He is a relatively tall, grey furred hedgehog with "shadow the hedgehog" styled spines, and red/blonde hair. His spines have no color streaks, though he does dye them to have them on occasion. He is, socially, in a psychologist position to most people. To others, he seems like kind friendly person, though at his core, he's far from it.


"You microcephalic addlepates.. or in your terms, you absolute idiots!," "So what's wrong," "I am not the man i was back then. I have changed."

History and Lineage

His early life can best be described as training and labor. His father, Takyo King Accardo, is the kingpin of the second strongest family of the mobian mafia. He trained Kiriyo and Sigrid, Kiriyo's brother, to be the strongest hit men in existence. And to put it simply, it worked. He was put through hundreds of different tortures, and made to be the strongest, fastest, smartest person a normal living hedgehog could ever possibly be. His mother is currently dead. Though, at a point in his later life, he died, and went to hell. There he learned the error of his ways, and now tries to atone for his sins.


Kiriyo has had the strange ability to "read the minds of others" since he was a child and has been a hidden ability of his for years, and is commonly used to cheat at gambling. Other than that, he has been known to come back from death after dieing, as has happened twice. Only he knows why this has happened, and has told nobody.


Kiriyo can use Chaos Time, an ability that is similar too Chaos control, but can't be used for teleportation. Instead, it stops time, tough only for him. Once activated, he has a rough 30 minutes to do essentially whatever he wants or sees fit.

Family and Associates

Takyo King Accardo, Sigrid Rook Accardo, Bensai Matsuda, Nathan Ravitichi, ジェイク:ジェイク, Lucas frotho, etc.


Kiriyo is, in general, weak to the same overall things as any other hedgehog, though they simply won't do as much as they would on others. In specific, tail shots in particular are the most effective way of hurting him physically. Mentally however, has more ways. If you make remarks about his brother or mother in a bad way, it will anger him. But the best way to anger him is to relate him to his father in any way. While angering him seems like a bad idea, he is a pacifist at heart, so if he's angered to a certain point, he may stop.

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