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Amy Rose
Amy Rose
Angel the Bat
[[Angel the Bat]]
Anna the Crocodile
Anna the Crocodile
Azul the Bat (ally)
[[Azul the Bat]] (ally)
[ Batula the Hedgebat]
[ Batula the Hedgebat]

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"Knuckles doesn't run from a fight!


Knuckles the Echidna
16 (Chronologically 21 due to the Anti-Age)
Houston the Echidna

Romantic Interest (s)
Sonia the Hedgehog (possible love interest)

Rouge the Bat (possible love interest)

Tikal the Echidna (possible love interest)
Mobian Echidna
Red Fur

Blue-Violet Eyes

White Cresant Mark on Chest
White Spiked Bozing Gloves

Red and Yellow Boots
F.J.A.M. (agent)
Main Abilities
Super Strength

Super Speed

Super Durability

Shovel Claw



Adrienne the Bat

Alex the Bat

Alice the Foxkitty

Amber Rose

Amy Rose

Angel the Bat

Anna the Crocodile

Azul the Bat (ally)

Batula the Hedgebat

Beth the Foxkitty

Big the Cat

Blaze the Cat

Bokkun the Rabbit

Bridget the Chao

Britney the Rabbit

Caleb the Rabbit

Candie the Rabbit

Carson the Crocodile

Charlie the Bunnycat

Charmy Bee

Cheese the Chao

Chris the Hedgehog

Cora the Rabbit

Cosmo the Seedrian

Cream the Rabbit

Dagger the Bat

Dakota the Rabbit (ally)

Dan the Cat

Dane the Bat

Devin the Bat (ally)

Dizzy the Chao

Drake the Bat (ally)

Dylan the Crocodile

Elizabeth Charm Bee

Ellie Bee

Emma the Crocodile

Emily Rose


Espio the Chameleon

Ethan the Cat


Grenade the Hedgehog

Jamie the Fox

Jason the Crocoidle

Jerome Bee

Jet the Hawk (ally)

Jovie the Rabbit

Justin the Crocodile

Kate the Hedgehog

Kyle the Crocodile

Lavender the Bat

Lilac the Chao

Lily the Bat

Logan the Bunnycat

Lucy Seawall

Luke the Crocodile

Madeline "Maddie" Prower

Manic the Hedgehog

Maria the Hedgehog

Mariah the Hedgehog (ally)

Martha the Crocodile

Mia the Rabbit

Miles "Tails" Prower (Good friend)

Milky the Rabbit

Mint the Rabbit

Misty the Cat

Monica the Crocodile

Pepper the Chao

Peter the Crocodile

Pollen Bee

Portia the Rabbit

Queen Aleena Hedgehog

Rex the Rabbit

Rosemary Prower

Rouge the Bat (possible love interest, also a rival)

Roxanne the Rabbit

Shade the Bat

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shine the Bat

Silver the Hedgehog

Smoke the Hedgehog

Sonia the Hedgehog (possible love interest)

Sonic the Hedgehog (best friend and rival)

Storm the Albatross (ally and rival)

Sugar the Rabbit

Tabitha the Chameleon (ally)

Teagan the Hedgehog

Tikal the Echidna (possible love interest)

Toby the Crocodile

Topaz the Bat

Tyrone the Foxbat (ally)

Uno the Chameleon

Vanilla the Rabbit

Vector the Crocodile

Violeta the Bat

Walker the Fox

Wave the Swallow (ally)


Sonic the Hedgehog (Friendly rival)

Rouge the Bat (Friendly rival)

Blaze the Cat (formerly)

Storm the Albatross (rival at strength)


Dr. Eggman (Arch enemy)

Joseph T. Midlain (Runner-up for Arch Enemy)



Bokkun (up until he had his memory erased)

Bryan the Bat

Carson the Crocodile (up until he rebelled against Joseph)

Carter the Hedgerabbit

Charlie the Bunnycat (up until he rebelled against Joseph)

Ethan the Cat (up until he rebelled against Joseph)

Flame the Hawk

Houston the Echidna (up until he rebelled against Joseph)

Ice the Hawk

Mariah the Hedgehog (up until she rebelled against Joseph)

Metal Sonic

Raven the Hawk

Rex the Rabbit (up until his brain was no longer under Jopseph's control)

Tucker the Bunnycat

Zion the Hawk


Knuckles's personality isn't any different than it is in the real world. He is still hot-headed, honest, headstrong, and at times, gullibile. He normally likes to be by himself, but can always be relied on when it comes to saving Mobius.


Very little is known of Knuckles's history, before he met Sonic for the first time, and mistaken that he was there to take the Chaos Emeralds.

IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic X-treme

Knuckles is a major character throughout the series, being the guardian of the Master Emerald. He is a major part in the rivalry bewtween Sonia and Rouge, in trying to win over his heart, being the reason why the two are conflicting.

More to come!