This is the detailed story mode of Knuckles Adventure.

Chapter 1: Persistent Egg

Part 1: Leaving The Island

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In this game, Knuckles' Angel Island is a huge maze unlike in Sonic Adventure. Taking many design cues from Sonic 3. Hidden Palace has been transformed into a 3D home in this game.

It was another bright and sunny day, but you couldn't tell if you were Knuckles the Echidna. All day, everyday, he sat inside Angel Island by the emerald altar in the Hidden Palace. It hasn't lost much color over the years, but Knuckles has been slacking on cleaning a little.

Knuckles laid his back on the Master Emerald. His eyes closed, a bunch of thoughts racing through his mind.

My name is Knuckles the Echidna. Long ago, my ancestors made a terrible mistake. They were desperate. Desperate for power. And it cost almost the entire echidna species their lives. The only other echidna I've known was Tikal, but even then, she's not a real living echidna. She's nothing but a ghost, forced to live eternity inside the Master Emerald to control Chaos. She can't live in the real world. Only come in emergencies. She had to once, when Chaos gained all seven Chaos Emeralds and almost destroyed the world. Since then, nothing had triggered another visit. And nothing really should trigger another visit.

Still, it is my responsibility to make sure she never had to come out. Protect the Master Emerald from anything that can harm it. I may be the only one that can utilize its powers, but enemies can do other things, like smash it and spread the pieces all over the world. It is at that point nothing will stop the Chaos Emeralds from destroying the world.

Suddenly, Knuckles heard a strange sound. It was coming from the top of the island. He could hear it, very well too.

"What was that?" He asked out loud. "It sounds like some kind of machine." Using his fantastic hunting skills, Knuckles listened closely to distinguish what the sound was specifically. "A robot?" He kept listening, which was when he realized who had invaded his home. "An Eggman robot. Damn, what does he want this time?"

Knuckles stood up, with the intention of punching Eggman until he had no face left. No one invades his home and tries to cause chaos. He began to head up to the surface of the island.

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