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"Remember Skyfly, it is not the story that makes it compelling, but the characters and how it plays out that brings in the audience."
—Kiritsugu to his foster daughter

Kiritsugu "Shakespeare" Emiya is a Human S-Class British Magus and the Grand Alchemist from the human continent of Great Britain. He is known to be a highly renowned play-writer, script-writer, poet, and musician. He appears as one of vacationers in Let's Cruise!, a guest in Skyview Resort and also as one of the main characters in the Grand Series.

Being the Grand Alchemist, he is able to invoke the Root of Gaia into his alchemy, performing alchemy feats beyond anyone on Mobius.



Early Life

Kiritsugu was born to Kiri Emiya and Hikari Emiya in Great Britain 35+ years before the Infinity War. Being in a family trained in the use of Magecraft, he was trained to become a exceptional Magus in his childhood up to his late teens where he was accepted into the Grand Order Institution to train Magi with greater knowledge and advance Magecraft. Throughout his late teens into adultery, he has skillfully mastered many crafts, including Alchemy. However, he has shown great exceptional mastery over illusion-based crafts such as Projection. He refined his Projection to be able to form "physical manifestations" of illusions to be able to physically interact with the material world.

After he had graduated, and is official recognized as a Magus by the Mage's Association, he is given the Emiya Family Magic Crest, runes and glyphs in the form of a symbol of the family, and having the family's magical secrets in it. He is able to use these spells without the need of incantations or gestures and simply need to have Mana to run through them, and think of the spell to cast.

After gaining the crest, he moves from magic and studies to become a play writer and novelist, to which he became a national success with of his A king's Tale epic-romance action novel, and due to his success, created original plays which became one of the most famous pieces of plays in Great Britain. Eventually, he had began to have a carer in script writing. He had written most scripts in his plays, and eventually lead him to make novelizations of his plays so people can read them.

His also does his own music for his plays, writing down the notes of various instruments for dramatic effects, and tragedy, earning him collaborative works with other music writers.

Second Holy Grail War

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Personality & Traits

Kiritsugu is a gentle and also a eccentric man who cares deeply for his works in his respective subjects. He takes criticism very seriously which helps him get to where he is now. He is shown also act bigger then his is, stating his works are great, and should be seen by all over the world. Despite his gentle side, he has shown to be quite arrogant in his abilities as a magus, due to the fact many praise his Projection, he gets cocky and can depressed when one shows greater skill in anything. Regardless of this, he uses this to learn and analyze them to get a better grasp so he may rise to the challenge and win over them. He has been shown to take interests in his surrounding, ans also other individuals and acts odd to certain people. This was shown when he went as a guest to the Skyview Resort in Mobotropolis, when he acted dramatically to Felica the fox, the manager of the resort.

However, due to his unfamiliarity to the outside world of Great Britain, he gets even more eccentric when it comes to how technology has advanced over the years. He gets odd when shown such, and believes are constructs of true magic, gathering energy from the Root of Gaia itself.



Let's Cruise!

Note: Events occurring in this fiction are only in the non-canon to Kiritsugu and do not follow canon material of Grand/Order .

Skyview Resort

Note: Events occurring in this fiction are only in the non-canon to Kiritsugu and do not follow canon material of Grand/Order .



Abilities, Skills & Equipment


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  • Magecraft: Kiritsugu is said to be a formidable illusionist. With his mastery use of Projection, he is able to physical illusionary objects with his of Mana. This means he is also able replicate objects his sees, as Projection allows the user imagination to become a reality with the use of Mana to form the material and composition of the object, however it be hollow, a illusion of the original concept of the object. He has made his plays with his Projection, allowing him to no need actors, has the play is formed from his imagination, a live projection show from this mind directly.
    • Time Acceleration: A Magecraft that affects the Flow of Time. Kiritsugu is able to accelerated his own Flow of Time, to his point-of-view, time as slowed down because his Flow of Time is going at a faster rate then the natural recommended speed of the Flow of Time. This does not affect memory, as to other's point-of-view, it seems like he teleported, or move at phenomenal speed beyond the capabilities of that even Sonic the Hedgehog. This power also affects Sonic, because he be walking while he goes at the speed of sound to the point-of-view of Kiritsugu.
  • Arcane Knowledge: Kiritsugu possess extensive amounts of arcane knowledge, and knows what exists and not exist. He knows gods exists but the name "god" is merely a title, and that their actually a Divine Spirit, to which Divine Construct is derived from, since it was made by them. He knows the fundamental principles of magecraft, and also the Mana Pathway System in great detail. He knows about the the magical creatures that still exists, and the workings of the universe in the study of magecraft.
  • Alchemy: Currently being the Grand Alchemist, Kiritsugu possess unnatural mastery over alchemy, having brewing the Potion of the Divines, and performing transmutation that many deems impossible. He is able to alter the objects composition, and the material to form another object at will. His mastery over alchemy is said to be one of the greatest on Mobius.


  • Penmanship: Kiritsugu is shown to be excellent writer, able to write words in style, and easy reading. It has been shown he is able to write VERY small, to the point he can have over 2000 words in a single page. This is very useful when he is writing names, because he writes them in columns.


  • Book of Emiya: The book that contains all of his plays, scripts, novels and also Magecraft. The book is his most valuable possession, and takes it with him everywhere he goes. He uses it take notes on his surroundings for music writing, play writing and script writing to form stories for the world. His He keeps his Magecraft in it as well, as some spells require Runes to which he requires the book to cast.
  • Caliburn: Caliburn is Kiritsugu's holy sword and Divine Construct, with the blade's origin dates back 500 years after the Age of Mythology where the worship of deities and religion declines. However, many deities still had their power after 500 years. Once owned by the legendary King Artoria, the sword is then passed down generation to generation, but never held until Kiritsugu was able to lift from the stone Arthur pulled from.


  • Mortality: As being a human, he has all the advantages and disadvantages a human would generally possess.


Plays & Novels




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