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Kitty The Cat Chao
Kitty The Cat Chao 4 (smaller)
Number of Rebirths
Cat Chao
Racing, playing around, being goofy, bubbles, working on projects with Gizmo, Square Fruit, Apples, lots of attention.
Triangle Fruit, being neglected, The Chao Doctor.
Swim: B

Fly: S

Run: B

Power: S

Stamina: S
Favorite Food
Apples, Especially Apple Pie.
Artwork by

Kitty is one of the survivors of the Cat Chao clan, and the prince of all cat chao who once lived on Cat Chao Island. He currently lives with Gizmo The Cat on the outskirts of Greenflower City, and occasionally goes out to visit his father, King Katler, (now known as 'Elder' Katler,) in the Cat Chao Garden, located in Greenflower Zone. Kitty is often found by Gizmo's side, being his most trusted companion. They tend to be in the basement of Gizmo's house, working together on some new contraption they've come up with. He is also usually the first person to answer the door when someone visits, and tries to act like the host, despite never owning the house to begin with.
When not at home, he is usually tending to matters in the Cat Chao Garden, helping his father maintain it or running errands for him.

Kitty mated with Crystal's chao, Krysi, and they gave birth to a silver cat chao. They named her Lilia, after Kitty's deceased mother.

Character © to Yusef1992/Smash The Echidna/Frost1992. In order of the usernames on Youtube, Myspace, and Deviantart, respectively. Smash The Echidna is also a member at


Kitty's looks differ as he grows up, like any other chao. However, as a cat chao, his appearance has some slight to major changes depending on what type of chao he grows into.

Kitty Child Sprite

Kitty as a child looks very similar to a normal colored chao. In fact, he is a normal colored Cat Chao. His only difference between the two races is that baby cat chao have big cat ears, matching their color. He also has green eyes, which is a personal trait in his appearance.

Kitty Neutral Sprite

Kitty as a neutral adult chao has a few noticeable changes to him. He has grown two gray whiskers and a long tail, matching his color. His colors however, are still identical to that of a normal chao.

Kitty Hero Sprite

Kitty as a hero chao has some very obvious changes to him when compared to a normal hero chao. Kitty's hands, feet, tips of his head and his halo are all emerald green, while his wings, stomach and inside of his ears are light sky blue. His eyes are an inverted black and white, like natural hero chao. He still has his long cat tail and whiskers, the latter of which is a darker shade of gray.

Kitty Dark Sprite

Compared to his other forms, Kitty as a dark chao looks rather menacing. In addition to the color changes in which his black skin turns dark red, and the tip of his head along with the inside of his ears, his hands, feet, wings, emotiball and crescent on chest are all cyan, he has a pair of fangs showing from his mouth. He still has whiskers, and a long cat tail matching his color.


Kitty The Cat Chao
As his looks change, his personality changes slightly as well. Generally, Kitty is very goofy, funny and lovable. He tries to keep things lighthearted and loves to play around. He is also kind and considerate towards others, and tries to keep everyone happy. He has his mischievous side as well, as he likes to splash water on Gizmo at random times, or when he's oversleeping.

Though when times get serious, his whole attitude changes. He has a strong sense of duty, and stops messing around. As former Prince of the Cat Chao, he feels that he should be the first chao to step up and do their part. He doesn't mind how dangerous the mission is to a chao, (unless it's too dangerous for anyone.) He'll make sure to do it where it counts.

His all-time favorite fruit are apples. He has very cattish instincts and traits, such as purring while being pet, occasionally licking his arms to clean himself, sharpening his claws on wood, chasing something small that's moving, playing with balls of yarn, etc.

As a hero chao, he becomes a lot sweeter than usual, and is always minding his manners and being polite. He won't even think of causing mischief. He does his best to act like "a little angel".

But as a Dark Chao, he's somewhat the opposite. He loses his goofy side, and tends to be sarcastic, serious, down to earth, cold, and a bit insensitive. The personality suits his unsettling appearance.

Strengths and Powers

Kitty's strong points are his flying abilities and his stamina. He is fairly good in speed and power, while his swimming is so-so. From working with Gizmo for as long as he has, he is fairly intelligent. He came up with a few of the inventions that Gizmo made, such as the Super Chao Modifier, the Power Copy Machine, and the Remote Controlled Bow&Arrows. In comparison to other chao, he doesn't have very many flaws. In battle, he is pretty skilled, and has a pretty solid Chao Karate record. He has grown strong over the years; strong enough to hold up on his own against non-chao opponents. He can inflict a good amount of damage on people, but won't last too much longer than a few hits from them, depending on how strong they are.
Though Kitty is much more effective than a normal chao, since he is generally armed nowadays. The Little Claws are far stronger than his regular claws. And now he has a small, but powerful Buster gun.

Kitty has no real powers, but in the fangame, Splice The Hedgehog, Kitty is able to learn skills by reading "Chao Scrolls" which would make it appear that chao have some hidden power in them that they can utilize to do various things, for Kitty can learn how to heal wounds, protect himself with a barrier, speed himself up, and learn other unique skills. There are also new battle skills in addition to the Wind-up Punch and the Spin Kick.

General Info

Kitty currently lives with Gizmo The Cat on the southern outskirts of Greenflower City. He works with Gizmo in his basement to create various new items that would either help him or his friends and family. Kitty is considered to be part of Gizmo's family, even though he is not related in any way. Gizmo even freed him from his position as his pet, yet Kitty stayed with him on his own will. Kitty has his own family, as his father is still alive and he mated with Crystal's chao, Krysi, and gave birth to a female cat chao whom he named Lilia.

Kitty's life is actually much busier than your average chao. He works with Gizmo some days of the week or if he is really needed, while other days he is spending time with his father, former King Katler-who is now known as "Elder Katler". On the weekends, he goes to Crystal's house to spend time with his mate and child. Or if his child is at Gizmo's house already (Gizmo and Crystal take turns taking care of the child chao.) then Krysi, his mate, comes to visit him. He then takes the time to show her what he's been working on.

For a chao, Kitty's intelligence is quite high. He learned a lot from Gizmo, and experience from working with him. He created a few small things himself. He even managed to build his own room into Gizmo's basement. To Gizmo, Kitty basically made a closet in the basement. To Kitty, it was his own personal workshop. As smart as he is, he never has been seen speaking English, yet he understands it perfectly. Although, he has clearly been able to speak someone's name without any problems, so it may be that he never cared to speak in English. Because he speaks in a mixture of both chao and cat, not many people can understand him. He generally speaks through an interpreter, who is almost always Gizmo.

Items Currently In Possession

Little Claws: Kitty's weapon, made by Gizmo. He refrains from using this in Chao Karate. But in a real fight, he whips these out to do some real damage. With these, he was actually able to hurt someone other than a chao. Though now he's strong enough not to need them all the time, they are still an effective weapon.

Super Chao Modifier MK.II: The fixed and upgraded version of the Super Chao Modifier. This cannot exactly give Kitty a super form, like it was originally planned to, but it increases his abilities to a pretty good level, allowing him to match someone other than a chao in various situations. The modifications made to this were to keep it's power stable, prevent it from malfunctioning randomly, and to null any side effects to the user. Now, combined with the Chaos Emerald's power, Kitty actually can go super. Last time any power source came across it, it nearly blew up. (which is actually why it was taken back and upgraded) It's worn like a chao medal. Kitty only wears this in emergencies.

Racing Medals: Medals won during Chao Races held in both Station Square and in 'Chao World'. He actually doesn't usually wear any of them; he keeps them hung up on the wall in Gizmo's room. There are few medals he is missing; particularly the hero, dark, gold and diamond medals.

Royal Accessories: Kitty's father managed to recover some old stuff from Cat Chao Island. Kitty's royal attire was part of it. This includes a gold crown with red and blue jewels inlaid into it, a royal blue cape, and a gold and silver emblem. The emblem is worn like a chao medal. There is no reason for him to go and wear this, though. There was also a sword, but his father still owns it.

Buster Gun: A small, handy gun that fires bullets made of highly compressed energy. Given to him by Gizmo, who received it from Levi. Kitty feels a lot more useful with this equipped. He is also studying it so that he could try to work off of it to improve it or create something better.

Back Story

Years ago, Kitty was the crowned prince of Cat Chao Island. Kitty was the sole child of King Katler and
Kitty The Cat Chao 5

Kitty when he was a prince

Queen Lilia. For a chao, Kitty's family was very busy. Kitty's parents ruled the entire island, looked after all of the chao and took care of the environment. His ancestors created a small hut where the King would reside, but over the years it was improved further and further until it became a small palace in the direct center of the island. Kitty was generally busy studying how he would rule the island and learning about cat chao history.

One day, a ship came to the island, and out came a bunch of men with guns. They invaded the island, shooting the chao with tranquilizer darts and capturing them. Some of the chao died from overdoses of tranquilizer. King Katler managed to get most of the population to escape on their own boats. They stopped on a nearby island to hide. Unfortunately, that same night they stayed there the chao hunters came back. They ambushed them in the night, and captured nearly everyone. To make matters worse, The king was taken as well. The queen however, was shot with a bullet instead of a dart, and killed almost instantly. Kitty managed to hear the shooter say that thought that he could make more money by killing them than capturing them and selling them to a lab. He didn't know what that meant, but he had no choice to run. He took one of the boats and sailed away with only one other cat chao on it. In their desperate attempt to escape, they crashed into a sharp rock, and the ship began to sink. The two had to swim away from there. Kitty ended up passing out from swimming too long and hard.

Kitty drifted to shore on the beaches of Green Flower City, where he was found by Gizmo The Cat, who took him under his wing and nursed him back to health. It took a few days for Kitty to get over his shock from the previous events. He was forever grateful to him for saving his life, but he didn't tell him about who he really was. He just told him that his name was Kitty.

Since then, Kitty stayed with Gizmo and lived at his house and served as Gizmo's assistant. He eventually met many other friends, and chao as well. It took him a little while to get used to being near chao other than Cat chao.

Later, Shade the Dark Chao began to question about Kitty's past, which lead him to go back to the islands and tell him, Krysi the Chao, and another companion of theirs the whole story. They decided to help Kitty go out on a search to find all the remaining cat chao. They sailed around the ocean, and managed to find a few small islands with large facilities built on them. The group infiltrated them and managed to find the last few cat chao. Many of them had passed away from seemingly abuse, but there were still around 16 cat chao living, and King Katler was included. After their bold rescue mission, Kitty gave King Katler and the rest of the cat chao a tour around where he lived, and his father decided on a place to build a new chao garden, open to all chao. Before he began, He went on a journey alone to find and gather any remaining cat chao. Upon his return, he had found about 17 more cat chao and then followed through with his plan to build the garden. He gathered chao of all kinds together and gave a speech about what had happened, and he offered to build a very large chao garden if they were to help him. A garden large enough for everyone. Through many hardships and months of long work, He managed to create a chao garden hidden in Green Flower Zone, and, with Gizmo and Kitty's help, he created an emergency escape system (as seen in Rain - A Tale of Heroes).

Gizmo eventually freed Kitty, telling him that he could not keep him as his pet. Yet, Kitty decided on his own will to stay with Gizmo. Since then, the two had stayed together as best friends. Soon after the grand opening of the Cat Chao Garden, Kitty mated Krysi the Chao and gave birth to a two-toned silver cat chao. He named her Lilia, after his mother.

With things settled down at the Cat Chao Garden, the Cat Chao decided to start anew. King Katler resigned his title as King and is now known as "Elder Katler". They still remember the previous events, and are always cautious of the chao hunters-even if there aren't any in the area. They refer to the tragedy at Cat Chao island as "The Cat Chao Massacre"(CCM for short), since they lost nearly an entire island's worth of the population.


Kitty's appearance differed over the years. The only thing that didn't change were his cat ears. In his first design, he had 3 whiskers and a pink nose. The nose was very out of place and did not give off a very good first impression. Later, his nose was removed along with his whiskers, and he only had the ears. Finally, his final design came. His child look stayed the same as his old look, and his adult self gained whiskers and a tail-unless he was a hero or dark chao, where he had bigger color changes and lost his whiskers, but kept the tail. As a dark chao, he has two fangs showing from his mouth.

Kitty's personality didn't really change much over the years. He's just gotten more lovable than just being there.



A Journey to the past: Kitty was the main character of the story. He went on a journey to find the lost Cat Chao from his island, including his father. He was accompanied by Shade the Dark Chao and Krysi the Chao.

Gizmo and Kyla The Cats: Gizmo was the main character, next to Kyla The Cat. The whole purpose of the RP was to give Gizmo a mate, but ended up becoming much more interesting as Gizmo and Kitty learned of Kyla's past, and investigated the strange reactions between the Power Crystal and Kyla's necklace.

Smash The Echidna and Luna The Hedgehog's Wedding: Although he never really appeared, he was apparently in the background with the rest of the audience at the wedding.

Dimensional Disaster: Directly after the Final Nightmare. A strange emerald crash-lands in the forest at midnight, and later reveals to be a Chaos Emerald..from an alternate dimension. Soon, many familiar faces started appearing, which apparently were their alternate selves. Kitty did his best to help out.

Camp Crystal: Kitty and friends took a short vacation to go to a new camp opening up, Camp Crystal. While there, a science contest opened up to see who could come up with the most interesting creation. Kitty is the one who came up with the idea for the remote controlled bow&arrows.

The Secret of the Mutants: Kitty played a very important role in the story. It turns out that Camp Crystal was a subplot in the real story. Upon finding a disturbing dead mutant in the park, Smash and friends become very disturbed and investigate. After being sidetracked, they had forgotten about the matter, only to be reminded again by another mutant found dead in Hyper's front yard. Through further investigation, they find out about an organization in the city that was secretly kidnapping people off of the streets and mutating them, giving them unusual powers, and trying to infuse Chaos Energy within them without effecting their brains and causing them to lose their minds. Kitty helped out by infiltrating their facility with Shade the Dark Chao, and taking out the security system so that everyone else could move in undetected.

The Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament: Kitty arrived alongside Gizmo to give them the Chaos Emeralds.

Numbered Days: Kitty appeared at the same time Gizmo did. He fought alongside them in their battle with Nusquam.

?The Mystery of Skull Cross: Kitty arrived at the meeting, unsure of how to feel about the situation.

Odyssey: When a seemingly invincible man named V begins a dimensional conquest, Kitty finds himself all alone in the world conquered by V. He had almost fallen into despair, but he tried to keep his home hidden until Gizmo found him. Now he fights alongside his friends to save Mobius, and the rest of the dimensions.

Other Appearances

Sonic Adventure DX ~ Raised in the Chao Garden

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle ~ Raised in the Chao Garden

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Relationships with Other Characters

Family Members

Kitty has a very small family at the moment, but he was once part of a large royal family. After the "Cat Chao Massacre", Kitty only has his father with him. He mated Crystal's chao, Krysi, and gave birth to a silver cat chao, whom he named after his mother.

Elder Katler the Cat Chao

Kitty's father, and former king of Cat Chao Island. Kitty spends a lot of time with his father, especially now that he's his only family besides his mate and child. The two share lots of good moments together and it is quite evident that they both believe in "Father/Son activities". His father is a Chao Karate Master, and he learned just about everything he knows from him.

Krysi The Chao

Crystal's chao, and Kitty's mate. It was pretty obvious for a while that the two liked each other. Krysi was Kitty's first chao friend who wasn't a Cat Chao. He treats her almost like a princess. In a sense, she is a princess now that they have "married" each other.

Light The Hero Chao

If Kitty and Krysi are 'Husband and Wife', then Light is the brother-in-law. He sees Light as the little brother who needs looking after. Light kinda looks up to him as well, as Kitty is the wiser (and technically older) chao.

Lilia The Cat Chao

Lilia is Kitty's daughter. He named her after his deceased mother, Queen Lilia of the Cat Chao. Lilia is a two toned silver chao who often has happy eyes. Kitty treasures his daughter like any loving father would, and constantly worries about her.


Kitty has made a lot of friends since Gizmo took him in. The main buddies he hangs out with often refer to themselves as "The Gang", since they live the closest to each other and its easy to keep in touch.

(Official Characters)

Sonic The Hedgehog

Kitty knows Sonic mainly by the stories he's heard about his adventures from friends and rumors about him from other chao.. He's actually accompanied him on a few of his adventures. Sonic never seemed to pay much attention to him, though.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Kitty kinda likes Tails. He feels that a friend of Gizmo's is a friend of his.

Rouge The Bat

Kitty has seen her in chao gardens before, and constantly wonders about who she is. She apparently has a few chao fans, or so he hears.

(FC's by same creator)

Smash The Echidna

Smash is the friend that Kitty see's the most often, since Smash often runs into him and Gizmo on the road or he comes to visit them. Aside from Gizmo, Smash is the one Kitty trusts the most.

Pearl The Echidna

Kitty is quite fond of Pearl, and very attracted to her cooking. When she and Smash lived in Greenflower Zone, he used to be able to smell her baking sweets all the way from Gizmo's front yard. (He'd come flying if he smelled apple pie.)

Violet The Hedgehog

Violet thinks Kitty is adorable, and Kitty likes attention. It is obvious that they get along well.

Splice The Hedgehog

Kitty is rather fond of Splice, partly because Splice knows Kitty's favorite fruit. Apples. On the other hand, Splice is one of the fewer people who actually knows (and respects) just how reliable Kitty can be in a pinch.

Thunder The Hedgehog

Kitty is rather interested in Thunder's constant voyages. He likes to hang around his ship, occasionally.

Lightning The Hedgehog

Kitty is okay with him, but he never took the time to really get to know him.

Electric The Hedgehog

He's okay with him, but like Lightning, he never really got to know him.

Zap The Hedgehog

He's been trying to get to know him better, because he once knew the chao Zap adopted.

Kyle The Hedgehog

Kitty has traveled together with Kyle a few times in the past, and the two seem to get along just fine. Kitty thinks that Kyle is pretty cool. He secretly wants to be able to wield the Gemblade, but knows that it's far too big for him to handle.

Keela The Hedgehog

Kitty doesn't see her often, but Keela thinks that Kitty is cute and always hugs and squeezes him. Kitty loves the attention.

Crystal The Fox

He and Crystal are close friends. Crystal even considers Kitty her "Brother-in-law", since she looks at Krysi as her sister. Kitty doesn't mind; they're still friends nevertheless.

Gizmo The Cat

Kitty and Gizmo are an inseparable pair. "Partners in Crime", "Diabolic Duo", "Best of Buddies", "Pals to the very end". Gizmo is Kitty's all-time best friend, and he owes him with his life. Kitty will follow Gizmo around even to the ends of the earth, and would risk his own life to save his if the time ever came.

Micheal The Cat

Even though Mike is Gizmo's best friend, and the two go way back, Kitty feels like he's known him for a long time. He wishes that he were there in Emerald Town back when they were kids.

Lina The Cat

He tries to give Lina a lot of attention, because he always feels a sense of loneliness around her.

Amber The Cat

Kitty met her during an adventure. The two don't really know each other that well, but he has a natural respect for her as she is a cat who, like Gizmo, also cares dearly for chao.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

Kitty is friends with Speedy's pet chao, Speedler, and often comes to his house just to see him. Despite that, he still looks at Speedy as a good friend.

Kyla The Cat

Kyla thinks Kitty is adorable, and can't help but glomp him whenever he does something even remotely cute. It's obvious that they get along.

Lily The Hedgehog

No one ever made Kitty's emotiball turn into a question mark more times than Lily has. Kitty had no idea what to think about her, but is now permanently scarred from the time that she accidentally dropped her top hat with a large, fat tongue sticking out of it on top of him, with its tongue trapping his head inside of it. Kitty is scared of her now, and always keeps his distance.

Hyper The Hedgehog

Kitty doesn't know him all THAT well, but he's journeyed with him before.

Tab The Cat

Another member of the gang. Kitty thinks of her as a good friend, and naturally respects her for being a cat as well, but she rarely pays him any mind. Kitty wonders why that is, since a lot of other girls seem to like him.

Lucy The Cat

A very absent minded girl who is very easy to impress. The two share a few things in common, as they both are skilled in mechanics. Although, Lucy's a bit on the ditzy side, she still manages to make some useful things. Kitty has some very carefree moments with her, and enjoys hanging out.

Shade The Dark Chao

Shade is a very spiteful and rude guy, but he's pretty good when it comes down to it. He is Kitty's best friend when it comes to chao comrades. For whatever reason, Shade seems to respect him more than most people. The two get along very well, and often go on adventures together. Though Shade can be rather snarky towards him, Kitty just casually shrugs it off.


Kitty has few enemies, but they all were ruthless and threatening.

(Official Characters)

Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik

A classic villain. He and Gizmo faced him very few times, but always kept in mind that he could be a threat, so that he can come prepared if he should attack.

  • In Splice The Hedgehog, Eggman kidnapped him to try to use him in place of small animals to power his badniks. Since then, Kitty had gained a new hatred for the man.

(Characters by the Same Creator)

Chao Hunters

Kitty both hates and fears chao hunters. He can never forget the scarring image of chao being shot right before his very eyes, especially not his dying mother, either. He hopes that one day, he would be able to get revenge on them for what they did to his race.

Fun Facts

  • Kitty is a big eater.
  • Even though he knows people can't understand him unless they speak Cat Chao, He will often have a very one-sided conversation with someone. He starts talking about various things and then ends it in a question and stares at the person for a while. He does this on purpose, just to be silly.
  • When Kitty is a neutral power type, he grows a permanent fiery red mane like a lion. When he's a Dark power type, he resembles a Black Panther, while as a Hero power type, he resembles a White Tiger.
  • Kitty tends to pop up at the wrong times.
  • Kitty once heard a story from his father. His father once transformed into a Hero chao, and taped his crown to his halo. Everyone thought it was an April Fools joke, but he happened to have forgotten the date and just did it by coincidence.
  • Many people think that Kitty is just some ordinary chao, and always try to prevent him from doing something dangerous or heroic when in tough situations. He hates that.
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