to G.U.N. fairly competently, though his strategic mind is rarely seen on the battlefield due to his rage.

The other aspect of what makes Kord so unusual is his ability to manipulate the Void between worlds, a power rarely seen outside the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus in the modern era. His prismatic eyes often change color to match incoming attacks, an attribute of the genetic ability Color Change which adjusts his natural elemental affiliation to mirror hostile powers and lessen the oncoming damage. Kord has only really ever displayed a single technique outside of his physical power as well, the devastating Void Reflection, which allows him to nullify an oncoming attack while simultaneously performing it himself, while he has been shown to still have enough knowledge to defend himself for short periods with a Transistory Mist barrier, sending the oncoming projectiles into the void between worlds.

Kord rarely speaks of his time before joining the Egg Army; and so anything relating to his family or his powers remain a mystery. Indeed, his greatest failing on the battlefield is typically his savagery, as he does not hold back and unleashes his physical might into his enemies. While this is normally not an issue, he rarely is capable of identifying friend or foe, and any presumed allies that attempt to retreat quickly find themselves with broken bones or worse from his furious strikes.








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