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Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna is the guardian of the Master Emerald on Angel Island and one of Sonic's best friends. In BearfootTruck's universe - particularly ASMW - he also serves part-time with the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Other than that, he's practically identical to his canon counterpart. For other universes' versions, go here.



Knuckles' backstory hasn't changed much here. He was born to unknown parents without any knowledge of why he was here, just that the he had to protect the Master Emerald. Then Robotnik came along and set off the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 3/Knuckles. At some point after this, Knuckles signed up as a part-time member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. The reason he signed on part-time is because he still has to tend to the Master Emerald.

Sonic Journeys

Knuckles' backstory hasn't changed much here. He was born to unknown parents without any knowledge of why he was here, just that the he had to protect the Master Emerald. Then Robotnik came along and set off the events of Sonic Chaos. Since then, he has returned to guarding the Master Emerald, but will join up with Team Sonic on certain occasions.

Sonic War Zone

Knuckles' backstory hasn't changed much here. He was born to unknown parents without any knowledge of why he was here, just that the he had to protect the Master Emerald. Then Rouge the Bat came along and stole the Master Emerald for the Roseinians. However, Sonic and Miles "Tails" Prower help him to recover the Emerald. From that point on, he will occasionally join Sonic and Tails in the Great War.


Again, not much to speak of here. While Knuckles is still a hothead, he seems a bit more mellow here. Most prominently, he doesn't fight so often with Sonic. Sure, the two get into plenty of arguments, but compared to Shadow the Hedgehog, Knuckles is on very good terms with Sonic.


As with other characters, Knuckles retains all the abilities he had in the games. Strangely enough, he hasn't used his digging ability in these stories, even though he could've done so in "Two Kinds of Heroes".


Again, no changes here, but like Sonic & Tails, his appearance is the subject of much debate.

Items & weapons

So far, Knuckles hasn't been shown using any weapons or using vehicles. As far as he's concerned, his fists are good enough.



Two Kinds of Heroes

Knuckles is guarding Knothole when Sonic & Tails drag him along for a mission to destroy one of Robotnik's mech factories. However, he & the other Freedom Fighters are teleported to Stalag 13 during a freak electromagnetic storm. Knuckles is eager to beat up some German soldiers, but first, they have another matter to take care of: Colonel Robert Hogan and his team are planning on blowing up a German tank factory that’s supposed to build the new E-75 heavy tank.

During the plan, Knuckles stays behind with Sally Acorn, Bunnie, LeBeau, Antoine & Kinchloe and keeps watch for the guards while Sonic attacks the tank factory. After a minor confrontation with Shadow the Hedgehog, he assists him in destroying some Cylon Centurions. With that taken care of, he heads back to Mobius and helps to destroy the mech factory.

The Fakest Things Alive

Knuckles is fighting with Rouge over a Chaos Emerald when Blaze the Cat informs him that two of the Sol Emeralds have been stolen. He directs Blaze to Eggopolis while he heads over to Knothole. Here, he learns that Sonic has gone missing and that the future is doomed without him. Back in the present, he assists Silver in the search for Sonic. When Sally informs Knuckles that Sonic (an impostor, actually) has been found, he decides to go home, but Silver wants him to help rescue Blaze. Knuckles insists upon going home, but after some heavy-handed persuasion from Silver, he reluctantly agrees to go to Robotnik's lair with him.

With Blaze rescued and Silver back in the future, Knuckles goes back to Knothole, where the fake Sonic grabs his nose. After this, he returns to Angel Island to guard the Master Emerald. Up here, Knuckles meets Sonic again (actually another impostor) and witnesses him jump off the island. Thinking that Sonic has died, he returns to the Master Emerald, distraught. However, Rouge later informs him that Sonic's not really dead, which improves Knuckles' spirits. She also tries to steal the Master Emerald, but Knuckles gets into a tickle fight with her.

And Down Will Come Sonic – Cradle and All

Knuckles makes a very brief appearance in one of Sonic's dream sequences. He tells them that Robotnik once used a saw-equipped robot in an attempt to deforest Angel Island. However, Knuckles is actually the evil clone of Sonic in disguise.

Mighty Sonic

Knuckles, like most of Sonic's friends, is a fan of Super Changin' Muscle Rangers (a thinly-disguised version of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers). His favorite character is Frankie Thompson, the green Muscle Ranger. He gets into a brief argument with Sonic over the show before heading back to Knothole. When Sonic informs everybody of the Muscle Rangers' kidnapping, Knuckles initially thinks that Sonic is giving away the plot of an upcoming episode. When it turns out to be for real, he accompanies Sonic to Robotnik's HQ. Piloting the RhinoVord, Knuckles helps to defeat Robotnik & rescue the Muscle Rangers. In the end, he sneers at Rouge for flirting with Oliver, causing her to think he’s jealous.

Other stories

Sonic Hotcakes

Knuckles gives Robotnik some hotcakes because he admires his guts. Unfortunately, Robotnik doesn’t admire the gift and sics his badniks on Knuckles. Fortunately, he gets away.

A Blue Light For the Dark

Knuckles appears in the "Sonic Says" segment for this story. He is walking down the streets of San Santos when he notices Mephiles soliciting donations for the Salvation Marine Corps. After some thought, he decides to donate $50.

Sonic's Weird Birthday

For Sonic's birthday, Knuckles gives him a literal "knuckle sandwich" just because he thinks the Blue Blur deserves it. He has a good laugh, but Sonic doesn't.

In this episode's "Sonic Says", Knuckles is attending a party in Knothole, but he isn’t feeling too good (presumably from eating or drinking too much), so Tails has to take him back to Angel Island.

A Dark Birthday

Knuckles has gotten a Chaos Emerald for Shadow the Hedgehog and a bottle of wine for Rouge for their birthdays. Then, Sonic comes along and informs him that Shadow already has a Chaos Emerald. Rad Red then gets angry because he suspects that the Ultimate Life Form is using him to give the Emerald to Rouge. Later in the story, Knuckles gets frustrated when Tails delivers a rather long-winded explanation about what he did to Shadow & Rouge's motocross bikes.

Sonic Wave

Knuckles – now a student at James F. Charleston High School in San Santos – is only too eager to participate in Mr. Obotir's experiment in History class, even being used as an example of perfect posture and discipline and later being asked to demonstrate the correct procedure for asking/answering questions to Blaze. At lunch, Knuckles calls the experiment one of the best things he's done all year. Of course, he gets easily flustered when Rouge starts teasing him.

When Day Two rolls around, Knuckles is only too happy to continue with "The Wave", as the experiment is now called. He also criticizes Sonic and Tails for not doing the salute and repeating the mottoes. On Day Three, Rad Red is one of those students who has chosen to wear a uniform for The Wave. When he receives his membership card, he learns that he is to become a Prefect, meaning that he must now make sure that everybody obeys the rules and report all infractions to Mr. Obotir. After class, he sings the praises of The Wave to Obotir and even decides to become his bodyguard, but Obotir turns him down. Later, he breaks up a fight between Sonic and another student and learns from Shadow that Rouge has been spreading nasty rumors about the wave, which Knuckles initially attributed to Sonic.

Later that night, he confronts Rouge while she's taking a walk and accuses her of not taking The Wave seriously enough. However, she accuses him of taking it too seriously. He denies vandalizing her locker, but continues to hold his ground. When she attempts to tease him, he gets very nervous, so nervous that he ends up shoving her to the ground. She gets mad at him, tells him that she hates him and roundhouse kicks him into a fence. Though physically shaken up, Knuckles vows to continue with The Wave.

By Day Four, Knuckles is still committed to The Wave, so much so that he willingly helps Shadow drag Sonic to one of the bathrooms and holds the Blue Blur down while Shadow beats him up. However, Silver intervenes and temporarily knocks Knuckles and Shadow out with his PK powers. During the chase, although Knuckles goes into the classroom where Sonic and Silver are hiding, he doesn't do a thorough search, thereby letting them go undetected. At lunch, Knuckles accidentally makes eye contact with Rouge, thereby earning an "evil eye" from her. Nevertheless, he is still committed to The Wave, and even goes to a party after school.

On Day Five, Knuckles still hasn't backed out of The Wave, and is only too content to join the rally and shoot at the two police officers who try to break it up. He even files students and faculty members into a classroom as hostages and opens fire on the other police officers under Shadow's orders. When the S.W.A.T. team shows up, however, Knuckles senses that something is wrong and questions Shadow's use of threats to keep the other Wave members in line. Nevertheless, after Shadow shoots Sally, he gets back in line and assists Ray in opening up a case containing a Panzerschreck, which Shadow uses to blow up an APC approaching the school. Unbeknownst to him, Sonic, Tails, Rouge and Silver are assisting the S.W.A.T. team in infiltrating the school.

When Shadow has had enough of Captain Davison's talk, he snatches Knuckles' machine gun from him and attempts to gun the police down when Mr. Obotir orders all Wave members to report to the gym. In the gym, Knuckles – unaware of Mr. Obotir's true identity – learns that there are no nationwide movements connected to The Wave and is shocked upon seeing a graphic documentary of the aftermath of the Tedescan Civil War. Then, when Rouge shows up, Knuckles frantically apologizes and says that he didn't mean to hurt her. She refuses his apology and leans in to suck his blood, but stops short of doing so, much to his relief. Unfortunately for him, such relief is fleeting when she starts tickling him.