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Cquote1 What's this energy I'm sensing? ...Something's not right. Cquote2
Knuckles, Clash of Mythics: Genesis

Cquote1 Of course, I’m talkin’ to you, and don’t try to play coy with me! I know you have something to do with those strange distortions I’ve been sensing since the other day! Cquote2
Knuckles to Solis, Silver: Stage 4 - After the Festival

Cquote1 So, you’re lookin’ to jump in on kicking some robotic chassis, eh? I’m telling you now, it won’t be easy. One wrong move could easily spell your doom. Cquote2
Knuckles to Lyn, Stage 1 - A Fiery Newcomer

Keeping watch of a gigantic gem containing infinite power found in a very visible floating island can be a tough and thankless job. Thankfully, Knuckles the Echidna is definitely up to the task. Once a loner with no socialization skills, Knuckles has long since become a close comrade of the Blue Blur and his friends, and is willing to lend them all some additional muscle when the going gets rough! He appears as one of the playable characters in the Clash of Mythics series, starting with Clash of Mythics: Genesis, the first installment of the series.

He also appears as a supporting character in Rage Against the Empire, a fanfic adaptation of Sonic Forces in which he surprisingly takes the helm as the commander of the Rebellion of Blue, a resistance group that formed in the wake of the Eggman Empire's rise to world domination and has been at war with the mad doctor for the last six months.


Knuckles is a Mobian echidna who stands at five feet, seven inches and sports quite the muscular physique. He sports red fur around much of his body with his chest bearing a patch of white fur shaped like a crescent. On his head are seven long spines that are suspiciously shaped like dreadlocks. Meanwhile, he bears dark purple irises on his eyes, a muzzle with tan skin and a pointy black nose at the center, and a medium-sized tail shaped in a sort of jagged pattern.

His attire primarily consists of a dark green vest, a pair of beige jeans, and a light brown hat with a ribbon sporting a darker brown coloration. He sports a pair of bright red shoes with a yellow area in the middle and two rectangular, metallic plates attached on top of each shoe. Wrapped around his arms and hands are lots of bandages and sports tape, mainly as a means protect his atomic fists and arms while unleashing his powerful strikes. He also has a pair of Shovel Claws equipped under his gloves - which are no longer mitten-like, though they've been modified with a special material that helps the claws withstand the high temperatures of his fiery strikes.


Normally a serious and stoic loner, Knuckles once preferred to be by himself and was incredibly devoted to his duties as the guardian of the Master Emerald. However, years of hanging around Sonic and co. have eventually made him more willing to spend time away from the Master Emerald, especially if his friends need a helping hand and/or if he feels that Angel Island will remain safe in his absence, if only for a while. That said, he still sometimes opts to do things his way and - very much like a mountain - is more likely to have difficulty adapting to any deviations to the plan.

Knuckles can at times seem to be a rude individual, though this is mainly due to his blunt and straightforward nature. In addition, he tends to give extremely brief and sometimes half-hearted explanations for what he does. Much like his blue-furred comrade, he also is one to not care much about what others think. Despite that, Knuckles has an immensely fierce sense of loyalty towards his friends and allies that is only trumped by his dedication to his duties as the Master Emerald’s guardian, and will always make an effort to lend his strength in certain situations that may put the world at stake.

This loyalty also shows that, in spite of his bullheadedness, Knuckles is indeed an incredibly brave, selfless, and ultimately heroic individual with a will comparable with even Sonic’s and the determination to fight his way through whatever stands in his way at any cost. On the downside, this also means that Knuckles is rather short-tempered and becomes even harder to reason with when angry. Thankfully, he has taken advantage of this by implementing it into his fighting style.

Meanwhile, Knuckles can actually be rather charismatic and inspirational when he wants to, as proven by his time as leader of the Rebellion of Blue during the events of Rage Against the Empire. He can also be quite clever and sneaky, seeing as how effective the traps he left all around Angel Island were. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that Knuckles knows much about actually forming complex strategies, as the echidna has a habit of going with the “smash first, ask later” approach.

History and Appearances

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Powers and Abilities

Knuckles' trademark superhuman strength is present as always. His impressive physical ability allows him to smash boulders and rock, lift things several times his size and weight, and punch through steel without breaking a sweat. Naturally, he also makes use of his explosive power to beat the crap out of other folks when the need arises, which is actually somewhat often. He is also fairly quick on his feet, being able to at least avoid being completely left behind by Sonic.

The echidna is also able to detect the presence of Chaos Energy, be it from the Master Emerald or the Chaos Emeralds, among others. This acts as a sort of "radar" for him so he can deduce where the artifact is if he's lost. In addition, much like Sonic and Shadow, he can enhance his own abilities by manipulating Chaos Energy. However, for some strange reason, it often manifests itself as fire - with the sole exception of his Thunder Arrow technique, which is essentially what it says on the tin.

A significant ability that Knuckles possesses is his Hotshot, through which his speed and power are enhanced as he builds up his Heat, indicated by glowing orbs of fire floating around him. He can then spend one of those orbs to enhance one of his attacks at the cost of sacrificing a portion of his increase in speed and power. It is with the usage of this ability where Knuckles is forced to fight smartly in order to maximize damage, but he can sometimes use another ability called Maximum Heat to grant him an infinite amount of Heat for a short time.

Meanwhile, Knuckles was once capable of gliding around the sky simply by letting his dreadlocks catch the rising air, somehow allowing him to pull it off. However, his massive increase in mass over the years have made this impossible. In exchange, Knuckles has managed to make use of his increased leg strength to leap at great heights and incredible distance. He can also make use of this maneuver by leaping off of walls and other vertical surfaces and charge forward with massive force.


  • Shovel Claws - A pair of metallic plates with two, large spiked claws on each one that are attached to Knuckles' hands, the provide some additional protection for the echidna's fists during his fights. They also double as a useful burrowing tool, if necessary.


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  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 9 - Even in the past, Knuckles' raw physical prowess is indeed something to behold and more than enough to go toe-to-toe with even the mightiest of foes, making him one of the most powerful characters in the roster in terms of raw physical power.

Defense: 7 - Not only is Knuckles incredibly powerful, but he can tank most blows on him like a champion. However, his aggressive style of fighting does dampen his overall defenses by a fair margin.

Speed: 7 - For a big guy, Knuckles is surprisingly fast. Granted, he's not nearly as fast as his fleet-footed, blue-furred comrade, but he can keep up with the likes of him on his own two feet just fine.

Magic: 7 - Due to his position as guardian of the Master Emerald, Knuckles sports a strong connection to the forces of Chaos and makes good use of it in his combat prowess by enhancing his already-devastating physical power.

Evasion: 5 - Though his physical power doesn't hinder his speed and, in some ways, enhances it, it does have an effect on his overall agility and nimbleness. Naturally, this makes evasive maneuvers somewhat difficult for him.

Intelligence: 6 - While Knuckles isn't exactly stupid in the traditional sense - he certainly is knowledgeable at what he's proficient at, including some facets about ancient history, he certainly wasn't the brightest tool in the shed and is quite easily-fooled. His method of thinking is also rather straight-forward.

Skills: 8 - The years have forged the Red Devil of Angel Island into quite the formidable combatant. Years of inaction on his part have done very little to mitigate both that and his treasure hunting skills.

Accuracy: 6 - Knuckles' clear preference for raw power over precision and speed in his strikes results in his strikes being not quite accurate and easy to evade if one remains light on their feet.

Stamina: 8 - He can keep himself going for quite a long while thanks to his excellent physical condition.

Tolerance: 8 - Knuckles is capable of shrugging off blows and impacts that would kill most men. In fact, being struck tends to just make want to strike back even harder.

Overall: 71%


In terms of physical ability, his reflexes are relatively average when compared with the likes of Sonic and Shadow, among several others, meaning he sometimes can't react in time to evade attack or get the advantage on an enemy. In addition, he's also not the fastest runner either, and mostly focuses on smashing the opponent with raw power.

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, his bullheaded and stubborn attitude means that he is unlikely to adapt to changes or things that complicate any plans he has in mind. His short temper can also sometimes get the best of him and lead him to make reckless moves when he normally wouldn’t. In addition, the red echidna is unfortunately incredibly inept with almost any form of technology and is the most likely to become lost in a conversation involving techno-babble.

Previously, Knuckles was also quite gullible to an annoying extent, since it has put him at odds with the Blue Blur in some occasions, including their first encounter on Angel Island. Thankfully, the years have matured him to being a lot less credulous and he hasn’t been seen falling for any tricks as of late.


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  • Knuckles' overall appearance here takes cues from some of his appearances in the Sonic franchise. This includes having a hat similar to the one he wore in the Sonic OVA, his larger physique from Sonic Boom, and the Shovel Claws from both Sonic Adventure 1 and Sonic Adventure 2.
  • His playstyle is quite similar to how Bullet plays in the BlazBlue series, in that both of them are rushdown-grappler hybrids that have a plethora of close-ranged grapple moves and an ability that boosts their overall damage output and speed.
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