Knothole Freedom Fighters of Light
Kingdom of Acorn
Local Militia Group
A.R.M. Highest Ranking Officer's Council
  • King Maximus Acorn
  • General Humaloch of the Royal Space Marines
Team Sibling
African Lion
Sally's Hut/Armory
Notable Members
Mobians and 45% humans.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Scout/Man-at-arms)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (Co-Technician)
  • Sally Acorn (Warlord)
  • Bunnie Rabbot (Tank/She-Brute)
  • Christopher Thorndyke (Frontlike trooper)
  • Frances (Combat medic)
  • Captain Antoine D'Coolette (Arm Smuggler/Spy)
  • Rotor Walrus (Chief Technician)
  • Intergalactic sub-group:

    • Cosmo the Seedrian
    • Nazo (Frontline trooper)
    • Hail the Hobidon

    The Knothole Freedom Fighters of Light (光のノットホールの自由の戦士 Hikari no Nottohōru no Jiyū no Senshi) are a good-sided Militia Organization founded after the Partial Conquest of Neondon, KOA, Sonic and his "Team Sibling" usually plan their strategy here, usually to stop Eggman and Snively from conquering Mobius and the intergalactic Colonies. Chris and Frances later joins Knothole to reverse the contagious spread ratio across the drama caused by the Metarex Swarm.

    However, there are lots of Evil or Neutral Freedom Fighter organizations across the Galaxy, even in alien planets but they are more like anarchists than just liberators, see "Planet Breezy Freedom Fighters of Dark".


    Knothole Freedom Fighter of Light Uniforms are rather scrappy due to their shortage of materials designed for ornate use in combat.

    They also wear Kevlar under suits, winter gear, rucksacks and plasma-resistant vests recycled from either G.U.N supply crates or from the local Egg Marines. Several stuff have been obtained from their own armed forces as well (Army, Navy, Aviarium, Predatorium, Royal Marines), despite partial conquest on their region.


    Main/Mundane Infantry Weapons

    • Acornite Royal Marine Long Sword
    • Knothole Police Stun Baton
    • Bayonet (for rifles)
    • Dagger (for stealth units)
    • Chaos Staff
    • Chainsaw
    • G.U.N. Ballistic Shield
    • Compound Bow
    • Browning HI-Power with rocket pistol magazines
    • L85 Assault Rifle (limited)
    • Lee-Enfield Scoped
    • Sawed-Off Shotgun
    • 10 ft. Long Royal Guard M16AR
    • Energy Boomerang
    • Holographic Landmine
    • Mills bomb
    • Sticky bomb
    • Molotov Cocktail
    • Throwing Dart

    Personal/Legendary Weapons

    • X-Sword (Wielded by Chris Thorndyke only)
    • FN FAL (Wielded by Chris Thorndyke only)
    • Arm Mace (Bunnie's main weapon)
    • Dual short swords (Sonic's main weapon)
    • Dual nail guns (Sonic to Pull off his Spike Blast)
    • Ring (Tails' throwing currency weapon)
    • "Coward's Outrage" (Antoine's Bundle of Cutlass and Revolver)
    • Royal great sword mounted flipped for Half-Swording on blue L85 AR (Sally's main weapon)
    • Screwdriver (Rotor)

    Vehicles/Extreme Gear

    • Hovercraft/Hover Units
      • Hovercycle
        • Tandem
        • Chain-linked
      • Hoverboard
      • Hoveskates
    • Turret-mounted Chariots (limited)
    • Chaos-oriented Vehicles
      • Air Brooms
    • Flying Limo
    • Flying Trucks
      • Elephant gun-mounted
      • Laser cannon-mounted
    • Watercraft
      • Sea Fox
      • Turret-mounted Boat (Chain-linked)
    • Tornado
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