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This version of Knuckles the Echidna is the Sonic Boom variant. He is a Mobian Echidna appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave, formerly part of Team Sonic and subsequently The Storm Fighters. He was tricked by Dr. Finitevus into turning on the Alliance, likely because of Knuckles' low intelligence.


Knuckles retains his appearance from the Sonic Boom subseries.

In the Prologue for Return of Evil, Knuckles was said to be nearly as tall as Rory(who was unnamed)


Knuckles retains his personality from the Sonic Boom subseries.

As such, he is stubborn, a bit dimwitted, but has a big heart. Because of his apparent lack of intelligence, he is easily manipulated(more than his Archie counterpart), but his big heart means he makes friends somewhat easily. Even after being tricked into betraying the Alliance, he still feels some loyalty to them and obviously dislikes doing anything to harm his friends.


Knuckles' past is the same as in the Sonic Boom series, slightly modified to fit the series.

The Fight Against Sonic.EXE: Knuckles makes a cameo alongside the rest of his Team when Fox warns them about Sonic.EXE

Austin's Battle: Knuckles is first seen in the Prologue. He is seen in a patrol led by Austin Smith with Storm the Buizel and Stone the Shiny Manectric. In the next chapter, Knuckles sneaks off into Lamarkie Forest, where Finitevus and Lycus the Lycanroc are waiting. Storm cautiously follows unseen, and bears witness to Knuckles eagerly and unwittingly turning on his own Teammates, going with the mad doctor and vindictive Wolf Pokemon. He isn't seen again

Austin's Flight: Knuckles is mentioned to be part of Lycus' Gang, but does not appear

Austin's Exile: Knuckles only appears when he is seen holding Storm. He is holding him while Blackbelly the Alolan Marowak taunts the Sea Weasel Pokemon when Austin rounds a corner after his meeting with Ice Fang on the Albino Midday Lycanroc's mountain home. When Austin lets out a loud snarl, Knuckles and Blackbelly are so startled that the former lets Storm go so the two loners can escape.

The Dusk Wolf: Knuckles makes a minor appearance when Finitevus has Lycus's Gang(sans Dallas) raid Angel Island.


Like his Archie counterpart, Knuckles has super-strength, though it's more obvious here, given his much larger build.


Like his Archie counterpart, Knuckles is somewhat easy to manipulate, but it's more obvious here, since his lower intelligence means he often believes everything he's told.

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