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Koolutus is the fifth member of Caliber Masters and masters teleporting.


Koolutus is red (crimson in the picture) fox with a straight spiky hair. He has really long backhair, and the whole hair is red. Koolutus has abs, which can't be seen under his clothes. His attire includes long red jacket and red shirt. He also has red and white jeans and red shoes. Red is a sign of teleporting in the history of Karti masters, which explains, why Koolutus is red with his clothes.


Koolutus is strong, but tries to avoid company, since he can't handle his short temper, although he may look calm. He has strong respect to Kiirus, though, who masters high speed and is Sonic's ancestor father.

Koolutus is also really smart but doesn't talk much. He has short-temper but he is known to not argue. If someone says something what makes him angry, he stays calm and doesn't respond. "Arguing doesn't solve anything" he thinks. Besides, he has problems to choose right words to situations, so he may sound confusing. He is also tight-lipped person, who can keep secrets well.


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Koolutus is the master of teleporting, who can teleport anywhere. Teleporting makes quick dodges possible, and Koolutus can surprise his victims from back. Koolutus can teleport even to 2km distance and he can decide where he will teleport by thinking of it. However, he can't teleport outside from the inside from the houses and jails.


Koolutus is vulnearable for fire. Koolutus gets also traumas of blood and from death. He weaks also sludge.

General info

Koolutus doesn't enjoy much of hanging with others, but there's exceptions. For example, he is a close friend of Raskustung the Fox, who is the twelve member of Karti Masters and the master of gravity. They both understand each other and meets mostly privately. Since Koolutus is tight-lipped person, Raskustung doesn't need to carry a worry about her secrets told to Koolutus

Koolutus usually exercises with his fitness trainer Sport Man (Also a robot by Pilot).

Fun Facts

Koolutus is Estonia and means "warping"

Infection Man ( a robot made by Pilot the blot)'s teleporting ability is based on Koolutus' teleporting. Sadly, the minus point about it (unable to teleport through the walls) is included as a bug.

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