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Klinx the Weasel


Also known as
Weasel, Klinxy, Klinx T. Weasel, Mr. Black Weasel (by Bubblegum)
2 ft 7 in
40 lbs
Hill Top Zone
December 29
Con artist
Chance games like Poker and Yahtzee, looking through people's stuff, eggs, Dr. Pepper
Looking bad, plaid, mind readers


Klinx is a weasel in the truest since of the word. He’s sly, cunning, and you can’t trust him as far as you can throw him. He’s a smooth talker and displays confidence, while in reality he’s more of a coward. He will try to talk himself out of any situation, and if he can’t he’ll run rather than face it. He has a tendency to always go for the winning side, he’s not above betraying his allies. However he knows better than to betray his teammates Slash and Macro. Deep down inside he really is loyal to them and would help them despite his generally selfish nature. He generally takes on a charming and sophisticated demeanor; however, he can be sarcastic at times.

Because of his relationship with Slash and Macro, as well as his many other new friends, Klinx is becoming notably more honest. When he meets someone his friendliness is becoming more genuine and less for personal gain. Basically, he is coming to where he'd be more easily described as a "reformed con artist". He still keeps up his charming attitude, but with better intentions such as just making people feel better rather than tricking them. He's also more likely to help his friends recognize a fraud, which he is able to do due to his own knowledge and experience. Klinx is useful to have around as he can help determine a person's intentions and other things about the situation.

Physical Characteristics


Klinx has black fur with grey fur on his stomach and face and green eyes. He has slicked back hair that goes all the way down the back of his head. His body is long and slender and he also has a slender, stiff tail, a long snout, and small rounded triangle ears.


Klinx's attire consists of basic white gloves and grey dress shoes. He also sometimes wears reading glasses when he needs to.


Klinx's voice is clear and somewhat smooth, although a little nasally. It typically has a forthcoming and friendly tone that tries to get you to trust him. The pitch is medium to low.


Basic Stats

Agility - 5
Speed - 8
Strength - 1
Defense - 1
Evasiveness - 10
Dexterity - 5
Intelligence - 6
Skill - 4

Special Attacks

  • Roll
  • Spin ball jump
  • Dash - Crouches down on four legs and springs forward
  • Weasel War Dance - A series of moves that allows him to dodge many attacks
  • Triangle Jump
  • Quick Strike - A quick strike forward, this attack fast but relatively weak, it is one of Klinx's only attacks

He knows how to drive and hot-wire vehicles. In addition he can slip through small places easily, scurry quickly on four legs, and pick locks and pockets. His weaknesses include the fact that he can not swim and has little offensive ability, being rather physically weak. Thus, he can't really "fight" in the same sense many Mobians can.


Early life

Klinx was born in a peaceful woodland area in the Hilltop Zone where he lived with his mother, Lila, for most of his younger life. His father, Snike, was a con artist who was off “working” most of the time. Despite his relatively peaceful upbringing, Klinx desired more excitement and moved to the big city. Following in his father’s footsteps, he became a con artist to support himself.

Team Weasel

One day he got mixed up in a situation when he conned the target of then bounty hunter, Slash the Cat. The target was none other than Macro the Giant Hedgehog. The transaction went quite normally, other than Klinx’s awe at Macro’s size. But as Klinx was walking away quite pleased with himself, he was approached by Slash who demanded the location of Macro. In his usual fashion Klinx tried to get something out of the disclosure of the information, but Slash was impatient and refused any nonsense. Instead she physically threatened him and dragged him with her to find Macro. When they found him there was a confrontation, but they eventually found out that Slash had been set up by Eggman. At Klinx’s direction the three joined together as a team to take down Eggman (*cough*Sonic Heroes*cough*). He now lives in Station Square with Slash and Macro.


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Slash the Cat

Although Klinx and Slash are teammates and friends, they don't always get along so great because of their differing views. Slash gets frustrated with Klinx frequently.

Macro the Giant Hedgehog

Macro and Klinx are best friends. They are frequently seen together, notably with Klinx riding on Macro's shoulder. Klinx has gotten Macro into trouble on many occasions by talking him into stuff.

Katie Rose

Katie has a crush on Klinx which began with his charming introduction to her. Katie's crush greatly intrigues Klinx and Klinx as developed a crush on her in return. See: Klatie

Brittney the Cat/Wolf/Dog/Fox

Klinx is still fond of Brittney, despite how "different" she is. He finds a certain charm in her naivety, but also enjoys how easy it is to take advantage of.

Evo the Hedgegoose

Klinx considers Evo a very trustworthy friend.

Snike the Weasel

Klinx doesn't see his father often, but when he does it can be rather awkward. Despite this, Klinx still secretly cherishes some childhood memories of him and his father.

Edge the Hedgehog

Klinx is rivals with Edge for the sole reason that he likes Katie.

Sparky The Hedgehog

Sparky trusts Klinx and admires his sense of humor, and is usually very happy whenever he helps. One notable event between the two was a snowball fight. Sparky used his Super Peel-Out to smash Klinx into the snow in a fit of rage, but he quickly said sorry to Klinx after the blow. Sparky enjoys how forgiving he is to him.

Ditzy the Weasel

Ditzy is Team Weasel's dim-witted neighbor that lives in the same apartment building as them. Normally Klinx is rather patient but Ditzy grates on his nerves. Ditzy especially bugs him with his stupidity in trying to do "neighborly" things.

Roleplay Appearances


~"There's no need for that, good sir!" - (Truth or Dare)

~"Alright, now who's the best at fighting monsters? Well whoever it is, I'm going with them" - (Lost in the Labyrinth)

~"So one of us has to be "brave" enough to plunge right into what might be a trap?" - (Lost in the Labyrinth)

~"Dumb? No! I'd say rather that you look smart enough to make a good bet!" - (Elemental Tourney)

~"Yes, we're not exactly aquainted. But I couldn't refuse the invite." - (A Jeeperchomp Whodunit)

~"Sure I can! I assure you, this plan is fool proof." - (New Year Madness)


  • Klinx was Maryxgil's first Sonic character.
  • Klinx's theme song is Con Man by The Forward.
  • Klinx is technically 1/32 hedgehog since his 3rd great grandmother was a hedgehog.


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