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Knuckles, sometimes known as Sharpknuckle of the Guardian Tribe, is an echidna who carries his family's task of protecting the Master Emerald. He is the last known mobian short-beaked echidna. He loves animals, and he maintains a small sanctuary of mobini short-beaked echidnas which he inherited from his deceased family alongside his guardian status.

This page only applies to the Doriteverse continuity.


Knuckles is a muscular mobian echidna. He has an echidna-beaked face with a dark nose, long quills on his head resembling dreadlocks, and kinked tail. He wears white boxing gloves with claw-like barbs attached to the back, which he uses to do extra damage in battle, and his shoes are red, yellow, and green with some amount of metal plating on them. He is mostly red with a peach face and a white half-moon marking on his chest. His eyes are purple.


Knuckles is a bit of a hothead, but when he isn't being angry he's known to be intelligent and thoughtful. Still, he's rather slow at processing things that are said to him, which can lead one to assume he's an idiot on first impressions alone.


Little is known about Knuckles' past, but what is known is that he inherited his position of guardian after the death of his father. Aside from a brief lapse of judgement related to Dr. Robotnik, Knuckles has maintained his position fairly well.


Knuckles has access to a special prayer-based variant of chaos control known as Guardian's Chaos Control, which has only ever been learned by his family. This allows him to control and suppress the Chaos Emeralds through the Master Emerald.

Knuckles also has the ability to detect treasure, especially if it is related to the Master or Chaos Emeralds. This may be tied to chaos energy in general, as most treasure contains materials that have the potential to disrupt or redirect chaos energy; this is seemingly supported by the fact that he has never found treasure made entirely of silk or other soft materials.


As an echidna, Knuckles has a very good sense of smell and he can sense other creatures while in a wet environment.


Knuckles is a very skilled climber, unusual for an echidna. He is also very good at digging quickly and precisely.

Knuckles is also very strong and a good fighter, focusing mainly on brute force. He can form an unstoppable team with anyone who can cover his weak spots.


Knuckles is not especially good at tactics or problem-solving, and he is also somewhat slow due to the weight of his muscles. He's also somewhat gullible, but he doesn't fall for the same trick twice--sometimes to his detriment if the "trick" is the truth the second time around.

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