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Kiritsugu Samuel is a Human male high-school student of Emerald Academy, and the only human. He is a highly exceptional student with a overall score of As. Due to his I.Q, he is a highly proficient literature student and is studying to be a medical doctor . He appears in Highschool of the Dead as one of the many survivors.



Early Life

Personality & Traits



Highschool of the Dead

Abilities, Skills & Equipment


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Kiritsugu is shown to be a highly intellectual student, having a great understanding in almost all subject of literature, and mythological concepts. He is able to process information faster then a average human or mobian.
  • Medical Knowledge & Expertise: Kiritusgu has been studying in medical science, and diseases. He hopes to locate and invent the cure to stop his accelerated aging.



  • Accelerated Aging: Kiritsugu's Age Acceleration is one of this notable and primary weakness. Even at age 16, he appears to in his mid-30s, causing many to ridicule him for "old" and shouldn't' attain school.


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