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Knuckles (IIU).png

Knuckles the Echidna
16 (Chronologically 27 due to the Anti-Age)
Knuckie (by Rouge)


Romantic Interest(s)
Rouge the Bat (Possibly)

Sonia the Hedgehog (Has a crush on him, but whether the feelings are returned are unknown)

Rouge the Bat (possible love interest)
Red and White Fur

Peach Muzzle

Violet Eyes
White Spiked Boxing Gloves

Red, Yellow and Green Shoes w/ Metal Plates on Top
Fruit (Particularly Grapes)

Peace and Quiet

His Friends

Fighting and Training

Being Left Alone

Guarding the Master Emerald

Rouge the Bat (To an extent)

Shadow the Hedgehog (To an extent)
When the Sun is too bright

Being tricked/taken advantage of

Innocent people getting hurt

Dr. Eggman

Anyone who is after the Master Emerald

Rouge (To an extent)

Being thought of as/being called weak

Failing to protect the Master Emerald

Rouge messing with him
Main Skills/Abilities
Super Strength

Super Speed



Geokinesis (Limited)

Hand-to-hand Combat Skills

Good Swimmer

Control of the Master Emerald

Sensing the Chaos Emeralds

Future Relatives

  • Rouge the Bat (Wife)
  • Treasure the Batchidna (Daughter)
  • Herman Melter (Father-in-law, deceased)
  • Esmeralda Melter (Mother-in-law, deceased)
  • Shine the Bat (Brother-in-law, deceased)
  • James Carver (Uncle-in-law, through marrying Holly)
  • Holly Carver (Aunt-in-law)
  • Angel the Bat (Cousin-in-law)
  • Norman the Chamelebat (Second-cousin-in-law)


  • Constance "Sparkie" the Rabbit
  • Sarah Seawall


  • Blaze the Cat (Formerly)


  • Rex the Rabbit (Only when he was under Joseph's control)
  • Zona the Cat


So far, Knuckles seems to generally retain the same personality as his canon counterpart, with a few minor differences.

Similarities to the Canon Counterpart

  • Knuckles is still wild, tough, and independent, and usually prefers to be alone. He doesn't care much about what others think, and is sometimes too honest for his own good.
  • He is still loyal to his homeland, and does whatever he can to protect it. Despite this, he leaves whenever he feels the Master Emerald will be safe, or when his help is needed.
  • He is stubborn, headstrong, and likes to do things his way, seldom giving up on his goals once he has set them.
  • Knuckles retains his very short temper, and is difficult to reason with when he is angry. Despite this, he is able to channel it into his fighting skills.
  • He can still be gullible and naive at times, believing there is good in everyone, though this often makes other villains use him to their advantage.
  • Knuckles is not dull-witted, but only has about average intelligence.

Differences from the Canon Counterpart

  • Knuckles is not quite as shy around women in this universe, probably because he had gained some social skills over time.


  • One of Knuckles' most well-known abilities is his superhuman strength, allowing him to do things such as breaking through thick walls, lift things several times his size and weight, shattering boulders to pieces, so on and so forth. He also has durability to match his strength.
  • Although not as fast as Sonic or Shadow, Knuckles can run at superspeed.
  • While he has fast reflexes, Knuckles is not very agile, but can glide through the air by trapping the wind under his dreadlocks.
  • Knuckles also has an extent of geokenisis, sensing when the Chaos Emeralds or when the Master Emerald is nearby. He is also one of the few who knows how to harness the Master Emerald's powers.
  • He is a master at hand-to-hand combat and martial arts.


Early Life

Knuckles was born and raised on Angel Island, though he does not remember who his family is, and believes to be the last of his kind. He also does not know why he wants to protect the Master Emerald so badly, but he figured that that was his purpose in life, and he was happy  with that.

More to come later!

IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic Fanfiction

Knuckles appears in Sonic Fanfiction, usually guarding the Master Emerald. However, due to Rouge's constant attempts at stealing the Master Emerald, he tries to find a way to keep her from stealing it.

More to come later!

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