In an Age long past; to preserve the fire and kindle the flame, one Knight will walk the path between Life and Death, to slay the Prince of Darkness for the Light too never go out...


  • Sir Sonic Hedgehog  
  • Flare, Goddess of the Sun
  • Mephiles the Dark


In an Age long past, when Fire was the Single Light in a World full of Darkness...

A Drake roars in Pain as a Silver Long Sword slices through it's Shoulder. Blood spews out from the cut followed by Flames from the Mouth of the Beast. A Hedgehog Knight side steps out of the way.

Humanity, alongside the Mobian Race, kindled the Flames to preserve all that is good...

The Drake swipes it's Tail forward in an attempt to hit the Hedgehog. The Hedgehog backflips over it and slices the Drake's Tail in half. The beast roars in agony before spewing flames as the Hedgehog raises his Shield and the flames bounce off.

But Darkness will always exist with the Light in an endless struggle for dominance... 

The Hedgehog slices along the Chest of the Drake before dodging the swiping Claws of the Drake. He slices through the Knee of the Winged Monster before kicking it in the Face.

But the time draws near for a Test of the Balance...

The Hedgehog slices across the Neck of the Drake before running up it's Arm and jumping into the Air... His Long Sword evelopes itself in Flames before he strikes downwards and plunges the flaming blade straight through the Skull of the Drake. It cries in agony before slumping down to the ground in a Pool of it's own Blood. The Hedgehog jumps off of the Beast and wipes his Blade on the Grass too clean the Blood from it.

And the Flames may finally go out...

The Hedgehog stands on the Edge of the Cliff, looking out into the Sunset, the Golden Light shining on both him and the lush Green Grass. His Gaze is firmly fixed upon the view as he is stuck in a deep thought. Many things trouble him. Behind him the Drake desolves into a Mass of swirling Darkness before disappearing, he pays it no attention.


The Hedgehog raised his faceplate and closed his Eyes. He looked exactly like Sonic the Hedgehog, only Cyan, not Blue. He opened his Eyes too see his surroundings had completely changed. He was standing on the Balcony of a Large Temple. He was still looking out into the Sunset. From the Room behind him, a 'Human' Woman walked out onto the Balcony. She had long, flowing, Red Hair, with Blue Eyes and near golden skin. She wore Brown Robes with Gold details and a Gold Hem. 

The Woman walked up to the Hedgehog and stood next to him. She rested on the Railing. "You requested my presence, Goddess?" The Hedgehog inquired, still looking at the Sun set and the sparkling Blue Ocean. "Yes, Sir Sonic, i did." The Woman, named Flare, answered. Sir Sonic nodded. "As you know by now... The Dark forces are appearing more frequently here in Solaire. I fear that the Prince of Darkness may have finally found his way into this sacred Realm." Flare informed. Sir Sonic looked shocked and turned to face Flare. "Mephiles is here?" Sir Sonic questioned. "Yes... And his presence is already taking a toll... Please, follow me." Responded Flare. She walked inside and Sir Sonic followed.

They walked into Flare's Chambers and over to a Pool of Clear Water. Flare waved her Hand over it and a rift opened in the middle. It showed a giant Mountain. "Do you see, my Champion? Look how Bitter Snow falls atop the Mountain of Light. See how Dark Clouds swirl around it's Peak... I fear Mephiles is residing there." Flare spoke. "I shall leave immediately to deal with him, my Mistress." Sir Sonic stated. "No... Not yet. You are not strong enough to face him yet... And you would need the Blade of the Sun." Replied Flare. "Then i shall set out to recover it." Sir Sonic responded. Flare sighed and shuck her Head. "You are tired from your days work, i sense it... And with the Night Mephiles' Forces would be all the more powerful. Please, rest in this Temple for the Night and set out in the Day, when you would have the Advantage." Flare spoke. Sir Sonic considered her Words and nodded. "Good... My Priestesses will lead you to your Chambers. I shall see your departure in the Morning." Informed Flare. "As you wish, Goddess." Sir Sonic replied. Flare nodded and Sonic left the Room.


It was the Early Hours of the Morning as Sir Sonic pulled himself out of Bed. He took a quick bathe in a Small Pool too clean himself up. After drying himself he walked over to his Changing Room.

He put on his Brown Pants, followed by his Brown Shirt, then a Chainmail Shirt, followed by his Silver Leggings, then his Silver Boots, then his Silver Armplates, then his Shoulder Pad on his Left Arm, then his Silver Gauntlet on his Left Arm, and then his Brown Leather Glove on his Right, then his Blue Tunic with Gold details and Hem, and followed by his Silver Helmet. He picked up his Sword and Shield and left the Chambers.

He walked down the Massive Hallway before entering a gargantuen Hall. Flare was awaiting him. She smiled upon seeing the Hedgehog enter. Sir Sonic walked up to the Goddess and took a Bow. "Mi'lady." Sir Sonic greeted. "Sir Knight." Flare replied. "I shall be setting off on my Quest, Goddess." Sir Sonic informed. "Indeed." Flare replied. They spent a brief moment looking into eachother's Eyes. "I must set off now..." Sir Sonic spoke. "Of course. May the Sun guide you." Flare replied. Sir Sonic nodded and bowed again. Flare nodded and smiled. Sir Sonic headed for the Giant Double Doors that lead outside. He turned around before exiting too Wave at Flare. Flare waved back. Sir Sonic left the Temple.

Through the Fire & Flame

Sir Sonic ran through lush, Green, fields at Super Sonic speeds. He ran with Sword in hand. In the distance there was a War contraption being pulled by a Giant. On a Ridge a pack of Dire Wolves howled before jumping down and running towards Sir Sonic, snarling. Sir Sonic headed straight for them, firmly gripping his Sword.

The Alpha Dire Wolf pounced towards Sir Sonic. Sir Sonic jumped up and began spining with his Sword stuck out. He spun straight through the Dire Wolf, chopping it in half. He landed and sliced off the Head of the Dire Wolf next to him. A 3rd pounced at him but he kicked it in the face before slicing his Blade through it's Chest. It welped in pain as it died. A 4th and 5th went to attack Sir Sonic, who spun his Sword through the 1st and then thrusted through the 2nd. The 6th, and final one, attempted to maul Sir Sonic but was stabbed through the Throat.

The War Contraption opened fire with a Barrage of Arrows that darkened the Sky. Sir Sonic raised his Shield as the Arrows hit the ground. The ones that would of hit him bounced off his Shield. He boosted forwards towards the War Contraption and ran straight up and around it; the resulting whirlwind tore the Machine apart, Metal and Wood went flying. Sir Sonic smashed through the back of the Giant before bursting out of it's Chest. He landed and ran forward once more.

He chopped straight through a Legion of Darkling Knights and used Magic to burn their Armored Mephiles Stalkers. Bodies went flying as he struck his Foes. After slaying them all he continued to run forward.


Sir Sonic ran through a Dark Forest, looking left and right for Danger. Nothing. It was eerily quite. "The forces were heading into this Forest... But for what purpose?" Sir Sonic questioned. The Forest seemed Dark and dreary, not something a Place in Solaire should be. Sir Sonic slowed down. "There is a cold chill in the Air." He noted. A Dark Mist formed behind him... It turned into Mephiles. Mephiles shot out a Chaos Lance at Sir Sonic. Just in time, Sir Sonic spun around and deflected it with his Shield.

"Leave now." Mephiles spoke. "Speaks the one who is the Invader." Rebuffed Sir Sonic. Mephiles chuckled. "I am reclaiming what is rightfully mine." Mephiles spoke, clenching his Fist. "This place belongs to Flare, all powerful Goddess of the Sun. You will leave this sacred Realm and never darken it again, Demon." Sir Sonic scowled. He pointed his Sword at Mephiles. "The Woman sends a mere mockery, a mere Mortal, a mere casualty of War to deal with me? The Prince of Darkness? Hahahahahahahaha!" Mephiles rebuffed. A Black Katana, with a Purple Blade, formed within in Mephiles' Right Hand. He swung it and a Blast of Darkness propelled Sir Sonic into a Tree. He crashed to the ground. "Pathetic." Muttured Mephiles. He turned into Mist and flew away.

Sir Sonic stumbled up. "Urgh... I felt that one." He groaned. He picked his Sword back up and Sheathed it. "My my, i just can't lie, it's the thrill of the chase that created the ride." Sir Sonic grinned. He ran off. As he sped along a heavy smoke reached his Nose...


Sir Sonic came upon a Burning Ruin of a Temple. Bodies of Worshippers were strewn across the Ground and impaled on Spikes. "Those who play with Fire will ALWAYS burn!" Howled a Cerberus. It jumped down and roared in the face of Sir Sonic. "Leave this place, Mortal! Or i shall bury you in pieces!" Cerberus growled, his Icy Breath flowing over Sir Sonic. Sir Sonic frowned. "Hmph. I don't think i've ever seen a Talking Mutt before. You know, in a Dog Show, you'd take first place." Sir Sonic rebuffed. "You dare make a Mockery of me!?" Howled Cerberus, slamming his Fist on the Ground. "Easy there, Fido. Come on Puppy, why don't i take you for a Walk?" Sir Sonic spoke, twirling his Sword. "I will tear you limb from limb! Mortal!" Cerberus roared.

Sir Sonic side stebbed a Beam of Ice that Cerberus fired. He jumped up and began to slice away at the Head on the Left of the Body. Cerberus roared in pain before wacking Sir Sonic away. Sir Sonic regained control in mid-air and used a Tree too propel himself back to Cerberus. His blade stabbed straight through an Eye, Blood gushing out, Cerberus howling in pain. Sir Sonic proceeded to chop off an Ear before jumping off of Cerberus. Cerberus fired more Ice Breath but Sir Sonic deflected it with his Shield. He jumped straight up and chopped off the Head; sending it straight into the Air. "Blast off!" Sir Sonic shouted. Cerberus unleashed a volley of Claw Swipes but Sir Sonic jumped over them and chopped off Cerberus' Right Arm. Cerberus howled in agony. Sir Sonic began to rapidly slice at the Head on the Right before stabbing it in the Mouth and then procceeding to chop it off. Cerberus charged but Sir Sonic jumped over him. Cerberus turned around to see Sir Sonic performing a Homing Attack. Cerberus went flying and crashed against a Wall.

Cerberus crawled weakly out of the Rubble. "You... You're... You're not even a... Mortal... Are you?" Cerberus groand. "Who knows? I'm not even sure myself." Sir Sonic rebuffed. Cerberus slumped down. "I accept thy fate... Go forth with thy Blessing." Cerberus spoke. Cerberus turned into a Mass of Darkness and disappeared. All was silent. "Not even a New Weapon? Seriously?" Sir Sonic questioned. He sighed and began to walk off. Before he left; a Three Bladed Nunchuck hit him on the Head from behind. "Grr..." Frowned Sir Sonic. He picked it up and proceeded to leave.


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