(Knuckles') Chaotix: New Door
PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One
New Door Engine
Platformer, Puzzle Solving, Visual Novel

Knuckles Chaotix: New Door is an expansion/remaster of the SEGA 32X game, Knuckles’ Chaotix made for modern hardware. As such the framerate has been changed to a fixed 60fps with 1080p visuals and reduced slow down. Additionally, the game also contains a greatly expanded story and a new gameplay style known as Discussion Mode that acts as a visual novel-esque dive into the complimentary expanded story.


The Gameplay of New Door is split into two distinct mods and gameplay styles. Classic Mode presents players with a copy of the original game with the updated graphical fidelity. New Door or Scenario Quest Mode is the updated game with two balanced gameplay styles known as Investigation Mode and Discussion Mode.

Investigation Mode


Investigation mode acts as the main game of the original Knuckles’ Chaotix. For those unfamiliar, after selecting a character and partner character from the “Combi-Catcher” the player is tethered to their partner with a ring bond, allowing them to go at speeds previously thought to be unimaginable. The player is then sent to a randomly selected level where they must reach the goal as fast as possible, and for a special stage with as many rings as possible. The new feature of this style can be seen in the new in-game cutscenes that occur after almost every stage. During these cutscenes, the player character finds objects or observations that they can then use later as evidence during the Discussion Mode. The game also functions with a day-night cycle, concluding at Sunset each day where the game goes into the other mode.

Discussion Mode


A mode brand new to Knuckles’ Chaotix. This mode functions as a text-based puzzle solver and plays in a visual novel style with only a few voice lines similar to a game like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney or Danganronpa. Every day at sunset all of the characters meet in the hub world to discuss what they know about their surroundings in an effort to find out more about the plot of the game and uncover the various oddities of the game’s setting, the Newtrogic High Zone. During a character’s descriptions of their observations of their day, it’s up to the player character to examine their statements and "object" or point out any “inconsistencies” with the evidence the player picked up in investigation mode. Although the topics of discussion largely remain the same on repeat playthroughs, due to the random nature of the level order a discussion can be comprised of different pieces of evidence and go many different ways. The ability to choose multiple different characters also changes aspects of the discussions, including who says what.


The story is virtually identical to that of the original except expanded upon. It begins as Knuckles comes across Espio who was recently imprisoned in a capsule by Dr. Eggman. After Eggman flees, Knuckles rescues Espio and the two witness a massive island appear to rise up out of the ocean. Eggman soon escapes to the island with Metal Sonic and Knuckles and Espio give chase.

After arriving on the island and rescuing the other Chaotix, the group is introduced to robots, Heavy and the mute, Bomb. The two want to rebel against Eggman and help the two figure out what’s happening on the island. At first, the group tries pressing Heavy for information but are disappointed to hear that Eggman still has control over most of the information Heavy can relay. With no other answers in sight for what’s happening, the group decides to split up and explore the island for information, agreeing to meet back at the island’s entrance at Sunset to discuss what each of them has found.

Day 1 (Discussion - The Island)

*For the sake of clarity and consistency the story will be told from the perspective of Vector and Mighty. In the actual game, there are additional playable characters that can be switched to at any time.*


Dry Foliage (A key piece of evidence from Day 1)

After the first day of investigating the team meets up only to be disappointed that they have very few leads as to what’s actually going on. So rather then trying to tackle information they don’t have they instead make the decision to go over the information they already know to see if everyone’s accounts don’t have any inconsistencies. Seeing as Knuckles knows the most about what happened chronologically, he gives his account of what happened. The first inconsistency is pointed out by Vector when Knuckles mentions how he saw the island rise from the ocean. Vector asserts that the Island couldn’t have possibly risen out of the ocean as the foliage in Botanic Base needs frequent sunlight and the foliage in Marina Madness was completely dry. Rather Vector suggests that Eggman teleported the island from another location using one of the chaos rings, that was right near the ocean’s surface, possibly on a smaller island. Afterwards, Charmy goes on to question whether they even know if the island belongs to Eggman as he could simply be using it to hide. Vector points out another inconsistency here by explaining how the hotel in Techno Tower is covered in Imprints of Eggman’s face and Speed Slider is full of badniks that resemble Eggman. After these are established, feeling like the crew has covered a sufficient amount of information the group concludes their first discussion and begins their investigation for the following day.

Day 2 (Discussion - Oddities)



"Wechnia" from Day 2

During the second day of investigating Vector and Mighty come across a guarded room in Amazing Arena Act 2. In the room, the duo finds a strange, broken down, robotic white Echidna that sounds like Tails. The two take note of the strange sight and Mighty decides to dub the robot, “Wechnia”. However, the duo finds their investigating of Wechnia to come to an abrupt close as once they touch it, it turns out to be wired to blow up, leading the two to quickly evacuate the area before it detonates.

Later while exploring Botanic Base Act 2, Vector and Mighty end up running into a panicked Researcher who asks a puzzled Vector and Mighty if they’re with Sonic and Tails and pleads that if they are to not hurt him as he has denounced Eggman. Vector and Mighty are unsure of what to make of things but don’t get long to decide as the Researcher suddenly makes a run for it and jumps from a cliff into a bush and escapes in an elevator. The duo simply takes note of the odd exchange and agree to hope to find something that explains what’s going on further.

Additionally, the duo finds strange Orange robot parts at Techno Tower and Speed Slider.

Discussion Time

As Sunset draws near the entire group once again meet up to discuss any clues they might have. This time Mighty takes the head of the conversation and explains the playable duo’s strange confrontation with the Researcher and encounter with Wechnia. Espio notes that because of the Researcher’s words Sonic and Tails must’ve been on the island at least at one point fairly recently, but finds disappointment that they have no evidence where they could be now or if they even truly were there. Vector finds this inconsistent with the evidence, and interjects, mentioning that there is one possibility, at least of what happened to Tails. With a puzzled group of peers, Vector explains how it’s possible that the Tails the Researcher saw was actually just a robot that Eggman built, as orange robot parts were scattered around Techno Tower and that it’s possible that “Wechnia” was actually the remnants of the robotic Tails stuffed into an Echidna shell as it had Tails’ voice. Heavy questions Vector’s theory posing the question of why Eggman would make a robot Tails. Vector elaborates explaining that The Researcher clearly had some issues with Eggman and that he could’ve used “Tails” to scare The Researcher into rejoining Eggman. With a lack of evidence to continue, the group concludes their second discussion, vowing to answer what happened to Sonic by the next day.

Day 3 (Investigation - The Fake Sonic)



Heavy's Census from Day 3

Some ways into the day, at Marina Madness Vector and Mighty, come across a hologram of Eggman to someone else explaining that the traitor plot has commenced and is going smoothly. Vector and Mighty are concerned for what this could mean but take note none the less.

Towards the end of the day, Heavy mentions to Vector that he’s been given access to a multitude of new information from Eggman, including that he now has access to a census log of every organic person who was on the Island taken hourly. Vector makes sure to take note of these statements.               

Discussion Time

With the third Sunset coming upon the island, the group meets up to discuss what else they know about the “Sonic” that the Researcher saw. Knuckles starts off in a frustrated manner, explaining how there’s still not a lot of evidence that could answer their question. Mighty objects, hypothesizing that with the holographic tech that Eggman is using, Sonic could’ve just been an illusion. Vector takes issue with this however as it’s inconsistent with Heavy’s census which mentions that three people were definitely on the island at some point and arguing that it’s unlikely a technology Researcher wouldn’t recognize a hologram. Furthermore, Vector argues that if there was a hologram Eggman would’ve likely stored it within one of the hidden rooms in Botanic Base which remain empty. This proves as enough for everyone to believe Vector.  

Heavy then uses this as a segue to pose the big question. If everyone should begin talking about the elephant in the room. The “traitor plot”. Those of the group unaware are shocked to hear these words. Mighty elaborates that it’s likely one member of the group isn’t who they say they are and are actually working for Eggman. Vector goes on to present evidence that the “traitor” is also the one who acted as the fake Sonic to scare the Researcher. This is corroborated by The Eggman hologram referring to the traitor plot as Operation “Fake Sonic: Phase 2”. Although the group is a bit concerned thinking there isn’t any more evidence that could answer the pressing question, an alarmed Heavy ends up springing to life, exclaiming that Eggman’s just given him access to the information of who the traitor is. Heavy also remarks how now the evidence seems quite obvious in retrospect and how he feels silly. When the Chaotix press Heavy for the information he reveals the traitor to be Mighty.  

Mighty reacts in utter shock, and confusion pleading that it can’t be right and he isn’t the traitor. An alarmed and angry Vector remains on his side and challenges Heavy for more evidence. Heavy explains that Mighty is clearly the fake Sonic as he and Sonic share nearly identical looks and mannerisms. Heavy uses the blue cloth scraps as evidence that all Mighty had to do was simply wear a Sonic costume and he would look exactly like Sonic. Furthermore, no one can corroborate that Mighty isn’t the traitor as it’s likely everyone was stuck in capsules when Mighty pretended to be Sonic. As of now, it’s probable Mighty is smugly feeding information back to Eggman. A desperate Vector tries to convince everyone that Mighty can’t be the traitor but with little evidence, Mighty appears extremely guilty. Espio suggests that they restrain Mighty until they know for sure but Vector is able to convince him to let Mighty stay with the group and under supervision prove his innocence if he really isn’t the traitor. With the discussion at a close Vector declares himself dedicated to proving Mighty’s innocence. 

Day 4: Final Day (Discussion - Mighty’s Innocence)



The Master Ring from Day 4

Another day comes and goes, this time with Eggman visibly getting more aggressive, bosses, harder layouts and fewer clues are apparent. On their journey, Vector and Mighty come across various important pieces of evidence none the less, including blue quills, a document mentioning “The Master Ring”, and parts of a Big Robot codenamed “Metal Sonic Kai” as well as some blueprints explaining what the robot might be and how it could work.



Discussion Time

As the fourth day comes to a head on the Island the group comes together to see if they can prove that Mighty really is the traitor or not. Vector declares to the group that he and Mighty finally have a solid grasp on what exactly is going on. Espio expresses doubt that Mighty isn’t Sonic but Vector retorts with evidence, elaborating that the evidence they’ve been collecting has simply been part of Eggman’s plot to misdirect them. The real traitor wasn’t apart of the plot “Fake Sonic Phase 2” it was apart of “Take Sonic Phase 2”. In reality, Heavy was meant to be the traitor with Eggman feeding him the fake info that Mighty’s the traitor, with Heavy oblivious to the truth.

While the others question Vector as to who then the fake Sonic was, Vector presents the “blue quills” elaborating that there was no fake Sonic and that the real Sonic was actually the one who the Researcher saw and the Robo Tails was meant to catch Sonic off guard. Whatever happened next, Vector hypothesizes that the plot worked to capture Sonic and the conclusion is in accordance with Heavy’s census. As Heavy reports, on the Island right now there are nine organic people. Vector suggests that these are, The Chaotix, Eggman, The Researcher, and Sonic. When questioned as to where Sonic is, Vector presents the blueprints to a giant robot whose design documents mention some sort of power issue. Knuckles elaborates that Eggman’s been powering all his robots so far with powerful grey rings while the documents make mention that an additional “live” power source is necessary.

Vector makes the final assertion that Sonic is still on the island in this Metal Sonic Kai robot and is being used as apart of its power source in addition to the “Master Ring”. The entire group now confident in what Eggman’s plan is, agrees to continue to have faith in each other and stop Eggman and Metal Sonic at all costs before the robot is unleashed.

Post Discussion

With all the attractions fully explored, the group is met with a surprise attack from Metal Sonic where the player normally selects a level. After beating Metal Sonic, the ground crumbles as Vector and Mighty fall underground.  A disgruntled Eggman sees the defeated Metal Sonic and starts up the robot, leading to Vector and Mighty facing Metal Sonic Kai.


Good Ending

If the player has collected all six chaos rings the ending concludes as Metal Sonic Kai is destroyed and Vector and Mighty teleport away. They teleport back to the Isolated Island from the start of the game along with the other Chaotix and the group watches as The Newtrogic High Zone blows up in the distance. As it also turns out Vector also teleported an unconscious Sonic onto the island saving him. The group celebrates with everyone safe. The credits show Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Vector, Espio and Charmy as the credits roll just like in the original game.

Bad Ending(s)

If the six rings are not collected, the ending concludes as Metal Sonic Kai is destroyed. Text appears, explaining that the island blew up and that although the Chaotix are nowhere to be found Metal Sonic Kai survives and wreaks havoc. The bad ending credits are identical to that of the original. Also if the player fails to prove Mighty's innocence in the Day 4 Discussion, Mighty is simply scolded and not allowed to be played during the final boss. In this scenario, the player also cannot achieve the good ending even if all six rings were collected.


  • Sunlight for Foliage - Botanic Base Act 1
  • Chaos Ring - Special Stage Completion
  • Robots Resembling Eggman - Speed Slider Act 1
  • Eggman Imprint - Techno Tower Act 1
  • Dry Foliage - Marina Madness Act 1
  • Researcher’s Statements - Botanic Base Act 2
  • Orange Robot Parts - Speed Slider Act 2
  • "Wechnia" - Amazing Arena Act 2
  • Robotic Tail Parts - Techno Tower Act 2
  • Hidden Rooms - Botanic Base Act 3
  • Hologram City Technology - Speed Slider Act 3
  • Blue Fur Cloth - Amazing Arena Act 3
  • Eggman’s Hologram "Fake Sonic: Phase 2" - Marina Madness Act 3
  • Heavy’s Census Log - Day 3 Investigation Prep
  • Chaos Ring Documents - Botanic Base Act 4
  • Receipt Reading "Operation Take Sonic" - Speed Slider Act 4
  • Big Drill - Techno Tower Act 4
  • Mention of the "Master Ring" - Marina Madness Act 4
  • Blue Quills - Botanic Base Act 5
  • Grey Ring - Boss Completion
  • Blue Quills - Speed Slider Act 5
  • Big Robot Arm - Amazing Arena Act 5
  • Cockpit Blueprints - Techno Tower Act 5

New Music

For the new Discussion Mode in the game, music is used that wasn't originally featured in the classic Knuckles' Chaotix however the music is reused from Sonic CD. Observations of this include -

  • Examination Theme - Collision Chaos Present (US)
  • Examination Theme 2 - Collision Chaos Good Future (US)
  • Objection Theme - Wacky Workbench (Past)
  • A New Lead! Theme - Stardust Speedway (Past)
  • Mighty's Accusation - Stardust Speedway Bad Future (JP)
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