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"People always say they wish they could control their life, but only a few really do. What they don't realize, is that when you truly can control your life, you have to control a hundred thousand others too."- Knight Caros.

Knight is a hedgehog. He is 14 stops. He lives in Aristan, but he is the leader of one of the three strike teams that work for Echo in Vasealia. He is a black 'shadow recolor' hedgehog with white stripes. He is one of the unnatural powers, Chaos. Knight's debut was in Chapter One of The Lightning Strikes story in his world, the Realms Of Arcana. This is also the first story I ever wrote down. He is very close to Eclipse Darkfallen the Hedgehog, who has been with him since he was 5 and just started school. Eclipse is also on his Strike Team, so they are almost always working together, so they work as well together extremely well. He also leads Kyle, Raddilyn, and Chain. His Chaos is incredibly powerful in some areas, but very weak in others. For instance, even with all Seven Chaos Emeralds, he cannot go into Super Form. No amount of Positive or Negative Chaos Energy can induce the super form, it is completely nonexistent. Knight Caros has had the Cyan Chaos Emerald in his possession since he was five. He also hates Poison, hates everything about it. Poison is his weakness as he is Chaos powered. One of his strong points in Chaos is his ability to use any Chaos move he has researched. He also loves training his Chaos, and he often does this with Eclipse, who loves training her Darkness and her use of Daggers, as well as her Ninja like skills. Knight was shy as a child, when he met Eclipse, Cargrid, Clover, Fire, and Flame for the first time. But now he isn't shy. The only people besides Jazz and Headlock and other Villains that he treats with general dislike are Cargrid and Clover, as well as Fire and Flame.


Knight never thinks he is the best. He isn't great at making friends, though he has quite a few. Knight loves to train. He is selfless, and would destroy himself to protect his friends and the land. Knight enjoys watching Extreme Gear races, and riding it. He also likes armor. He hates bullies, and does not like arguments.  


  • Training his Chaos
  • Cool looking Armor
  • Weapons and Shields
  • Riding Extreme Gear
  • Extreme Gear races
  • Beating Cargrid at something


  • Be being beat by Cargrid
  • Being insulted
  • Arguments between others
  • Jazz and Headlock
  • Destruction of cities or towns
  • Bullies or people picking on someone
  • Cargrid and Clover
  • Fire and Flame




Knight Caros was your normal hedgehog. A normal hedgehog in the Realms of Arcana that is. He was of the Chaos Power. He was originally shy, very shy. He met Eclipse when he was five where he also met Cargrid, Clover, Fire, and Flame. His Chaos skills progressed slowly, for he had no training. He loved his home. When he was 14 Jazz turned his life upside down, and blew his home of Aristan to lightning scarred bricks. Echo Empire troops were sent quick to rescue those fighting back. Knight, Cargrid (who is his dreaded rival) Fire, Clover and Flame were rescued as they could be easily spotted as the lone fighters. Eclipse, Knight's friend, was presumed dead as she wasn't found nor rescued. Knight was taken to the unfamiliar enormous city of Vasealia, where he knew no one. It was quite a contrast to his small home of Aristan. Eventually he was asked to pick three members to join his Strike Team. Later he fought Copter, who told him that Eclipse was dead. (Though Copter honestly thought this true, he mainly used it to discourage him.) Later though, Eclipse found Knight, and joined his strike team. Since then he has been fighting Jazz alongside his friends and allies. You can read more in the intro to the fanfictions that revolve around him, Realms Of Arcana. There you can also find pictures of him and his friends. You can read his story here: ROA, The Lightning Strikes

Early Life

Not too much is known about Knight's early life. As of now, nothing is known about his birth, oo before he turned five years old. Only that he never talked to any people. His parents were Tiassale Caros and Jade Caros, but little else is known about them, as one suddenly vanished from the face of the earth after he was born, and the other shortly earlier. Knight was born into the Caros family, as the only one. The Caros family was always small, but very powerful. Knight was born with Chaos Powers, the ability to manipulate and control the (almost always) red energy called Chaos. He had no friendships at all until he was five years old.


Knight is a black Shadow Recolor hedgehog, with white stripes. He inherited his colors form his parents, who he never met, not that he remembers. He often wears a navy blue long sleeve shirt, and also black pants. He wears dark colors the most. His shoes are navy blue as well. This makes his red Chaos power Inhibitor Rings look really bright, and they stand out quite a bit.


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Eclipse: Knight's closest friend since his second day ever at school. These two black hedgehogs are like close siblings. They do almost everything with each other. Knight also works very well with her in combat, giving them both an advantage. Though she was lastly selected to his team, (due to her being missing in action) she is definitely his closest friend.

Chain: Knight's first selected member to his strike team, Chain is his expert computer master. Chain is his friend, they have worked together since Chapter 6 of The Lightning Strikes, two chapters after Eclipse disappeared the first time. Chain is very helpful to the team, as the only tech master on all the teams.

Raddilyn: This hawk with all her brightness and everything under the category 'odd', was Knight's third member to his strike team. She has helped him get through every challenge, whether its physical or mental. Her dual powers truly come in handy in combat, and if its mental, well, her appearance and grammatical fails help him get through.

Kyle: This hard head who loves food above all else was actually the second member Knight picked. Kyle's love of food makes Knight laugh, but what Knight likes most about him, is his absolute determination to show he's worth having on the team. Though he is small and not as strong as fifty percent of enchidnas, Kyle makes up for it.




The other strike teams 

Clover the Hedgehog

Flame the Cat 

Echo: Knight couldn't truly call Echo his friend, but she's definitely his strongest ally. Echo appointed him leader of the strike team. Since then, these two have worked together to accomplish amazing things. He also would not have survived Jazz's attack on Aristan in The Lightning Strikes if she had not sent her shuttles to find those who were fighting back and take them to her city if Vasealia. He also would not have had a chance of winning against Jazz without it support. 

Cargrid: Knight's chief rival for all time. Cargrid's and Knight's ideas clash on ninety-nine percent of things, even in how one could beat Jazz. While Cargrid plainly just wants to be the best in history, Knight just wants the continent to be safe forever. While Cargrid would make sure he was the first one to safety, and leave everyone else behind, Knight would sacrifice himself to save Echo's continent.


Jazzeon Empire

Jazz: Knight absolutely hates Jazz. Jazz destroyed his and Eclipse's home city of Aristan. After that horrible event, Knight started leading a strike team against this evil master of lightning. In fact, the whole story entitled The Lightning Strikes, is about Knight and his allies fighting Jazz.  

The Four: Knight and his strike team have come head to head with this team endless times. Copter and him have had some very pivotal battles, but Eclipse Darkfallen has had the most. All of the members of this evil aligned team hate all the strike teams, for they run counter to their evil plans of taking over the world.  

Locke Empire

Headlock and Family 


Jade Caros: Unfortunately for Knight, he never even met his father. His Father and him share absolutely no memories. None. And that is not only because of the common rule that your parents don't know their children. He has never seen a picture of his father nor a video or anything of his father. He only knows that he had invincible Inhibitor Rings. That's all. He doesn't even know his name

Tiassale Caros: His mother and him only saw each other for the time that it was absolutely necessary to do so for him to live. He never saw one picture one video one anything. His mother gave him some of his major traits, like his father did. His voice was noted that it sounds softer than his father's, something he gained from his mother.


He doesn't like to see others get hurt, so he will often put himself at danger to save them, or help them. He cannot go super form, no matter if he has all seven chaos emeralds he cannot go super. He will risk his life to destroy a leader of an enemy empire. Poison is his principle weakness because he is Chaos powered. He cannot swim to save his life, literally


Knight can fight with his hands and feet. He isn't as good at it as his rival Cargrid, but certainly will put up a fight. He will work his hand and feet combat into his Chaos Powered combat. Knight can ride extreme gear very well, and has performed a wind manipulating attack on Cargrid, the same one Jet was seen doing in a Cutscene in Sonic Riders. Knight can perform some clips and can slide and jump with some evasive skills. This is from watching his ninja master best friend fight. He can catch daggers that are thrown at him, even knew thrown by Eclipse, one of the best dagger throwers in the world.


Knight is Chaos powered. He specializes in Chaos Moves and Can dish out a lot of moves without running out. Knight can teleport others around too, which he will often use to get them out of trouble. The only problem is that they have to be used to being teleported or they'll probably vomit. He is fast with his teleporting.  He is also fast on his feet. He can ride Extreme Gear pretty well. Knight can use any Chaos move he sees in action, which isn't very many, or does research about. This gives him an advantage towards any other chaos powers. (Besides his cyan emerald.) Knight does a lot of training and research, so he can use quite a lot of moves, ranging from anything to creating a little spark to slowing time with a Chaos Emerald.



A background I made showing Knight and his quote. (this is the same recolor image of Knight)

Knight's last name is said Kare-os (like more than one "o")' 

Knight Caros, was originally supposed to be the brother of Knighton, a character in the The legend Of Danger Ranoyya

Knight has been redone more times in Photoshop then any other character I own. (Currently 7 times!)

The only character that comes close to Knight's amount of recreations would be Eclipse Darkfallen, his best friend.  

Stories before official

Knight Caros has starred in many stories in my imagination before coming to his final and official story in Realms Of Arcana. He once was an ASV apprentice, trained by Chaxa, fighting particularly his brother Knighton and his brothers rival Oxacon, both members of the Gang, NINJAS. Another time he was the leader of the group Vortex. Chain and Kyle were members of the group too. The official leader of Vortex (officially from the RYSE/WEATHER series, not  yet written at this current time.) has a much more embarrassing name. Vortex fought against team Weather, Girl power, Boy power, and a few others. Knight's third story would be when he was an orphan, living on the streets. He worked with Eclipse to survive. He worked minorly against the law, maybe even being in jail once.

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