Kitsachi Village has the same resemblence as Tokyo in Japan

Kitsachi Village
was Rosemary Prower's Birth given home filled with a Clan of the nine-tailed kitsunes called "Kitsachi" and was ruled in the Dragon Kingdom by her father, the Emperor, and her human mother, but after finding out that Rosemary is a Half-Demon after catching her eloping with Amadeus, she was Banished from the village due to the Fact that Amadeus is a different Subspecies of Fox.


It has a cold and sunny weather, it has Nine Tailed Foxes, and it has Stubborn laws.


It has a cold and sunny weather and it's 20 degrees.


It all started long ago. Rosemary's grandfather, Yoshi Kitsatchi, founded this place. Before he died, he told his son, the current emperor, that he must not let any evil being enter his village before he passed.

Notable Areas

  • The Kitsachi Palace
  • Kat Chi's Sushi Parlor
  • Kitsatchi Post Office
  • Nine Tail Theatre
  • Kitsachi Klan Lodge
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