"Ready for a smackdown!"
—when selected
"Alright, who's up for a knuckle sandwich?!"
—beginning a normal match
"(...) Definitely not being stolen... I think."
—beginning a match against Sonic
"Y'know, Shadow? I've always wanted to pop that inflated ego of yours."
—beginning a match against Shadow
"My fists ain't just for show, y'know?"
—winning a normal match
"C'mon, man! I thought you were faster than that."
—winning a match against Sonic
"Heh. Guess I'm the coolest now."
—winning a match against Shadow
"Aw, come on!"
—losing a normal match
"Damn everything!"
—losing a match against Sonic
"You... goddamn punk...!"
—losing a match against Shadow


"Hell yeah! Smashed 'em right outta the park!"
—earning an S-Rank
"Haha, I still got it!"
—earning an A-Rank
"Yeah, I'm feelin' good!"
—earning a B-Rank
"Hm. Good enough."
—earning a C-Rank
"That was tougher than I thought."
—earning a D-Rank
"You've gotta be shitting me!"
—earning an E-Rank

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