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Knothole Village

Knothole Village, as depicted in SatAM

Knothole Village is a small village in Mobius. Hidden in the depths of the Great Forest, it serves as a base of operations for a group of Freedom Fighters. It appears in both SatAM & the Archie Comics series, although it is depicted differently in both series, and in the various fanon continuities as well.


No one really knows when Knothole was constructed. In the Archie Comics series, it was said to have been constructed thousands of years ago. Regardless, it served as a retreat for the royal family of Mobius. When Dr. Robotnik unleashed a coup on the city of Mobotropolis, Princess Sally Acorn & her friends were evacuated to Knothole.

Eventually, it was repurposed into a base of operations for Freedom Fighters. When Sonic, Sally & the others came of age, they too used Knothole as their base. In SatAM, despite Robotnik's best efforts, Knothole was never found. In the Archie Comics series, Knothole grew into a bustling city, which became part of the Kingdom of Knothole. Eventually, Knothole was destroyed in a bombing attack by Robotnik's forces, and its residents moved to New Mobotropolis.


Knothole appears to be a relatively egalitarian settlement in terms of economic structure. Although its residents could be considered to be below the poverty line by certain economic & statistical agencies, they appear to get by considering the circumstances they're in. The residents of Knothole grow their own food, although it's plausible that Sonic & Tails – or perhaps another resident – could bring in additional supplies from elsewhere.

Notable Areas

Knothole of the future

Knothole Village in the Archie series, after extensive upgrades

Although the structure of Knothole may vary between continuities, there are a few constants. For one, Sonic, Tails, Sally & other villagers have their own huts. Some villagers such as Bunnie live in hollowed-out trees. As a defense against intruders, lookout posts have been built on some trees surrounding the perimeter of Knothole. Rotor has his own workshop here, which may also double as his living quarters. At some point during Season 1 of SatAM, a hydroelectric generator was built on the northwest side of the Great River, near the workshop. Of course, there are also the aforementioned gardens. Finally, on the east side of Knothole, there is a small grotto where Power Rings spawn.

Appearances in Fanon

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BearfootTruck's Universe

In BearfootTruck's universe, Knothole is located in the western part of the Kingdom of Mobius, and thus, the Great Forest is, too. Unlike the comics, Knothole is still intact…so far.

For the most part, Knothole is identical to the canon version. However, there are plenty of differences. First of all, Sonic & Tails share the same hut, if not the same bed. Their hut is rather luxuriously appointed, containing items such as a TV set, video games, a bookshelf & a sink. Next, south of Sonic's hut, there is a picnic area where the bonfire meeting place was, and the bonfire spot has been moved a bit further south. This picnic area has a retractable canopy that stays hidden until needed, allowing residents to eat outdoors even in bad weather.

Knothole has received a few technological advancements as well. Not only does the generator work on hydroelectric power, but it also has solar panels on top as well. Rotor still has his workshop, which is now slightly larger so that he & Tails can both work here. The workshop also includes a medlab, as seen in "And Down Will Come Sonic – Cradle and All". This allows Rotor (and anyone else with medical knowledge) to diagnose patients, heal them and research cures & treatments.

In the southern part of Knothole, there is a Quonset hut that serves as the motor pool, where vehicles such as the Tornado & Yamaha YZ400 are kept. A small refueling station is just next to it. West of that, and south of the hideaway stump, there's a runway for aircraft, which has a retractable ramp for STOL (Short Take-Offs & Landings). Near the treehouses, there’s a small armory for any weapons & ammo that the Freedom Fighters happen to acquire.

Perhaps the most notable change is the replacement of the War Alcove with a meeting house. In many ways, the meeting house can be considered the center of Knothole's culture. It can be used for council meetings, battle planning, fan club events, dance parties and many other purposes. To this end, all tables & chairs can be folded up and arranged differently. In "A Blue Light For the Dark", it is shown that the meeting house has a retractable DJ booth for dance parties. The normal lighting is sufficient, but the meeting house has minimal disco lighting – no more than some flashing colored lights. However, the sound system is very nicely done for a venue of this size, with finely-tuned bass, midrange & tweeters.

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