The Interview

# 1. Would you say Kitty is an important member of Smash's crew?

A) Of course. Kitty's Gizmo's assistant, and Gizmo's one of the main characters. The little guy may not seem like the go-to guy in most instances, and doesn't have a whole lot of screentime, but he works hard and gives it his all. He can do it when it counts--especially when they need a small guy. He isn't a playable character in SpTH for nothing, anyway.

# 2. As Katler is now just "Elder" Katler, does that mean Kitty may become the new king of Cat Chao Island?

A) The Cat Chao Island is abandoned. While it's technically POSSIBLE for him to go and repopulate it as its new king, it's very unlikely. At most, Kitty will become the new leader of the Cat Chao Garden, where his race currently resides.

# 3. Has Kitty ever gotten up to any mischief and pranks and such while alongside Gizmo?

A) More like mischief and pranks towards Gizmo. Gizmo rarely ever actually joins in on his little streaks; he's usually the victim.

# 4. Is Kitty part of a "five man band" dynamic with characters like Smash? If so, what role does he have?

A) Sort of, at one point. Kitty, Krysi, Light and Shade all teamed up in one episode. He was the leader there. I can't really go into the details since it's pretty heavily W.I.P.

# 5. Will Kitty have more than one child with Krysi in the future? Or does he consider Lilia the only one he'll have?

A) That's something I can't say for sure. It isn't out of the question. I think I'd have fun designing another child for them.

# 6. Has Kitty ever had any moments where he emoted sarcasm (facepalming, eye rolling, etc) in response to something?

A) Kitty facepalm ...yes.

# 7. Finally, here's a silly question - does he have a rival named Puppy?

A) ....Surprisingly no. I might actually think about a dog chao subspecies, though.
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