Kleft the Wevaheatian

Kleft the Wevaheatian
Chronologically: 68 In Mobian Years: 24
Wevaheatian (reptilian, raptor-like creatures)
5 ft 9 in
super strength, speed, agility, resilience to most energy based attacks, strong durable and sturdy body, The ability to control his bone-structure.
heat, sand, beaches, sunlight, meat, the colour red, strength, helping those who need it, giving villains a 'beat down'.
Feeling Cold, Being Bored, Enemies, Arrogance, weakness, fruits, vegetables

Kleft was once an inhabitant of a world called 'Wevaheat', but was lost from his homeworld sometime during the events of Odyssey.


Kleft was born 68 years ago (24 by Mobius years) on the harsh, desert wilderness off Wevaheat. The Wevaheatian males were mostly warriors, and enjoyed the thrill of fighting, especially against stronger opponents. However, they only enjoyed fighting, not killing, and as a code of honour, never kiledl in cold-blood. From a young age, Kleft showed great fighting skill, easily besting his peers and even providing more experienced warriors with a challenge. As he aged and matured, he easily gained a reputation as one of the strongest of his kind. People came from all over to challenge him, and almost every time he won. It appeared that he truly was the strongest of his kind.

However, one day, the notorious V and his army invaded Wevaheat, seeking to conquer the dimension and recruit its capable fighters. The Wevaheatians fought hard against V and his overwhelming power, but to no avail. Many of them were killed, while others surrendered, seeing their efforts were futile. Kleft, however, refused to give up. In anger, he fought and slaughtered a countless number of V's warriors. During the war, a mysterious individual calling himself Levi had appeared on Wevaheat as well. Believing him to be one of V's minions, Kleft engaged Levi in battle. Although Levi tried to convince Kleft otherwise, the latter wolud not hear it and Levi was almost killed by Kleft, until a young fox girl with bright green hair intervened. He fearlessly threw herself between Levi and Kleft's berserker rage, not thinking of her own well-being. Seeing this, Kleft suddenly stopped his assault. Seeing how the girl risked her life for her friend had caused him to see the truth: they were not his enemy. After tending to Levi's wounds, the two explained to Kleft the reality of the situation: V was an interdimensional tyrant bent on ruling over all existence, and they led an organization that resisted against V's tyranny. Believing that he may have a better chance of saving his race by joining them, he decided to become part of their organization. Working for the resistance, he carried out numerous missions, ranging from sabotaging V's power in dimensions he's already conquered to helping stop him from conquering other dimensions. This continued for several years, until the events of Odyssey took place.


While he may seem gruff and tough on the outside, Kleft is really a kind, caring fellow deep down, although he can be sarcastic and impatient at times. He tends to take charge and put on a strong, tough-guy attitude to complement his physical prowess and enjoys the thrill of fighting a lot more than the average person. Despite his love for fighting, he has strong moral standards and a strong sense of justice. He cannot stand cruelty or evil and takes usually takes it upon himself to right wrongs and punish evil-doers. As a result he can be a bit impulsive at times, and may take the world upon his shoulders. he also possesses good judgement and good analytical skills, and can be quite tactical in battle.


Kleft possesses abilities shared by the rest of his race. He possesses super strength, capable of lifting several times his own weight with ease; agility and speed, although nowhere near as fast as Sonic; a tough, resilient body, capable of withstanding extreme heat, electricity, disease, poison and cold (although he does not enjoy feeling cold), among other things. He also possesses almost ridiculously high endurance to pain and injury, and has a large amount of stamina to top it off. Also, due to the special properties of the Wevaheatian bone structure, he is also quite heavy despite his size.

However, Kleft's main power is his ability to conciously manipulate his bone structure. Wevaheatians possess a far different, more complex bone structure than Mobians and have many more bones as well. Some of these bones extend out of the body, forming horns on the head and spikes protruding from the collarbone, shoulders, elbows, knees etc. These bones are also as hard as, maybe harder, than diamond, and quite heavy as well. Kleft can willingly stretch, move, bend, shape or contort these bones to his liking, to longe blades extending from his wrists and elbows, to transforming himself into a spiky ball, to simply firing them from his body like bullets.

One of his most dangerous abilties of his species is the ability to generate various types of venom. The two most commonly used types of venom are a very poisonous type and a highly acidic type. Others include a cement-like venom that instantly solidifies, a sticky, syrup-like venom and a highly flammable venom. While others of his species are only able to utilize one or two types, Kleft can use seemingly all venom types.

Kleft gains the energy for his powers by consuming massive amounts of food, preferably meat. Cursed with an almost insatiable appetite, he needs food in order to fight well, and hungers quite quickly, even faster if he's fighting.


Kleft, like the rest of his race, resembles a dinosaur or dragon. He has a short, pointed snout with sharp canines extending down from his upper jaw. Four horns jut out from the back of his head, one pairs on each side going down vertically; the top horns larger than the others. A mowhawk or brown hair runs down his head to his lower back, with a few spikes running down his lizard-like tail. Two short spikes also stick out from his shoulders, and three spikes stick out near his elbows. Sharp claws extend from the four fingers on his hands and the three toes on his feet.

Kleft has orange scales covering most of his body, with his chest, stomach and the underside of his tail and covered in smooth, yellow-cream coloured plates. He stands at 5 ft 9 in, and possesses a lean, muscular frame. He also has bright blue eyes. his usual attire consists of a sleeveless black vest (which usually gets shredded one he uses his powers), grey slacks, black fingerless gloves and a necklace with a tooth-like pendant. He also possesses a holster on his hip for his blaster, which he rarely uses.

Roleplay Appearances

Odyssey: Kleft plays a major role in this adventure, and appears to lead the group of heroes, along with Levi, on their quest to stop the malevolent forces of V.


  • Kleft's favourite colour is orange/red, because it is the colour of the Wevaheat sky.
  • Kleft highly dislikes sweets, preferring salty or spicy food.
  • Sometimes, Kleft wonders what it would be like to have fur instead of scales.
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