Silver Trophy Voted Most Beautiful Female Runner-up for Winter 2015!
Kloey the Fox
Kay channel
Undisclosed; physically teenage
John the Fox (brother,) "Jewel" the Fox (mother)
Kay (nickname)
Romantic Interest (s)
Miles “Tails” Prower
Mobian Fennec Fox
Fennec with dirty blonde/light brown hair, green eyes, pointy ears, a white muzzle, red fur and a tricolor tail.
Pink heart necklace

Pink heart hairclip

White tank top

Denim sleeveless vest

Denim shorts

Pink fingerless gloves with blue cuffs

Tall gray/black boots with silver soles
Chaominchi (leader) Freedom Fighters (member)
Main Abilities





Jump Kick




Panic Call

Magical Blitz


Last Reserve Attack (Much more powerful than other attacks due to adrenaline rush.)

      • Note: Sorry guys, I ran into a few techinical glitches when trying to replace all "Kay"s with the world "Kloey", since her name changed! If anything looks wierd, ex/ "Cleffakloeykloey", it's probably meant to say what it originally did. (So, "Cleffakaykay.")


Kloey is the kind of girl you just might feel slightly uncomfortable meeting at first, as she tends to send out timid vibes. However, after interacting with her, it is much more likely you'll feel less awkward. She can't seem to ditch those vibes that seem so self-defensive, no matter how hard she tries. (You know how those teenage years are...!) 

If you can get past the frequent complaining (just for the sake of having something to complain about) and the constant difficulty of having a conversation with her because she always runs out of things to talk about, she's quite the lovable pal. She only has a few close friends, and they don't typically come to her for advice-- well, except Kagome. Why? Well, it's probably got something to do with the whole 'can't carry on a natural-sounding conversation' deal she's got going on.

But this isn't to come without an advantage! Even though Kloey can be a bit... erm, 'unskilled' socialy, she's a bright young lady! Actually, this is half her problem. She's too smart for her own good. Even though she's only a little bit above average, she kind of, 'contemplates,' if you will, every choice she makes. This, unfortunately, includes the right things to say in a conversation to appear friendly and inviting, when really, her habit of 'over-thinking' is just making her seem more appear odd and quirky.

After you've warmed up to her, to the point you find her highly-oversaturated thought proccess and unintentionally silly, embarassing behavior because of it cute, she'll probably recognize it, and unless she for some reason holds anger towards you or just dislikes you, she'll return the affection by maintaining a much more chill conversation, and pretty much interaction in general.

Her skills in number are scarce, which just adds to the list of why a) most characters don't care to meet her and find her pretty uninteresting, and b) why she's insecure, however, when she finds she's good at something, because of this, she devotes herself whole-heartedly to it. For example, Kloey is a wonderful writer, and she's also ot to shabby in chemistry. Her writing abitlities can be linked to her witty comments that someone with a similar sense of humor will easily be amused by, and her chemistry abilities can be linked to her competence in the field of "magical" spells. The "magic" she uses is purely the result of constant experimentation done in the laboratory she and Tails share, and whenever they discover a lab product that can be beneficially applied as a battle technique to fight off Dagger Corp., Kloey works at taming it so it can be used properly. She has no real natural-born strengths other than flight using her wings, so this is essentially her only use as a playable character. The word "magic" is simply used for convenience (well, that, and Kloey likes how it sounds.) She's overall a character with significantly limited power, and is much more effective to the storyline in terms of her personality and actions in the long-term. Physical power is not an area of great skill for her.

She honestly thought she'd never get a guy to fall in love with her, (what with her, in her own opinion, 'hideously boring and dorky' personality,) but when Tails started showing signs of falling when his voice got suddenly shaky around her every time they were in the same general vicinity, and when he started blushing feverishly and spilling his drinks like a big geek, she was more than flattered and now happily accepts it as a truth-- but don't tell Tails she knows!


Early Life

Kloey is of Mobian descent, at least in the STH dimension, but she was born on Earth. Not much is revealed about her childhood, other than that her father is never seen. At the age of 2, her brother was born to the same parents as herself. Her mother has a nurturing nature and has a strong mother-daughter bond with Kloey, as demonstrated when she helps her daughter with all of the problems she is approached with.

Team Chaominchi

One day, when Kloey was about eight, she and her best friends, Kagome and Jennie the Foxes (as well as her chao, Sakura,) were innocently walking through a trail outside and playing with eachother. (In Kloey's series, the final events of the Sonic X series took place then.) Suddenly, a fox of Kloey's age and many other characteristics distrupted them with the help of her henchman/sidekick Tyler the Bat. This fox proved to be Ava, Kloey's dark counterpart from another dimension called "Erroria" (a pun on the word 'error') that was made by mistake in the dawn of her regular dimension. Ava rose to power from her royal family chain and ended up dictating all of the other evil Mobian counterparts. The fact that she could dictate such a large dimension at such a young age further expressed her unmatched-by-many mental strength and pure determination for control. However, when her followers began to realize that she was taking over every aspect of their lives, they began to revolt and she blamed this on her only accepted conclusion-- she believed it was somehow Kloey's fault. So, she travelled to Kloey's dimension with an invention she made and confronted her soley to attack her and hold her prisoner, which eventually becomes her primary mission. When Ava confronted the girls by jumping up out of nowhere with a large frightening machine she called "Medustructor" (pun on Medusa because it appeared to have several tentacles sprouting from the center) sided by Tyler, the girls reacted in panic as Ava explained who she was and her cause. Ava proceeded to capture them and only managed to trap Kagome and Jennie, as Kloeyla screamed for help continuously. Fortunatly, her calls were answered by none other than Miles "Tails" Prower. Right about then, Tails was mourning over Cosmo's demise, but Cosmo saw this and was very unhappy. Because of that, she released a gas all over the earth that caused any individual that had any recollection of her presence to completely forget about her. Tails was affected by the gas and snapped out of his upset in confusion, not remembering what he was crying over. He heard Kloey's cries for help and flew over to check out Kloey's situation. All in all, he came in and planned out a strategy which rescued both Kloey and her friends, even though she was just a stanger to him at the time. After that, Kloey and Tails's (as well as her friends's) bonds with eachother grew exponentially and to this day Kloey and Tails are great friends. They are in love with eachother, but they're too shy to really admit it just yet. The group found Hikari the Seedrian, a final survivor of Cosmo's planet's destruction on a mission in outer space about a year later (in which Tails had no recollection of (the species of seedrians) so he had no prior knowledge of, either.) Later, about a few years, the group came together with Sonic and his team to form a much larger team called "Team Chaominchi" that Kloey administered. The team also later faces other enemies in a pirsuit to protect a counterpart of the Master Emerald, the Mecha Ruby, and to keep it from falling into the hands of evil (for example, Dagger Corp.) as they could fairly easily take over the world with it.


(Not all; Most)


  • James the Fox (Brother)
  • "Jewel" the Fox (Mother)
  • Lily the Fox (Future daughter)
  • Josh the Fox (Future son)
  • Amethyst the Fox (Future daughter)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (Future husband)
  • Pinky the Rabbit (Future sister in-law)

Friends (You can add who you like, as long as you run it by me first)


  • Ava the Fox

Enemies/Opposers (she doesn't consider all of them complete enemies)

  • Tyler the Bat
  • Ace the Wolf
  • Cadence the Hedgehog
  • Roz the Seedrian
  • Aisha the Cat
  • Henry "Macho" the Hedgehog
  • Eggman (one time opposer)


Kagome the Fox

Lifelong #1 best friend, met from infancy and always protect one another. Says anything that Kloey is too afraid to say and is very daring.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Romantic interest of Kloey from when he was 8 years old and she was 7 years old. Eventually marries her and has 3 children.

Sakura the Hero/Swim Chao

Kloey's chao companion for as long as she can remember. Sakura is an energetic little silver colored hero chao as well as a social butterfly. However, she is reluctant to be left in the care of anyone other than Kloey as she trusts Kloey more than anyone else.

Sakura sonic channel

Sakura, Kloey's main chao.

James the Fox

Kloey's younger brother, copies her behaviors and looks up to her. Is more left-brained.

Jennie the Fox

One of Kloey's best friends for almost as long as Kagome. Is very soft, generous, sweet, and a little shy. Hates confrontation.

Hikari the Seedrian

Found by Kloey and the gang stranded on an asteroid while they were testing out one of Tails's inventions that function as a space rocket. One of Kloey's best friends next to Kagome and Jennie, has a high-strung personality and freaks out easily, in joy or fear.

Simon the Hedgehog

Has known Kloey as long as Kagome and Jennie. Is a little awkward and dingy, but funny. Is at-heart a good guy. Has a crush on Jennie.

Anne the Hedgehog

Came to be when lab fluid substances from Tails's lab and Ava's lab came to mix after Tails destroyed one of Ava's bots. The substances, when mixed, channeled life from the enviornment (ex/ surrounding trees) and brought about Anne. She is counterparted by Aisha the Cat of whom came to be the same way. Anne is hyper, affectionate, energetic, happy, and just way too joyus about everything.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Has a meaningful friendship with Kloey (only a friendship, though.) They met when Kloey and the gang came to explore the Ark Colony remains, and Kloey found shadow just sitting alone. Sonic explained who he was, but Kloey had the sense that something was wrong and talked to him about it in private. She empathized with him over his loss of Maria by telling him a story that involved losing someone you love and it helped him cheer up a little.

Meta the Echidna

An echidna who the gang met upon trying to save a city from the destruction of Team Dagger. Became allies with Chaominchi and eventually was recruited. Love interest of Kagome.

Tommy the Tiger

Met Kloey at a video game store. Is always looking out for all of his friends. Almost immediately falls in love with Cosmo after Kloey introduces him to her, quite requitedly.

Cosmo the Seedrian

Has kept that she already knows Tails and some other characters a secret from everyone so it wouldn't defeat the purpose of her realeasing the "Forget me" gas. Her possible feelings for Tails romantically have died out completely, serving no competition for Kloey-- actually cheers on their relationship. Is madly in love with Tommy the Tiger.

Ava the Fox

Evil counterpart. At first is Kloey's arch enemy and rival, but over time becomes less hostile towards her and is slightly tsundere. Still doesn't like her, though. (Well maybe deep down inside. But she'd never admit it.)

Tyler the Bat

Half-reluctant sidekick of Ava. Is constantly pushed into crazy things that he doesn't want to do thanks to Ava, but sticks by her anyway. Has no particular opinions towards Kloey other than "C'mon, Ava, shes not that bad. I think you need to give people more of a chance."

Ace the Wolf

A very professional and proper wolf with an English accent. Works alongside Cadence. Sees Kloey and her team as unprofessional and constantly makes remarks about how 'inadequate' everything is in Team Chaominchi and works to steal the Mecha Ruby. Is the CEO of Dagger Corp.

Pinky the Rabbit

Kloey's friend as well as her brother's future wife. She is high-strung and paranoid often, but protects her friends at all times. She is one of Kloey's only friends younger than her.


  • Kloey's more popular classic design was a red fox with angel wings, Tails's hair sprouts, and a yellow t-shirt. She was purposely constructed to resemble Tails, but due to complaints of unoriginality, she was remade in 2011 and again for other reasons in 2012.
  • Kloey was first officialy released to the public on October 3, 2008 in the video 'Kayla the fox- Portion of A thousand miles.' Her name has since been changed twice to avoid confusion between her creator and her own entity.
  • Initially, Kloey had two love interests, Tails and Shadow, although she inevitabley marries Tails. Simon was also in the question, however, his romance towards Kloey was seemingly unrequited.


"Hi there! My name's Kloey, what's yours?"
—Kloey's usual introduction
"Tails, I could really use your genius right about now!"
—When Kloey can't figure out what to do

—Kloey after getting a rank E
"This isn't going well."
—Kloey after getting a rank D.
"Not my best, but not my worst, either!"
—Kloey after getting a rank C
"Hey, that's progress!"
—Kloey after getting a rank B.
"Almost there!"
—Kloey after getting a rank A
"Oh my gosh! That was so easy!"
—Kloey after getting a rank S.

Theme Song

thumb|300px|left|PV music video of Hatsune Miku's "Tell Your World," Kloeyla the Fox's theme song.Piapro's vocaloid Hatsune Miku sings the song "Tell Your World," Kloey's acquired theme.

Classic Design

Kloey the Fox's original design. Art by E-122-Psi, character by Cleffakaykay. (Cleffakaykay may also be known as atashilvr98 from previous circumstances, they are the same person. The same with Mewberry101 and MissCKayKay, they are also Cleffakaykay.)

Sonic Channel Kayla the Fox by E 122 Psi

Relationship with Tails

Tailay sketch

Kloey and Tails together

In the beginning of the series, excluding their first encounter, Kloey and Tails are close friends who have a requited love for eachother. However, they're both too shy to admit it. In the near future, when Kloey turns 16, Tails admits his love to her and they begin to be in a serious relationship, followed by eventual marriage.

Additional Info

Any questions regarding Kloey or other characters of the same creator can possibly be answered upon contacting her creator, Mewberry101.

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