"Uncover the truth..."
—Tagline for Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna (ナックルズの冒険 Knuckles' Adventure in Japanese) is a video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.



While being called to assist the Woodland Kingsmen, Team Sonic and Team Vixi come into conflict with the Dingo Regime, who are holding a young female echidna hostage. After rescuing the echidna, Knuckles asks her about where she came from, where she responds about a city called Echidnaopolis in Albion. Upon hearing the name, Marsha recognizes Albion as the name of one of the Lost Islands as well as the location of Albion. As they arrive on the coast Marsha described, Knuckles insists on going alone but Sonic, Tails and all of Team Vixi refuse to let Knuckles do this alone and they follow him into the water, which seems to be semi-solid.


Upon arriving on Albion, they are welcomed by Gala-Na, the High Councillor of Echidnaopolis. While Tails is amazed by the advanced technology and Marsha by the city in general, Knuckles is uneasy and unsure about being around so many echidnas, as he was used to being the only echidna left alive. The other echidnas become suspicious of Julie-Su and as the heroes find out, she looks much like a soldier from the Dark Clan. Meanwhile, Knuckles continues to search about why echidnas are living in a hidden society. It was then when he meets Hawking, a previous echidna guardian, who seems to possess a white chrest on his chest. Knuckles becomes curious of Hawking's mark as it's the same as his [Knuckles] own. At that time, the Echidna Security Team is called into action against an attack lead by the Dark Clan. As Sonic, Tails and Team Vixi prepare to fight, Commander Kragok, the leader of the Dark Clan, recognizes Julie-Su and remarks that he knew Julie-Su long ago, even though Julie-Su doesn't remember.

Echidnaopolis Part 2

As Knuckles explores the residential area of Echidnaoplis, he encounters Jenna-Le, the current guardian of Echidnaoplis. Knuckles concludes that she also bears a white crescent mark on her chest. She notices Knuckles' white crescent, but doesn't believe that he came from her same family line; she sates that she had an older brother who died while in his egg. Not long after, a few Dingo soldiers seized one of the apartment complexes and held a few echidnas, including Lara-Le, Jenna-Le's mother, as well as Gold, hostage.

Forbidden Zone

After Lara-Le had vanished into the Forbidden Zone, Knuckles, Marsha and Julie-Su join him and the Echidna Security Team in finding her. Eventually, Knuckles, Marsha and Julie-Su get separated from the security team. As they travel, they manage to discover Haven, the hidden HQ of the Brotherhood of Guardians. They become suspicious of Julie-Su until an echidna named Locke intervenes. Knuckles then begins asking if any them knew who he is. Locke reveals that he is actually Knuckles' father. Knuckles becomes confused; he grew up with an echidna older than Locke who he thought was his father. Locke tells Knuckles that the Knuckles Clan had reached out to the brotherhood, needing a new guardian to continue on in their place.

Dark Clan Base

Even after Knuckles discovered his truth, Julie-Su was still curious about her own past. Since Kragok mentioned, he knew Julie-Su, so Marsha suggested that they start there. They infiltrate the Dark Clan Base in Albion as they pose as Dark Clan soldiers. Eventually Julie-Su investigates on her own, she meets Simon, who reveals that she was the daughter of Commander Luger. After Julie lost her parents, Simon sent her out of the Twilight Cage for her own protection from Kragok and Lien-Da. Julie-Su asks about what happened to Luger, but Simon replies that he didn't really know if Luger was actually killed; Luger vanished, but wasn't officially confirmed dead.

Ultimate Truth

Marsha is eventually caught by Lien-Da and Knuckles and Julie-Su come to her aid. It's not long before they are interrupted by a white echidna with a black cape. He merely tells them that their efforts are hopeless before they encounter Enerjak. While Marsha and Julie-Su's help, they defeat Enerjak and Julie-Su and Knuckles learn about their connection: Edmund and Dimitri, ancestors to Julie-Su and Knuckles, were brothers, making them distant cousins. The trio walk out of the base and are closer than they were before after their crazy adventure


Playable Characters

Picture Name Description
03. Knuckles the Echidna
Knuckles the Echidna The guardian of Angel Island. He's been isolated on Angel Island protecting the Master Emerald all his life and has hardly seen any other Echidna before. He's in for a surprise when he ventures to Echidnaoplis with Team Sonic and Team Vixi. He's super strong and can break through rock with his massive fists.
Irritated Marsha
Anastasia "Marsha" Vixi A loyal Freedom Fighter who was bullied in youth about her fur. She's not super fast, super strong, or even command Chaos energy, but she makes up for it with combat and her gloves can emits energy weapons as well as a protective bubble to protect herself.
Julie-Su the Echidna Marsha's best friend and a fellow Freedom Fighter. Because of her cybernetic implants, she can use this to her advantage as well as use a gun as her main choice.

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Helper Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Can perform the Homing Attack.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower: Uses a Tail attack for his attack as well as help the player reach new areas.
  • Saffron the Bee: Can use her chao to attack as well as use her stinger.


  • Gold the Tenrec
  • Woodland Kingsmen
    • Robert O'Hedge
  • Mari-An the Echidna
  • Gala-Na the Echidna
  • Brotherhood of Guardians
    • Hawking
    • Spectre 
    • Sojourner
    • Thunderhawk
    • Sabre
    • Locke
    • Jenna-Le
  • Lara-Le the Echidna
  • Wynmacer the Echidna
  • Regimnton the Echidna
  • Simon the Echidna
  • Athena the Dingo
  • Harry the Dingo


  • Dingo Regime
    • Helmut von Stryker
    • Kage von Stryker
  • Dark Clan
    • Kragok the Echidna
    • Lien-Da the Echidna
  • Dr. Finitevus
  • Enerjak


  1. Helmut von Stryker (Avalon)
  2. Kragok the Echidna (Echindaoplis Town Square)
  3. Kage von Stryker (Echindaoplis Complex)
  4. Spectre the Echidna (Forbidden Zone)
  5. Lien-Da the Echidna (Dark Clan Base)
  6. Enerjak (Final Boss)
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