This is an article about Kohaku Kimiyama, a character created by MysticAlice.

Kohaku is a nue created by User:MysticAlice. Her birthday is November 21st.


Kohaku kas pale skin with light brown eyes. She has short, messy sandy brown hair. She wears a white long-sleeved shirt and a blue skirt. She has a blue cape tied around her neck and has a handbag hanging around her shoulder.


Kohaku is carefree and simple-minded. However, Kohaku's emotions are simple. When she's happy, she's happy. When she's angry, she's angry. You get the point. ... Don't you?


Kohaku was born as a nue. She lived the life of a normal human, concealing her true nature from others. She was never found out as a nue until she revealed so to Ren Hikawa and Mika Suzuki.


Kohaku's only known power is that she can shapeshift into various things due to being a nue.


Kohaku is also afraid of, and weak to, lightning and stays away from those who can manipulate lightning. She is also vunerable to objects that expose her true form.

  • Nue Sign "Midnight Parade"
  • Nue Sign "Butterfly Knife Torrent"
  • Nue Sign "Deception"
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