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Knuckles was born alone and raised on Angel Island as the last surviving member of the Knuckles Clan, a long-lost race of echidnas devoted to protecting the Master Emerald from being abused. However, Knuckles' own past was a mystery to him. He knew nothing how he came to be and believed himself to be the last of his kind entirely. The one thing he did know was that he had always been living on his island, protecting the Master Emerald. Knuckles knew from an innate knowledge that his duty was his fate and he was content with that.

Knuckles was on his usual patrol of the island's pillar, watching over the Master Emerald and the seven Chaos Emeralds, where the Chaos Emeralds started to float and vibrate as tremors began. Then, in an ear-piercing crash and brilliant flash, Knuckles was knocked unconscious. When he came to, Knuckles found the altar partially destroyed and the Chaos Emeralds missing. Shocked, Knuckles investigated the island and discovered the Death Egg had crash-landed on Angel Island, its impact having pushed the island into the sea. This sight made Knuckles recall a prophecy depicted on murals in the Hidden Palace Zone that said that a dragon's egg would bring disaster to the island.

Over the next days, Knuckles patrolled the island while looking for the Chaos Emeralds. Eventually, he met Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Robotnik told him he was conducting research on the Death Egg to prevent disaster and that two people, named Sonic and Tails, were coming to steal the Master Emerald. Due to his seclusion, Knuckles believed Robotnik and made it his goal to stop Sonic and Tails and keep them from Robotnik, not realizing that he was being used by Robotnik to keep the duo at bay while he rebuilt the Death Egg. Eventually, his trickery was revealed and the three stopped the mad man. The three became allies and agreed to help each other should the time come.

One day, he would run into a pink echidna named named Julie-Su and though they had a rough start, the two became friends and started dating.


Knuckles is independent, wild, tough, and, at first, a loner by nature. However, after meeting Sonic and Tails, he becomes more sociable. He has a short temper and has a bad habit of losing it.

Powers & Abilities

  • Super Strength: Knuckles has superhuman strength, and can break through stone with ease.
  • Gliding: Knuckles can glide by catching air in his dreadlocks.
  • Digging: Knuckles has incredible digging abilities.
  • Chaos Sense: Knuckles can sense Chaos Energy.
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