Knuckles Adventure
Release Date(s)
Wii - October 13th, 2012.

Nitendo 3DS - November 1st, 2012.
Wii, Nitendo 3DS
Single Player, Multiplayer
SEGA, Sonic Team
Action, Fantasy, Adventure
E - Everyone (NA)

E10+ - Everyone 10+ (JP)
Sonic Chronicle's II: The Shadow Zone

Knuckles Adventure is a 2012 video game, published by Sega an Sonic Team. In this new game, set after Sonic 4: Episode III, Knuckles departs from the two heroes, and sets off on another adventure of his own! The 4 friends from the Chaotix return to aid Knuckles in his quest! There are a total of 30 levels in this game, not including the Special Stage.


After departing from Sonic and Tails, Knuckles returns to Botanic Base (From Knuckles' Chaotix), to aquire the Super Emeralds, stolen in Episode III, and returns to find Espio, Vector, Charmy, and Mighty resting there. They soon decide to throw a reunion party in favor of their victory in Knuckles' Chaotix, hosted on Botanic Base.

At the party, Knuckles offers a toast to his best friends, who cheer back. All of a sudden, the ground begins to rumble, and the gang realizes that Metal Knuckles, has triggered Mount Kraotowa to erupt on the island, in which, Knuckles and the gang runs from the scene. Knuckles then realizes that he had left the Super Emeralds back in the center of Botanic Base, but Metal Knuckles has already snatched them up, and has escaped! Knuckles, Espio, Vector, and Charmy agree to go after Metal Knuckles, but Mighty declines. They take off anyway, leaving Mighty to swim home...

The gang soon reaches Castle Fortress Zone, and encounters Metal Knuckles inside. Knuckles fights Metal Knuckles as a boss, but loses in the process. However, Knuckles aquires a Saphire Emerald, which allows Knuckles to transform into Super Knuckles, but only one time. Knuckles saves the power for when he really needs it, and continues forward with the gang to stop Metal Knuckles.

Reaching Rocky River Zone, Knuckles and Espio enocunter Metal Knuckles once again, but this time, Metal Knuckles uses the Super Emeralds (The ones not yet aqquired in the Special Stages) to whip up the water around him, and create the Water God! Espio fights the God, and wins with the help of Knuckles. Metal Knuckles soon retreats once again, but leaves behind some Blueprints. Vector picks them up, and realizes that Metal Knuckles is planning to use the Super Emeralds to call upon the Master Emerald, which will turn him into the most powerful being in the universe!

Finally arriving at the Black Hole Zone, Vector, Espio, and Charmy are captured by Dr. Eggman, and he reveals that he was to have been helping Metal Knuckles all along. Knuckles fights through the Black Hole Zone, and reaches the lair of Metal Knuckles at the core. Metal Knuckles then calls upon the Master Emerald, and transforms into Metal Madness II. Knuckles then uses the Saphire Emerald to transform into Super Knuckles, and goes into the sky to fight Metal Madness II.

Losing the battle, Super Knuckles grows weaker and weaker, floating back down. Super Knuckles is nearly sucked into the Black Hole, but Mighty soon arrives, saving Super Knuckles, nearly killing them both. Metal Madness II soon erupts out of the sky, and barrels straight towards the two, but Super Knuckles gives some of his power to Mighty, who turns into Super Mighty! Metal Madness II then uses the Super Emeralds, to become SUPER Metal Madness II!

Super Mighty fights Super Metal Madness II, and wins the battle once again, but Super Metal Madness II uses the Master Emeralds a second time, turning into the most powerful being in the universe! Super Knuckles and Super Mighty then conjoin powers to release the others, and lend them Super Forms!

The gang takes turns fighting Metal Knuckles in one final fight, and at the end, they join Super Powers to blast a ray, which defeats Metal Knuckles for good, powering him down. Knuckles and the others return to normal, and cheer as Dr. Eggman runs away in his Eggmobile. Knuckles thanks the gang for helping him defeat Metal Knuckles, and soon after, Sonic arrives to let Knuckles know that something is happening on Angel Island...

To Be Continued In The Next Game...



Knuckles the Echidna - Knuckles has departed from the Death E.G.G, and finds himself back on Botanic Base, the very same place he met Espio in Knuckles' Chaotix. He meets the original gang from Team Chaotix, and sets out on an adventure with them to stop Metal Knuckles from become the most powerful thing in the universe! He is playable in most zones, others in which, the rest of the gang are playable.

Espio the Chameleon - Espio reunites with Knuckles after he comes to Botanic Base to get the lost Super Emeralds form Episode III, and tags with him to destroy Metal Knuckles, and stop him from using the Master Emerald! Espio is only playable in some zones, in which, the others in Team Chaotix are.

Vector the Crocodile - Vector chills with Team Chaotix on Botanic Base, but not long, Knuckles comes to join the party! Vector teams up with Knuckles and Team Chaotix to stop Metal Knuckles! As always, Vector is only playable in a few zones.

Charmy Bee - Charmy arrives onto Botanic Base firstly, before the rest of Team Chaotix arrives. Charmy is happy to see Knuckles again, and helps him in his quest to destroy and stop Metal Knuckles! Charmy is playable in a few zones as well.

Mighty the Armadillo - Mighty is more then less happy to see Knuckles, and refuses to help him in his quest, mainly because that Knuckles almost let him die in Knuckles' Chaotix. Mighty makes a 2nd appearence in the final battle, and is the ONLY zone he is playable in.

Non - Playable

Metal Knuckles - The main antonogist of the game, Metal Knuckles steals the Super Emeralds, and plans to use them to create an even more powerful form! Knuckles, along with Team Chaotix, defeats Metal Knuckles in the end, letting Dr. Eggman escape.

Dr. Eggman - Dr. Eggman only appears in the Final Battle, in which, he helps Metal Knuckles grab the Super, and Master Emeralds. His plan fails when Metal Knuckles is defeated, and Eggman flees off to an unknown era.

Sonic the Hedgehog - He makes a cameo in the ending, and informs Knuckles that something is happening over at Angel Island...

Mecha Sonic - He makes a cameo in Act 2, and the boss of Flying Sanctuary.


  1. Egg Raptor.
  2. Racer Eggman.
  3. Coaster Eggman.
  4. Egg Gravition.
  5. Egg Blender.
  6. Egg Boiler.
  7. Eggman (Retreat).
  8. Mecha Sonic.
  9. Egg Changeling.
  10. Metal Knuckles I.
  11. Egg Hedge.
  12. Egg Leaf.
  13. Egg Flower.
  14. Chemical Egg.
  15. Chemical Egg II.
  16. Egg Emperor.
  17. Egg tornado.
  18. Eggmobile (Retreat II).
  19. Dark Egg.
  20. River God.
  21. Egg Splasher
  22. Egg Guardian.
  23. Dragon Egg.
  24. Egg Colossus.
  25. Egg Gaia.
  26. Death Egg Robot.
  27. Sky Mobile.
  28. Mini-Dark Gaia.
  29. Doomsday Robot.
  30. Metal Knuckles II
  31. Metal Knuckles III
  32. Metal Knuckles IV
  33. Egg Laser.
  34. Metal Knuckles V.
  35. Metal Madness II.
  36. Super Metal Madness!
  37. Hyper Metal Madness!


#1: Botanic Euruption.

  • Act 1: Tropical Dash!
  • Act 2: Save the Emeralds!
  • Boss: Egg Raptor.

#2: Atlantic Junction.

  • Act 1: Waterslide Grind.
  • Act 2: Geyser Jumper.
  • Boss: Racer Eggman.

#3: Neon Park.

  • Act 1: Blinding Ferris Fun!
  • Act 2: Burrow Track.
  • Boss: Coaster Eggman.

#4: Mobius Street.

  • Act 1: Highway Rush.
  • Act 2: Knuckles Riders.
  • Boss: Egg Gravition.

#5: Northside Desert.

  • Act 1: Blinding Hills.
  • Act 2: Sandy Castle.
  • Boss: Egg Blender.

#6: Volcanic Tunnel.

  • Act 1: Boiling Lake.
  • Act 2: Eurption Time!
  • Boss: Egg Boiler.

#7: Battery Blimp.

  • Act 1: Grinding Gears!
  • Act 2: Curcuit Surfing.
  • Boss: Eggman (Retreat)

#8: Flying Sanctuary.

  • Act 1: Return to the Shrine!
  • Act 2: Wraith of Mecha Sonic!
  • Boss: Mecha Sonic.

#9: Sancutary Ruins.

  • Act 1: Collapsing Sanctuary.
  • Act 2: Green Grounds.
  • Boss: Egg Chageling.

#10: Castle Fortress.

  • Act 1: Spooky Passage.
  • Act 2: Scary Manor.
  • Boss: Metal Knuckles I.

#11: Cliffside Hill.

  • Act 1: Hilltop Scamper.
  • Act 2: Sharp as a Maze!
  • Boss: Egg Hedge

#12: Babylon Forest.

  • Act 1: Stormy Night.
  • Act 2: Wet Jungle.
  • Boss: Egg Leaf.

#13: Babylon Meadow.

  • Act 1: Amazing sight of the Yellow Blind!
  • Act 2: Hilltop Rush.
  • Boss: Egg Flower.

#14: Nucular Plant.

  • Act 1: Chemical Waters.
  • Act 2: A New Era.
  • Boss: Chemical Egg.

#15: Nucular Ruins.

  • Act 1: Return to the Plant.
  • Act 2: Tubes of Joy!
  • Boss: Chemical Egg II.

#16: E.G.G Fortress.

  • Act 1: A Familiar Aura.
  • Act 2: Round and Round!
  • Boss: Egg Emperor.

#17: Tornado Chase.

  • Act 1: Soaring the Clouds!
  • Act 2: Battle High in the Sky!
  • Boss: Egg Tornado.

#18: Emerald Shore.

  • Act 1: Salty Lake.
  • Act 2: Haul it Forward!
  • Boss: Eggman (Retreat II)

#19: Dark Labyrinth.

  • Act 1: Curious Miner.
  • Act 2: It's a Trap!
  • Boss: Dark Egg.

#20: Rocky River.

  • Act 1: Sharp Jumps!
  • Act 2: Freezing Current!
  • Boss: River God.

#21: Waterfall Paradise.

  • Act 1: Surfing Riders!
  • Act 2: Shoreline Run.
  • Boss: Egg Splasher.

#22: Metallic City.

  • Act 1: Futuristic Dash.
  • Act 2: Metal Street.
  • Boss: Egg Guardian.

#23: Eggman Junction.

  • Act 1: Little Fat Egg.
  • Act 2: Machinery Mischieif!
  • Boss: Dragon Egg.

#24: Earth's Core.

  • Act 1: Flaming Balls of Fire!
  • Act 2: Clossius Run.
  • Boss: Egg Colossus.

#25: Earth's ARK.

  • Act 1: Domino Crust!
  • Act 2: Round and Round the World!
  • Boss: Egg Gaia.

#26: Project E.G.G.

  • Act 1: High-Speed Homing!
  • Act 2: Bursting Pipes.
  • Boss: Death Egg Robot.

#27: Evil Sky Chase.

  • Act 1: Return to the Sky!
  • Boss: Sky Mobile.

#28: Gaia Fortress.

  • Act 1: Purple Scamper!
  • Act 2: Death E.G.G.
  • Boss: Mini-Dark Gaia.

#29: The Last Stand.

  • Act 1: Crushing Plates!
  • Act 2: Race the Egg!
  • Act 3: Finish it All!
  • Boss: Doomsday Robot.

#30: Black Hole.

  • Act 1: Black Rush!
  • Boss 1: Metal Knuckles II.
  • Act 2: Red Sky's in the Distant Sun!
  • Boss 2: Metal Knuckles III.
  • Act 3: Blazing Horror!
  • Boss 3: Metal Knuckles IV and Egg Laser!
  • Act 4: The Final Fight!
  • Boss 4: Metal Knuckles V.
  • Boss 5: Metal Madness II.
  • Boss 6: Super Metal Madness! (Super Mighty)
  • Final Boss: Hyper Metal Madness! (All Playable)


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