Kitti is Kayla Anavia's shellcat/assistant. She is a small pink kitten whick takes place as a shell.


Kitti is a pink shellcat and is the partner of Kayla Anivia. She is based on a chao, so she makes chao noices and floats in mid-air like Cream's chao, Cheese. Her body is mixed with a pink oyster shell and a kitten which allows her to snap close when introdures come and block herself.


Kitti was born on Earth and was planted by a middle-aged women when she saw Kitti's seed in a flower shop. Once she bloomed, the women declared to call Kitti her "daughter" when she was calling her mama the first time she saw her. By then, Kitti and the women were doing all "mother and daughter" activities for the past two-in-a-half years. When those years passed, the women had to be taken to jail because she wasn't paying her taxes and didn't pay the IRS her money. That caused her to say "what are you going to do with my daughter?" so instead of her worrying, the poilicmen decided to launch Kitti to Mobius and meet Kayla when she saw her in a pond where she landed.

Kitti has gotten used to Kayla after they had spended more time with eachother, like helping Kayla with her plants and going on swims with her, and decided that she didn't have to worry about her mother anymore and started to live with Kayla instead.


Kitti acts like any other kitten or cat. She can be shy to new people, so the hides in her "shell" for safety and protection. She can be a little stuck-up sometime when she knows something is wrong, and she usually pops up to them and speaks with her chao-like language, since she is based on a chao. Otherwise, she is nice, and loves to help Kayla fight evil.


Since Kitti is based on a chao, she fights like one, so she doesn't do much. She can do the and her signature move, Shell Snapper which allows Kayla to throw her at a long distance making it necesarry for her to snap very fast to nibble on enimies.


Like most cats, Kitti is afriad of dogs. She either seems to faint, psych out, or do an ear screeching chao scream, even if they are harmless of motionless around her.

When Kitti is out of water too long, about 24 hours or so, her shell can crack up and it disables her to fly, or do any attacks. It takes about 1 or 2 months for it to grow back when she remains to stay in water. From preventing this from happening, Kitti will have to stay in water for 24 hours completly, so Kayla lets her sleep in a pot of water.

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