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"I was unhappy to leave Austin, but he insisted, and he was right to say the Master Emerald needed me more than he did, though it ended in his capture. I would only get angrier and angrier to learn that Finitevus had manipulated Fox into driving Austin from the Base after it was destroyed-resulting in him coming to Angel Island with Rokky-and that Austin and Storm had fled the Worlds entirely because of Finitevus."
—Knuckles to the reader about Austin's departure and later exile, Legends of the Alliance

Knuckles the Echidna is a character appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a Mobian Echidna, a Guardian, as well as a good friend of Austin Smith. Despite his actions as Enerjak, coupled with Fox's inability to "forgive and forget", he is allies with the Storming Alliance.


Knuckles retains his appearance from the Archie Comics released in the US.


Knuckles retains his personality from the Archie Comics released in the US.

As such, he is stubborn and a bit hard-headed. He is fiercely loyal to his duty as the Guardian of the Master Emerald, and is also good friends with Austin Smith, likely because of the young dog's easy-going, laid-back personality.


Knuckles' past is the same as in the Archie Comics, just slightly modified to fit the series.

The Hidden Warriors: Though unnamed, Knuckles makes a cameo in this story when the Red Fox Pack are trying to escape the Dark Legion with Roy, Mona, and Kenya. Knuckles glides in and knocks out two Legionnaires at once with his fists.

The Lost Pack: Knuckles appears in the Prologue as Enerjak. He offers to save the Red Fox Pack from their constant conflict with the Dark Legion. Suspicious, Firestorm refuses, and Woodrow blatantly disrespects him, telling him to "shove off". Enerjak then lifts them all up off the ground with his powers, telling them that they had fought Echidnas in the past, and that it was an unforgivable offense(even if they fought the Dark Legion). He then proceeds to throw the foxes off Angel Island, though everyone lands safely.

The War of Time/Storm's War: In both stories, Knuckles makes minor appearances as Enerjak. In The War of Time, Enerjak appears when Fox the Brave becomes Chaos Fox and joins Super Sonic in battling him. In Storm's War, Enerjak appears while Finitevus is blocking Austin and Storm from escaping the Chaos Chamber after surprising them by the Master Emerald. After Fire Fox stops Finitevus from going after Austin and Storm while they're escaping, he then flies up to fight Enerjak.

Hunt for a Storm Fighter: When Austin flees from the Base to hide from Finitevus, Knuckles accompanies him after being alerted to it. While walking, Knuckles asks Austin about any previous excursions to Angel Island, to which Austin explains. When Finitevus finds them, Knuckles rushes off to find him, insisting to Austin that he run, and the young warrior finally does. Knuckles is later mentioned in Austin's thoughts when he fuzzily recalls the events of Archie Sonic Universe Issue 9-12. Later, Knuckles helps hold Austin down while Mighty(with his super-strength) puts the young dog's dislocated hip back into its socket. Knuckles then accompanies Austin to the edge of a forest near Downunda. Once there, Austin insists that he can handle himself and that the Master Emerald needs the Guardian more than he does. Though unhappy, Knuckles complies and leaves.

Austin's Terror: Knuckles appears in the Prologue, speaking with Fox. He then appears much later in the story, when Austin flees the Base. After the young warrior explains his predicament, an angry Knuckles allows Austin to stay.

Austin's Return: After Austin has a nightmare and decides to take a walk, he alerts Knuckles on this, and the Guardian waves his hand to acknowledge it. Later, he helps Rokky the Krokorok and Lucky Lucario look for Austin after Lucky arrives to reveal Dark Enerjak's attack on The Storming Base.

The Lost Fox: After the events of Austin's Return, Knuckles remains at the Base to help in the rebuilding. Despite Fox's hostility, it's mentioned that he didn't begrudge the Echidna's friendship with Austin. When it is discovered Finitevus was at Angel Island, Knuckles rushes back to prevent anything from happening.

Legends of the Alliance: In this anthology story, Knuckles has a chapter dedicated to him, called Guardian's Rage. It details the beginning events of Archie Sonic Universe Issue 12 from Knuckles' first-person POV. He expresses concern for Austin to the reader, and angrily states to Finitevus that he drove Austin away during their fight, demanding to know where he was. Finitevus evades the question, stating that "He will be helping me quite a bit." Knuckles mentions how, after he, the other Chaotix, and the DFF escaped imprisonment, he was more than happy to drop Finitevus from his Island, for Austin as well as Locke.

The Dusk Wolf: Knuckles is briefly mentioned in the chapter A Name for Evil after Boulder describes his Enerjak persona. He later appears when Finitevus has Lycus' Gang(sans Dallas) raid Angel Island to distract him and the Chaotix, but the Guardian and his friends receive help from the recently-arrived Boulder the Lycanroc and Dawn the Lycanroc.


Knuckles has his Chaos Knuckles transformation, likely a result of Locke's experiments on his DNA before his birth.


Knuckles has super-strength and can glide.


Possible because of his hard-headedness, Knuckles is somewhat easily manipulated, as Finitevus tricked him into becoming Enerjak. Knuckles holds a deep love for his people, and this is part of the reason why he is easily manipulated, as he wants to do everything to ensure their safety.


As Enerjak
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